• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anneli Sutela Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

CRUFTS Show date 10/03.2022

Breed: Welsh Corgi pembroke

Show type: championship show

WELSH CORGI PEMBROKE- Judge Mrs.Anneli Sutela



Dog Challenge Certificate Wallfugh Ink To Nireno Picture

Bitch Challenge Certificate Penliath Bill Me Later

Dog Res Challenge Certificate Anwyl Tell Me When (Dover, Saether &Taylor)

I was so honored and pleased to be invited to judge my own breed pembroke welsh corgis at Crufts 2022.

I have bred this lovely breed since 1974.I was very pleased with the entry numbers and I found many lovely corgis to place.

Thank you very much for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Sorry that my critiques are a bit late but covid-19 travelled home with me and was a tough one. Fortunately now I am fine.

Class 828 veteran Dog 4 Entries 1 absent

1.Ceranda Surfs Up ( Jones.D V)

Very well balanced in excellent condition tricolor. Excellent long ribcage, nice feet with good angulations in front and rear. Moved well in all way.

2. Oregonian Snow Monkey At Sherrimar ScCM(Poile Miss V)

Another well balanced red and white a bit softer condition than the first one. I prefer a bit longer upperarm that helps him to carry better topline in movement.

Class 830 Puppy Dog 2 Entries

1. Born To Be Your Stars Align At Twinan ( Irwing Mrs K M & Miss T J )

A red and white very promising puppy. Lovely balance, excellent angulations front and rear. Nice feet and good bone. Lovely head and expression. Still a bit unbalance in movement but time is his side.

2.Stadwen Romeo ( Rees Miss A J)

 Another very promising red and white. Nice head. A bit long in loin. Well angulated. I prefer a bit firmer feet. Moved well.

Class 831 Junior Dog 4 Entries

1.Woodhenge Star Commander ( Coulson Mr B J & Mrs S)

Excellent type red and white junior. Good head and expression. Nice neck and topline. Good shape ribcage but would be a bit longer. Moved well.

2.Saniaquinto A Kind Of Magic ( Franchi Ms L &Mrs M)

Nice rich red and white. Lovely outline. Good head and expression. Flat shaped ribbing. Moved a bit wide in front and cowhocked behind.

Class 832 Yearling Dog 5 Entries 1 Abs

1. Pemcader Tell It As It Is ( Ferrari Giuliani Mrs )

Very compact rich red and white natural bobtail. Masculin head and expression. Good angulations, level topline. Moved very well.

2.Woodhenge Star Mariner ( Bruce Mr.R)

Another compact outline. A bit more leg than the first. Also natural bobtail. Enough angulations. Moved steadily.

Class 833 Post Graduate 9 Entries 1 Abs

1.Craigycor Finn Mccool ( Matthews Mr A G& Mrs S J)

Strong masculin well balanced red and white who has a bit too strong head for me. Good neck and topline. Good bone and feet. A bit more power in movement would help.

2.Ermyn Razzle Dazzle( Taylor Mr & Mrs J)

Handsome tricolour. Good head and expression. Good ribbing. Good angulations and bone. Would have tighter feet. Good neck and topline.

Class 834 Limit Dog 8 Entries

1.Anwyl Tel Me When ( Dover, Saether,& Taylor)

Very handsome rich red and white. Very well balanced all over. Excellent angulations. Good bone, nice feet. Excellent head and expression. Moved very well every way.

2.Cottivy Capuccino (Wyer Mr R P & MrsH)

Liked a lot of this handsome tri boy too. Good head and expression. Nice neck and topline. Good ribcage. Nice oval feet. Good movement.

Class 835 Open Dog 15 Entries 4 Abs

1.Wallfugh Ink To Nireno Picture WW (Valsecchi Ms V )

This handsome tri boy caught my eye when he stepped in the ring. Excellent head and expression. Good neck and firm topline in standing and on the move. Good bone and feet. Free mover.

2.Stadwen Figaro ( Rees Mr D A & Mrs W)

Lovely type red and white the biggest size. Excellent neck and topline. Classic head good expression. Good ribbing. Excellent movement.

Class 836 Good Citizen Dog 3 Entries

1. Ceranda Surfs Up ,1st in veteran class

2.Oregonian Snow Monkey At Cherrimar. 2nd in veteran class.


Veteran class 837 6 entries 1 abs

1. CH Stadwen Florence, Rees Miss A J

Almost 9 years red and white strong very well balanced veteran in excellent condition. Lovely head and expression. Well angulated in both end. Moved with very good drive. I saw how she enjoyed a day out.

