• Show Date: 08/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

East of England

Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

Judge Anthony Allen

My thanks for and absolutely super entry, I felt very humbled to have some of the breed’s top exhibits entered under me today. My Best Dog and Best of Breed was the top-class Ch Claela You and I Are A Team (Mrs P & Miss C Mcgregor) and my Reserve Best Dog was the superb Ch/Int/Bel Ch Gairside Good Lord JW ShCM ShCEx Cw19 (Mr C & Mrs A Makey), who I was told was the sire of the of You and I are a Team. Good Lord was also later Best Veteran. My Best Bitch was the lovely Gairside Special Interest (Mr C & Mrs A Makey), niece of the RBD and my Reserve Best Bitch was sister to my BOB in Claela No Looking Back (Mrs P & Miss C Mcgregor). The family connection did not stop there as my Best Puppy Soufriere Paserelle Bateau (Mrs S Marshall) was son of my BOB. A great family day out.

Puppy Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Soufriere Paserelle Bateau (Mrs S Marshall)

A very smart 10-months-old puppy with lots to like about him. He head is well made, needs to come on a little but right for his age. Body is well made throughout. Shoulders are well laid back and good front assembly on him, stands on well boned, straight legs. Body of balanced proportions with well made hind quarters. He moved out very well for his age. I will follow his career with interest. Best Puppy.

Junior Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Stinton Solitaire avec Braillement (Mrs H & Mrs J Knowles & Metselaar-Williams)

Young chap who is progressing in the right direction. His head is masculine with a kind eye and good proportions. Ears well set and long. He has a good neck and a decent lay back of shoulder, enough depth of chest for this age. Well ribbed up but a shade long in loin. Well made quarters. Coat harsh and in good condition. Moved out well with good footfall. Handled to advantage.

Limit Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Claela Infinity and Beyond (Mrs P & Miss C Mcgregor)

What an exciting youngster, full of quality. Super shape and outline and full of type. Only just eighteen months and well made throughout. His head is masculine with depth in muzzle and super dark eyes. Good through the body, correct depth of chest for his age, ribs well back and level topline. Coat harsh and in good condition. I think he will be challenging his father and Grandfather for the big green and white cards very soon.

2nd Gairside Special Edition (Mr C & Mrs A Makey)

Good overall make and shape on this boy but preferred the head of the winner today. He is two years old, of good proportions and balance, stand on good legs. Body balanced with ribs well back and a firm loin. Moved out well in profile, not quite as tidy as the winner as he came towards me.

Open Dog

Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1st Ch Claela You and I Are A Team (Mrs P & Miss C Mcgregor)

I thought this three-year-old chap was super, he is balanced with a masculine head and expression enhanced by a lovely dark eye. Ears well set, fine and of good length. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Stands on good straight legs and good well-padded feet. Body of good proportions, ribs well back and firm in loin, held his topline throughout. Muscular hindquarters, stifles moderately bent. Moved out well with a good even gait, reaching well forward. Super coat of correct texture. My pleasure to award him Best Dog and later Best of breed.

2nd ChIr Ch Tarmachan Ice Cool (Mr R & Mr A R Bailey & Yates)

Another smart dog with a lot to like about him, he moved out very well in profile but not as fluid at the winner fore and aft. Masculine head and expression, decent lay back of shoulder, just a shade untidy in elbow. Firm in topline and firm in loin. Good tail set and carriage.

Veteran Dog

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Ch/int/bel Ch Gairside Good Lord JW ShCM ShCEx Cw19 (Mr C & Mrs A Makey)

Judged him earlier in the day is the stakes classes where he did well under me. Very much belies his age. A quality dog who presents a picture of balance and moved around this ring with the great drive called for in the standard. He ran the open dog winner so very close; I was splitting hairs. Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran.

Puppy Bitch

Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st Soufriere Tourbillon at Woolybassets (Mrs A Weymouth)

Another promising youngster with a lot to like about her, not quite as together as her brother in the PD class. Feminine in head, which is developing nicely and of good proportions, good furnishings. Decent angles front and rear. Good through the body with ribs well back and into well-made quarters with moderately bent stifles. Super coat in harsh condition. Did enough on the move but needs to settle which she will do as she learns her job.

Post Graduate Bitch

Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1st Gairside Special Event (Mr R Bailey)

A pleasing young lady, just two years old and maturing nicely. She has a good head piece on her just needs to finish which she will do as she matures. Decent lay back of shoulder and body of good proportions, well ribbed back. Quarters developing nicely with moderate bend to her stifles. Shown in harsh coat and moved out very well with a typical action.

Limit Bitch

1st Gairside Special Interest (Mr C & Mrs A Makey)

A very smart lady who really appealed. She has a super head piece, enhanced by a dark eye. Ears well set and of good length. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulder. Stands on good legs and feet, body well made, good depth of chest and well ribbed back. Quarters well-made, stifles moderately bent. Harsh coat. Moved out well with head held high would just have liked her to have carried her tail a little more proudly. She has a good action both in profile and on the up and down which gave her the edge over the open winner in the challenge. Best Bitch.

2nd Sourfriere One Vision JW

Good overall shape on this lady on the stack, she has balanced proportions. Shoulders well laid back and stands on good legs and feet. Well ribbed up, topline level and decent quarters on her, stifles moderately bent. Coat harsh. A little over enthusiastic on the move today and not quite as fluid as the winner.

Open Bitch

Entries: 3 Absentees: 2

1st Claela No Looking Back (Mrs P & Miss C Mcgregor)

Another really good one, super on the stack. She has a feminine head enhanced by lovely dark eyes. Good neck into well placed shoulders and a good front assembly. Stands on well boned legs. Plenty of depth to her forechest. Ribs rounded and well back. Good rear angles with stifles moderately bent. Moved out really well in profile but was a shade untidy in front action as she came towards me which cost her in the challenge. My Reserve Best Bitch.