• Show Date: 31/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Barbara Stamp Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

German Shorthaired Pointer Club

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer Club

Championship Show


 Many thanks to the committee in inviting me to judge there 60th Anniversary show. I was pleased with such a good entry with very few absentees and found what I was looking for in all my class winners. There was a quality in depth in this breed and a lot of hard decisions had to be made. Without writing the same about eery class winner, I would like to observe that these winners all had the following attributes

They were all medium size with short backs, coarse flat coats and had reach and drive, which has improved since I last judged them. Heads varied but my winners had slightly rounded skulls and with sufficient breadth, well defined stops, Eyes were medium sized and of the correct shape and colour. Ears were set high and had strong jaws with correct bites and dentition. Slightly arched necks and well laid shoulders, straight forelegs with slightly sloping pasterns. Deep chests with well sprung ribs. Broad hips with a slightly sloping top line down to the croup and correct tail set.

Well bent stifles and no cow hocks. Feet were either round or spoon shaped and all well arched with well-padded soles.

 My winners were

Minor puppy dog (3,0 abs)

1 Taylor and Taylor-Morris’s Penlenrise all Guns Blazing

Just 6 months old and was very much a baby but had all the attributes I was looking for

2 Bowler’s Winterwell Iggy Inch

Just a bit older than 1 with a nice shape. Should change places many times in the future

3 Angus ‘s Keigame Hvitserk if Sparkenhoe

 Puppy Dog (2,0 abs)

1 Taylor and Taylor-Morris’s Penlenrise all Guns Blazing

3 Angus ‘s Keigame Hvitserk if Sparkenhoe

 Not quite the spark of 1

Junior dog (2,1 abs)

1 Dymond’s Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle JW

This is a very promising dog who should get made up. Super proportions and could not be denied the RCC

Yearling dog (2,1 abs)

1 Harvey’s Valger Snow Patrol at Imaniz JW

Lots to like about this boy but seemed to dislike the indoor floor.

Novice dog (2,1 abs)

1 Taylor and Taylor-Morris’s Penlenrise all Guns Blazing

Graduate dog (3,0abs)

1 Rusk’s Booton Provence

Sold liver boy who I liked a lot. Pushed hard for the RCC

2 Daley and Thompson’s Parsonview Showboating at Redmires

Well put together Liver and white, not quite as good a head as 1

3 Hamlin’s Brocks Bouncer at Nuash

Post Graduate Dog (2,0 abs)

1 Brown’s Montalba Mister Teatime

Looking a little weight today but could not be denied this class on his overall conformation

2 Rusk’s Booton Bradley

Top line was not as good as 1

Mid Limit dog (2,0abs )

1 Hamlin’s Easesprings Oberon at Nuash

Flashy liver and white dog of good breeding, old fashioned type who needs to moe out more to show his good moement.

2 Woolley’s Fayemm Get Ready for Dunsa CDEX UDEX WDEX

6 yr old liver and white who did not have the angulation of 1

Limit (5,1 abs)

1 Goff and Dale’s Seasham Live wire at ShoShoni

Another nice boy who is well bred , should do well when he’s fully mature.

2 Staley’s Jomeel Monkey Wrench

Another flashy liver and white that is sired by an old favourite of mine

3 Pingault’s Taftazini Aiden Abbett

Open dog (3,0abs)

Wish I had 3 first place cards for this clas

1 Schoneville’s Balvenie Double Diamond JW

3 yr old l/w dog who’s now coming into his own. Classic outline, typical GSP head of correct proportions. Moved around the rind as if he owned it. Pleased to award him DCC, and BIS

2 Smith’s SH CH Winterwell Maida Stone

Smart liver dog, expertly handled deserves his show champion status

3 Sielski’s Orchidstar Bolts of Speed

Veteran dog (2,0 abs)

1 Adam’s SH CH Barleyarch Ariat JW ShCM

Another nice boy who I’ve judged before and is retaining his outline and stride

2 Hamlin’s Know No Bounds at Nuash

  Still a very fit dog

Special veteran dog (1,0 abs)

1 Thompson’s Redmires High Society

12 yr old boy who did of lot of winning in his youth and still moves out as if he was a 2 yr old. Totally deserves BVIS

 Field trial Dog (2,1abs)

1 Coe’s Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanash

Well-muscled boy who would work all day

Good Citizen dog (1,0abs)

1 Woolley’s Fayemm Get Ready for Dunsa CDEX UDEX WDEX

Minor Puppy bitch (4,1 abs)

1 Merritt’s Spearpoint Chocolate Cosmos

7-month L/w bitch who showed herself off well to beat a nice PD to win BPIS

2 Pearson’s Winterwell LuLu Moppet to Ladyhawke

just 6 months and looking a bit bum high at present.

