• Show Date: 19/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Anne Falconer Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Border Union 19th June 2022

Golden Retriever dogs

A lovely show to judge at, weather just right for the dogs. Thank you to my steward Carol for all her hard work.

I felt the entry was rather mixed some really good dogs and some not quite so good. Movement left a lot to be desired in many cases. Temperament was excellent (with one exception) overall. 

Limit dog was a very strong class, but particularly in post graduate I felt that some of the dogs would have benefitted by being in Graduate, due to being slightly less mature than some.

Minor Puppy 3(1abs)

1st King’s Cleddans Dreaming of Summer

Well grown young dog , pleasing head and expression, straight front, good turn of stifle. The most lovely outline with good front angulation. He moved with drive, but needs to time to muscle up and firm up as you would expect from a dog of his age. He should have a very promising future

2nd Noble’s Corrievern Kruger Surprise

Another quality puppy . Gentle head and expression, level top-line , good bone and a good turn of stifle. Nicely balanced throughout. Just carrying a little too much weight today which meant he rolled on the move

Puppy 8 (1abs)

 1st Bolton’s Megarvey Still Game for Shiresmill

Well grown, strong masculine dog, Liked his strength of head. He has a level top-line and a beautiful outline. Good length of neck set into well laid back shoulders. He could do with a fraction more upper arm , strong quarters combined with a good turn of stifle gave him plenty of drive on the move and he move accurately.

2nd Rose Shanlimore Moonlite Rider with Gaytonwood(naf)

Another quality puppy. Such a gentle head and expression, good length of neck set into well placed shoulders with a good return of upper arm . Strong quarters and a good turn of stifle Would like him little more masculine all through and that may improve with age, but a lovely puppy

3rd Millington’s Glomas Guard of Honour at Jarabees

Junior 3. Close decision in this class as I liked all three dogs

1st Beck’s Simon Basset De Ria Vela for Beinangus (Imp esp)

Pleasing head and expression, he is well balanced all through and this won him the class. He has a level top-line , good front angulation strong quarters and a good bend of stifle giving him sound driving movement. Well handled and presented

2nd Oakes Drumkilty Vanadium

This dog has so much to like about him as he is full of quality, Lovely head with a soft gentle expression. Good front angulation and he was shown in lovely coat and was well handled. He is rather long for his height and this cost him the class today

3rd Halkett’ Noblemoon Head over Heels at Garrellglen

Yearling 11(4 abs) A quality class with some lovely young dogs present 

1st Savage’s Weisford Guilty as Sin

Reserve CC

Outstanding young dog. Beautifully handled and presented . He has the gentlest of expression in a balanced head. His conformation is excellent and he is a joy to go over. He has that unique combination of correct construction, balance and quality combined with sound driving movement.. He pushed hard for the CC today but the older dog had the edge on maturity. I am sure he will go onto gain his title

2nd William’s Eveninghill Detroit Red

Another quality youngster and had he moved with drive today, would have pushed the winner hard. Lovely head and expression, good layback of shoulder, deep short coupled body and strong quarters. If he can be persuaded to move with more speed and drive will surely trouble the best in the future. 

3rd Gerhold’s Navilis Nouveau Venu (imp UKR)

Novice 7 (1abs)

1st Megarvey Still Game for Shiremill

2nd Golmas Guard of Honour at Jarabees

3rd in a strong puppy class, lovely head and expression, good length of neck set into well placed shoulders, deep short coupled body. At present he need to strengthen in his hind end to balance his front end. Quality youngster

3rd Noblemoon Head over Heels at Garrellgle

Graduate 4 (1 abs) This was not a strong class 

1st Cooper’s Amilone Corsedonk at Dikeadaze

This dog won this class on his lovely outline. He has a good layback of shoulder, a good turn of stifle and a level top-line. Moved soundly behind but threw his front legs everywhere but where they should be on the move, with no forward reach.

