• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anne Massie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: Brittany

National Gundog 2022

Sunday 7th August

Brittanys – top awards

Dog CC and BOB

Patouche Milord (Mrs J Frost)


Tillybirloch Roman (Mr A & Mrs S Coveney)


Pesh di Val Grossa of Bonapartist (Imp It) (Mr P A & Mrs J A Yarrow)


Sh Ch Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinite (Miss J L & Mr P R Cocking & Barnaby)

Best Veteran

Patouche Jaimee avec Petillant Aw(b) (Miss S Ryan)

Best Special Beginners

Rochus Silver Sage (Mr J F & Mrs L E Dyke)


I would like to thank the NGA Secretary, Chris Bexon, and wife Christine, his assistant, as well as their hard-working Committee, for the invitation to judge my beloved Brittanys for the third time at National Gundog. Enjoy your well-earned retirement Chris and Christine

My first appointment at NGA was in the year 2001, then in 2015, and 7 years later I have decided that I am now retiring from long distance judging following this show. I have enjoyed all three appointments greatly every time. I must mention how hard the ladies in hospitality were working to keep us all sustained. the lunches were delicious, despite me being very late in arriving, and the NGA committee were tireless in putting on a well organised and well-run show.

I was delighted with such a good entry of 28 dogs, making 30 entries, with only a few absentees

My top winners were all chosen for their excellent conformation and movement, and I would have no hesitation in applauding my Best of Breed becoming a champion. I was delighted to have crowned my Bitch CC winner

As most people will know, I do not mince my words and I have a few issues I would like to mention.

Firstly, I must comment on the tannoy announcement calling our breed to the ring - they are NOT Spaniels. The name of the breed is Brittany and they are a Hunter, Pointer, Retriever breed. The name Epagneul Breton was mistranslated the first year the breed came to the UK, 1982, but was rectified two years later following submissions to the Kennel Club

Secondly, I and my exhibitors felt it was shameful that, despite all judges being given a schedule with a generous time allowance for the numbers entered in each breed, the ring we were allocated was unnecessarily occupied for almost double that time. To sit in a ring chatting after judging, and just looking around, surveying the world for a good number of minutes after very slow judging, was totally unacceptable, and extremely rude and disrespectful to both myself and my exhibitors. We saw no officials requesting the judging to be speeded up, as we had been told would happen in our instructions

Thirdly, I must praise my two very efficient stewards - Ann, and Amy, who was a student steward. They were both very friendly and helpful, although Amy was perhaps a little too enthusiastic in giving out cards prior to me writing the numbers in my judging book. The placings are not final till those numbers are written in the judging book and the page signed by the judge.

Fourthly, I would urge breeders to re-examine their breeding programmes to try to avoid the heavier heads and longer loins. I found a number of dogs, particularly males, with stops that were far too pronounced, and skulls too wide, almost to the point of looking like Springers. This fault was not so prevalent in bitches and in general I found the quality of the bitches slightly better than the dogs.

I found a couple of level rather than the correct scissor bites (I'm sure the exhibitors know who they are, so I haven’t commented on them by name), but most exhibits had good molars, and in general clean teeth. Quite a lot of rear movement was erratic, with some too close, and one or two over reaching with the front feet - the typical rear movement should be neither close nor wide. In general, feet were correct, cat feet to the front, hare feet to the rear; and quite a few had the prized goat guard hairs on their backs. Many dogs had very little forechest.


JD Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1 Rochus Scarlet Pimpernel (Mr J & Mrs B A Anderson)

Nicely built youngster, of correct proportions and quite cobby; I found his head a little strong, and stop slightly emphasised, his neck is short and muscular enough for his size - we must remember these are air scenters not ground scenters. Some judges, who don't know the breed, mistakenly look for too long a neck, thinking that is what makes them look elegant. His front and rear angulation is correct, with a balanced look. His movement was correctly short and brisk, but he was a little erratic in rear movement. Perhaps just his speed needs to be adjusted. All feet very neat and correctly sized, and his body depth to leg length was just right. I liked his happy outgoing demeanour. 2 Rochus Silver Sage (Mr J F & Mrs L E Dyke) A quite dark black and white. A little taller than 1, and I hope full grown, and again his stop a little too pronounced, although not as deep as some; upper arm could be a little longer to give him the correct proportions, but his additional ‘avoirdupois’ emphasised that, and his handler had difficulty getting him to go at a good pace. He was either dead slow stop or galloping off to see Mum. Perhaps a course of ringcraft would be worth doing as he has potential. I think he was a little overwhelmed, but seemed a sweet natured boy. His front and rear movement when I could see it looked correct, and his loin was nice and short, with a deep chest. He has a very slight slope on the topline, but kept it steady on the move, and his slope of croup was correct. 3 Bonapartist Sargent Pepper (Mrs C Askey)