3 Robert’s Penwig Dazzling Donner

Puppy bitch (3,1abs)

1 Merritt’s Spearpoint Chocolate Cosmos

2 Roberts’ Penwig Dazzling Donner

Junior Bitch (2,0 abs )

1 Trow’s Fayemm treacle Tart with Winterwell

13-month solid liver who is sired by a lovely dog who has now gone back to NZ. Pleased to award her, her 1st CC. I’m sure she will get made up.

2 Rumney’s Kacela Sweet Hadiya

14-month-old who was outshone by the winner today

Yearling bitch (5,0abs)

1 Brown and Filby’s Winterwell That’ll Do for Desijem

Moderate in all departments, very sound on the move, pushed hard for the RCC

2 White’s Mention Gold

Needs to mature yet, but should end up a lovely bitch

3 Leigh’s Redic Sacremento

Novice bitch (2,0abs)

1 Burford’s Pingarypoint High Hopes

Daughter of my BVIS and much of his attributes show in her.

2 Leigh’s Redic Sacremento

3rd in yearling

Graduate bitch (3,0abs )

1 Brudenall-Pryke’s Puddledub Pilis

solid liver bitch who moved out well to win this class

2 Hallam’s Redic Shiraz

Liver and white who needs to mature

3 Prior’s Booton Camille Avec Whinchat

Post Graduate bitch (2,0 abs)

1 Hallam’s Redic Shiraz

2nd in previous class

2 Trow and Jowsey’s Winterwell Stoney Trail

Liver and white who needs to grow a bit

Mid limit bitch (6,0 abs)

1 Heath and Robinson’s Pinseeker Mrs Doubtfire

 another bitch by the NZ Champion who is stamping his mark on his stock

2 Merritt’s Sperant Pamplemousse

3 yr old l/w who has matured well.

3 Staley’s Jomeel Now I’m Here

Limit bitch (10,0abs)

 Fabulous class with plenty to choose from

1Hammond’s Seasham Hot Love

 Classy l/w with good proportions and moved with drib=ve to wu=in this quality class

2 Harris’s Barleyarch Pakora

Mature bitch who is typical of her breeding and am sure she will get made up but was not as positib=e on te move as 1 today.

3 Burford’s Pingarypoint Legolicious

Open bitch (7,0abs)

1 Hammond’s Seasham Love to Boogie

 Litter sister to my limit bitch winner and very similar deserved the RCC

2 Burford’s Pingarypoint Hot Topic

Well-bred bitch who should swap places with the winner often

3 Sielski’s Orchidstar Jenga

Veteran bitch (1,0abs)

1 Whitehouse ‘s Kazanpaul Crème De La Creme

 Can’t believe this bitch is now in veteran, still shows her socks off

Special Veteran Bitch (3,1abs)

1 Schoneville’s Balvenie Midnight Rambler ShCm VW

10.5-year-old liver and white who was moving without any signs of stiffness

2 Ellis’s Indijazz Razzamatazz at Soellis

11 yr old who also moves well. These old girls could show the younger ones how to move

FT Bitch (0)

No entries

 Good citizen Bitch (1,0)

1 1 Brudenall-Pryke’s Puddledub Pilis

 My graduate winner.

 Thank you exhibitors for bringing your dogs under me and accepting my decisions and thank you to my steward for the company and efficient work. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did.

I’m sure some of the decisions would have been different if we had been able to judge them outside,

 I wish my mentor Fio Roberts had been here to see me judge her favourite breed and hope that I did her proud

 Barbara Stamp