2. Pemlodge Broadway Star Attractio, Smith Mrs W D

9 years red and white in good condition. She has nice head and expression. Good angulations. Enough bone and good feet. Not in best coat today. Moved well.

Minor Puppy class 838 3 entries

1.Twinan Hand In The Cookie Jar, Irving Mrs & Miss T J

Almost 9 months very promising tri puppy. Lovely head and expression. Well angulated. Nice feet and good bone. Good ribbing. In good coat. Very lovely temperament.

2.Pemslife Another Brick On The Wall For Pemcader, Dover & Saether Mr K & Mr L

Another promising 8 months tri puppy. A bit smaller than the first one in this class. Nice head though her muzzle would be stronger. Nice neck and topline. Enough angulations. Was a bit reserved on the table. Good mover.

Puppy class 839 4 entries 1 abs

1.Calwinii´s Valentina Rose,Brown Mr G & Mrs A

10 months red and white puppy who has sweet expression and head. Enough angulations and bone.

Good neck and topline. Good feet. Moved well.

2. Lady Velvoria, Van Eeghen Ms T

Almost a year rich red puppy. Good neck and topline. Enough bone and angulations. I wish a bit better shaped ribbing and longer sternum and shorter loin. Moved well.

Junior class 12 entries 2 abs

1.Woodhenge Star Enchantress, Coulson Mr B J & Mrs S

14 months red and white very balanced junior. Lovely neck and topline. Well angulated behind. A bit short upper arm. Very sweet expression and head. I prefer a bit tighter feet and more bone for her size. Moved very well and excellent presentation.

2.Cottivy Srawberry Moon, Wyer, Mr R P Mrs H

17 months strong red and white junior. Well balanced. Nice neck and topline. Good feet and bone.

Nice head and expression. Enough angulations behind. A bit longer upper arm would give better forechest. Good mover and well presented.

Yearling class 841 12 entries

1. Penliath Trouble In Black, Blance, MrsC B & Miss N L

What a lovely 17 months tri show girl in tip top condition who caught my eye when she arrived in the ring. Lovely head and expression. Excellent neck and topline. Great feet and suitable bone. Excellent forechest, ribbing and angulations. Presented in blooming coat.

Later I had honor to give her Res CC.

2. Siggen´s Pretty Woman, Bjornstad, Mrs A & Mr J

Nice 19 months light sable girl who was not shown in full coat. Nice head and expression. Good neck and topline. Enough rib cage and bone. Good feet. A bit short upper arm. Very well mover. Well presented.

Post Graduate class 842 9 entries

1.Never Ending Love Story Rudens Legendos , Warner, Mrs K

One year very beautiful red and white girl. Lovely head and expression. Nice neck and topline. Good ribbing and fore chest. Good angulated. Shown in good condition. Good mover. Will have nice future.

2. Zydahayes Scarlet Tweed, Creech Mrs L P

17 months good type. Good head, a bit bold eyes. Good neck and topline. Enough angulations, bone and ribbing. Moved well.

Limit class 843 6 entries

1.Meitza Andante Andante, Miller & Haslam, Miss F & Mr M

Lovely tricolor very well balanced. Nice neck and topline. Good feet and bone. Good long ribcage. Nice forechest. Lovely head and expression. Good coat. Nice temperament. Good mover.

2.Salvenik Scarlet Rose, Maddox Miss T A

Lovely type red and white who was not so keen on showing her best today. Lovely head and expression. Good neck and topline. Good feet and bone. Tends to stand rear feet under the body. Moved steadily.

Open class 844 13 entries 6 absent

1. CH Penliath Bill Me Later,Blance Mrs C B & Miss N L

What I can say than WOW. How lovely outline she has. Beautiful head and expression. Super neck and topline. Excellent angulations front and rear. Tight oval feet and excellent bone. Excellent long ribcage. Super mover and excellent show attitude. Great honor to judge her and give her CC and BOB. Later saw her to place GROUP 2.

2.Siggens Karamell, Brandvik DR J W

Nice type good size red and white. Nice head and expression. Lovely neck and topline. Well angulated. Good ribcage and forechest. Not in best coat today. Free movement.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme class 845 1 entries 1. Ermyn Flickering Flame At Solaw, Legerton, Miss G

11 and half year young in excellent condition. Nice head and expression. Good body. Moved well. Saw how she enjoyed to be day out.