SBD Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1 Rochus Silver Sage (Mr J F & Mrs L E Dyke)

I must mention that I moved this boy again in his second class, to give him a chance to redeem himself. His movement was certainly much better, but he really does need to attend both ‘weight watchers’ and ‘ring craft’. Best Special Beginner

GD Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1 Sanbosier Nevis (Mr N D & Mr A Hayes & Wilson)

Another one with a deeper stop than I like and broad head - masculinity does not require heavy heads. The breed should look elegant overall. He moved well with good brisk style, keeping his topline on the move, and was well muscled in the rear, giving an impression of power. He has a nice short loin, and a good straight front, with a deep enough rib cage. His eyes and ears are correctly shaped, and ears placed well gave him an alert expression. He stood on neat feet.

PGD Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1 Bonapartist Private Ryan of Ambivarii (Mrs C Askey)

Very roaned coat. He was paddling a bit in front today, so may need to have his speed adjusted, but had good smart rear movement otherwise, with good muscle tone; again his head was a little on the strong side, with a deeper stop than I'd like, as with many of the other males. Earset was high and it gave him an alert look; good round rib cage but carrying a little extra weight today, which may also be affecting his front movement. Teeth and feet correct 2 Tillybirloch Otto (Mr N D & Mr A Hayes & Wilson) I found this young man's upper arms a little short, which affected his body to leg ratio, and his front movement, but he has a short loin, correct depth of chest and round ribs, and moved out well with purpose and on well-muscled legs. Quite a big lad, but proportions were good enough, and he has a strong neck. Again, a strong head, but he has a nice dark eye, and correct pigmentation. I saw no problems with teeth or feet

LD Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1 Tillybirloch Roman (Mr A & Mrs S Coveney) A very attractive tricolour with excellent markings, just as they should be. Standing alone but will win well in company. Handler seemed to be keeping him well under control and he was watching him intently, but with an impish look in his eyes, so I suspect he is quite a character. Typical Brittany uniqueness! His head is of the correct 3:2 proportions, with correct typical side view. Ear set is high, correct in shape and length, giving him a kind but alert expression. His shoulder placement is just right, and he is well muscled. Both he and my CC winner have the same cobby body with correct proportions of body depth to leg length, he is just slightly smaller over all, with a little more white in his coat, but very similarly made. I'm sure he has a bright future ahead of him RCC

OD Entries: 5 Absentees: 1

1 Patouche Milord (Mrs J. Frost) What can I say? The epitome of what I was looking for. As the French say - Beau et Bon! His shape remined me of my own champion, Allez. Cobby, deep chested black tricolour with correct markings, short loined, firm muscles, correctly shaped head in the 3:2 proportions, correct amount of stop, correctly shaped eyes, nice and dark; skull lines pretty well perfect; excellent movement, a smart mover, he moved with style and purpose, with straight front legs, correct bend of stifle; he has the correct amount of forechest, with goat type hairs along his back, and watching his handler attentively at all times, Had to be my CC winner from the get go, and Best of breed on his animation. I look forward to seeing him being awarded his crown! 2 Sh Ch Highclare Only One avec Tailliside (AI) JW (Miss F Cook) This lad is a very smart orange and white dog I have watched since I met him when he was just a few months old. I know he is a well-qualified Show champion, and rightly so. He has many of the qualities of my CC winner, including the short loin, level topline, sloping croup, correct shoulder placement, correct brisk stride, high ear placement, excellent musculature, but today he was just a little lethargic and didn't show himself to advantage. 3 Sh Ch Bonapartist Pickpocket (Mrs L & Mrs J Graham & Yarrow) Another worthy champion with the same attributes as the first two, but just was too calm today so didn’t show himself off. Res ChFTP Rochus Marvin (Mr J & Mrs B A Anderson


VB Entries: 2 Absentees: 1

1st Patouche Jaimee avec Petillant AW(b) (Miss S Ryan) Smart looking almost 8 year old, slightly longer and narrower muzzle than I'd be comfortable with, but showed herself well, and was very well handled. Didn't put a foot wrong on the move, but although her topline was fine standing, it was raised slightly over the loin when trotting. Nice neat feet, and deep chested, she has straight front legs and her loin is short enough, but her stifle is a tad too straight. She has more of a racy look about her, but with firm muscles, and obviously I realised why when I saw her title. She is an agility winner! She was my Best veteran in breed, and I enjoyed watching her in the Veteran Group, She went very well in my opinion