2nd Macaleese Sherriffmuir Glorious Lad at Glormhorcu

Smaller dog with a pleasing head and expression. Good length of neck to balance his short coupled body. Toed in badly when moving in front. Very well handled and presented

3rd Copley’s Lalique lord of the rings at Hamcar

Post Graduate 10 

1st Haxton’s Dantassie Double Take

Headed a strong class and has a very eye-catching outline. He is also well balanced and well angulated both in front and in hindquarters. He moved soundly and with drive .He was in good coat and was very well presented and handled

2nd Ellis Tenfield Rex Imperator

Another well balanced dog shown in super coat.I liked his quality and balance and he is not exaggerated in any way. Strong masculine head with a lovely expression. A typical golden throughout and one that seemed to look better every time I looked at him. Today he was carrying a little too much weight on his shoulders

3rd Lane’s Kulawand Skywalker

Mid Limit 8 (3 abs)

1st Wood’s Daily Rays Hope of Heart to Amirene

A close decision between one and two in this class. This dog is full of quality and was shown in the most beautiful coat and condition. He has a perfect top line, very strong quarters , good turn of stifle and short neat hocks. He is a fully mature male and no mistaking him for a bitch. He was moving close behind today- a shame

2nd Smith’s Thornywaite Iluminata at Goldmarker

A much younger dog but so full of quality. Lovely head and expression good front angulation which was balanced with his hind angulation. He is longer cast than one and today decided he was not going to move with enough drive ,although his movement was accurate

3rd McCormack’s Flynalee Signature JW

Limit13 (2 abs) Super class 

1st Kinchella’s Honeymill Elder Warrior


Lovely quality dog shown in the most beautiful coat and condition. I loved his head and gentle expression and happy disposition. He has a good length of neck, well set into good shoulder placement with a correct return of upper arm, straight front, deep short coupled body leading into strong quarters with a good turn of stifle and straight hocks. He is so well balanced and stood free with a gently wagging tail.His movement was accurate and he moved with drive covering the ground well. Delighted to give him the CC

2nd Ogilvie’s Linirgor Play my Song for Glenbuie

Another top quality dog that pushed very hard for the reserve CC. He has so much to like about him and is so well balanced. Another dog that really moved out well with drive and accurate movement. Balanced head with a lovely gentle expression, excellent front construction, deep short coupled body. Strong quarters and straight hocks. I hope he will gain top honours in the future as he fully deserves them.

3rd Tower’s and Henderson’s Alibren Gallileo to Westervane JW SGWC

Open 4 (2abs )

1st Gerhold’s Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW

I loved this dog’s overall balance and his outline.He is full of quality. A masculine dog with a strong head but a lovely soft expression. He has very strong quarters and sound driving movement behind but is slightly loose in front movement. Good bone and substance and was shown in lovely coat

2nd McDonalds Lamancha Just Meant to Be JW ShCM

I have placed this dog well in the past and still love his balance and construction. He is a very sound mover in front and behind and was very well presented and handled. His slightly light eye was more obvious today in the sunshine. He is full of quality and a good example of the breed with no exaggeration.

3rd Birkin-Green and Gripton’s Sh Ch Sansue Keep the Magic

Veteran 8 (2 abs)

1st Cuthill’s Sh Ch Mousseglen Maclaine (AI) JW

I have admired this dog from the ringside and was not disappointed when going over him. He has the most lovely head and expression and is so well constructed throughout. He has retained his level top line and was shown in good coat and condition. He moved accurately but without the enthusiasm of the younger dogs. He is a quality dog and such typical example of the breed. So pleased co judge agreed he should be Best Veteran in Breed

2nd Millington’s Carneval of Golden Duck- Cobey at Jarabees (imp Srb)

A dog that didn’t really look as if he should be in veteran and would have not looked out of place in other classes . He was shown in the most beautiful wavy coat and was so well handled and presented. He has a lovely head and expression, level top line, strong quarters and moved well behind but slightly loose in front. Quality dog

3rd Biddulph’s Dibblesdae The Magic Goes on

Anne Falconer (Judge)