JB Entries: 2 Absentees: 0

1 Bonapartist Snow Goose (Mrs S & Miss M Slack) Quite a picture - her young handler worked with her so well. She watched her handler intently at all times. She's a bit taller than some others. A little long in loin, but with a good well sprung rib cage, a deep enough chest, and an attractive expression. Moved very nicely in front, but a little close behind. Used her well placed ears well, and her bite and feet were correct. 2 Rochus Starburst (Miss R Holt) Smaller than 1, and lighter boned, she was a little distracted when I tried to see her teeth and examine her, so we ran her first then tried again and she was much better. Her movement was good, both going and coming, and the side view showed a level topline, standing and on the move; I liked her nice short ears and attractive well-made head, in correct proportions. her chest is deep enough and she has a good rounded ribcage.

GB Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1 Rhapsodie De La Riviere at Patouche (Mrs J. Frost) A very pretty black tricolour bitch, very much a feminine version of the dog I discovered afterwards was her father, my CC winner! She is very much a Mummy's girl and totally ignored what I was doing. Very active, and nosey! Typical young Brittany, with a nice deep chest, rounded rib cage, short loin, good shoulder placement. Correct length of leg to depth of body, which gave her a very balanced look. She has a nice dark eye, and very neat correctly shaped feet. A perfect scissor bite completed a lovely picture. I think she has a good future ahead of her.

PGB Entries: 1 Absentees: 0

1 Rochus Nelke (Mrs K Southorn) Another tri bitch, not particularly tall, but within standard, with correct markings. Almost 5 years old, she has a beautiful head and seems very fit, with a well kept coat. Her ears are high set and she uses them well; she has lovely oval eyes and wears the typical Brittany expression; she has the correct bite, in a nicely tapered muzzle. She must be exercised well as her muscles are in good shape, and her shoulder placement and angles are correct. She kept her good topline when moving and it slopes nicely to the croup. Chest a good depth and ribs well rounded, although I think she could be just a little shorter in loin

LB Entries: 4 Absentees: 0

1 Pesh Di Val Grossa of Bonapartist (Imp It) (Mr P A & Mrs J A Yarrow) I have seen photos of this bitch and they just don't do her justice. She is a lovely black and white, with a sweet head. She is very dark and consequently mistakenly might be thought to be carrying a little extra weight. She has though, a well sprung ribcage, with a deep chest, and a decent forechest. Her leg length and body depth are spot on, so she looks well balanced and her feet are correct front and back. She has good muscle tone so is obviously exercised well, and her topline is strong and well held at pace. A good brisk pace over front and rear. If I had to criticise her, I'd like her ears a tiny bit shorter. My bitch CC winner, she was a bit lethargic in the challenge so had to give way to the dog CC winner 2 Rochus Perrine (Mrs K Southorn) Another nice cobby bitch, with correct head proportions. She has very high set ears, and correctly placed and eye colour in harmony with her orange coat colour. She has a cheeky expression – almost foxy. Deep enough chest, rounded ribcage and short in loin. 3 Sprite De La Riviere Ouareau (Mme N & M R Trois & Hanriot) Res Patouche Oriana avec Petillant (Miss S Ryan)

OB Entries: 3 Absentees: 0

1 Sh Ch Bonapartist Odette at Ruskinite (Miss J L & Mr P R Cocking & Barnaby) A bitch I have always liked, shines with quality, very feminine. Her ears are high set, giving her the typical Brittany intelligent expression, with lovely eyes matching her coat. And a nice shape. Her body shape is correct, good round rib cage and short loin, and a deep chest, backline slopes at the end to the croup. She is well muscled so is obviously exercised plenty, and moves with enthusiasm. An easy Reserve CC 2 Sh Ch Bonapartist Odile (Mr P A & Mrs J A Yarrow) very clean lines, pretty bitch, another of the same, but slightly heavier. She has all the required essentials, short loin, well ribbed, deep chest, level topline with the slight slope on the croup. Muscles today felt a little flat. She has the prettiest of heads, lovely ears and eyes, both well placed and her eye colour and pigmentation dark. Nice straight front legs, and she moved with style 3 Tillybirloch Mistique (Mr A & Mrs S Coveney) Similar qualities to the other two, very appealing expression, good type of bitch, just a little unsettled on the move today.

Judge: Anne Massie (ABERDON)