• Show Date: 21/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Beckett-Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Afghan Hound



Afghan Hound Critiques

VD (2 Entries)

1st & BVIB Cullens Ch Sydarya Toffy Pop At Eweyisska

At 10 years of age this lovely brindle veteran is beautiful condition and has lost none of his quality with age. Super head and expression, which was the decider between 1st and 2nd. Long neck let into well placed shoulders. The best of toplines with a correct fallaway. Spot-on angulation front and rear and plenty of length from hip to hock. Moved with reach and drive. Carried himself well. His ringed tail completed the picture.

2nd Bunney & Williams Gezancol Strike A Light at Zadal JW

This 8 year old BM Gold male was presented in lovely coat and condition. Not quite relaxed when stacked. Balanced angulation front and rear. Super topline with prominent pinbones. Good spring of rib and depth to his chest. Correct length of loin. Springy pasterns and big feet. Moved with excellent drive from behind.

MPD (2 Entries)

1st & BPIB Gorman, Gorman & Latimers Shahfoladi Sphinx Riddle at Zharook (AI)

Oh my goodness, I fell in love with this 6 month old black and gold baby, with his face full of monkey whiskers. So well made all through. Super head with dark triangular eye. Well balanced with excellent angulation front and rear. Good spring of rib and excellent depth for his age. Short hocks. Moved very steadily, with drive from behind and good extension in front, with the odd bit of Afghan puppy-bounce thrown in here and there. His ringed tail completed the picture. A bright future for this one, I’m sure.

2nd Gilchrist & Maclennans Khawari Purple Reign

This 6 month old self masked cream is about as raw as they get. He has a ways to go to coordinate his brain and his feet to work together for him. Slightly longer and taller than 1st, he has a lovely head and expression. Low set ears. Long neck into clean shoulders. Excellent length to his upper arm. Good spring of rib. Excellent fallaway. Ringed tail. Time is on his side.

PD (1 Entry)

1st Gilchrist & Maclennans Khawari Purple Reign

As Before.

JD (2 Entries)

1st Gosling & Goslings Ayoubkhan Silk Road JW

Top quality self masked cream boy with a great deal to like about him. Loved his head and expression. Beautifully balanced. Correct angulation fore and aft. Well sprung ribcage with good depth. Plenty of length from hip to his short hocks. Good topline with prominent pinbones. He was as sound as a pound and moved with a lovely smooth and springy action. Another one to watch for the future.

2nd Peek-Matars Yansukhims Sherbet Fizz

Black. 15 months old and still waiting for maturity to catch up with him. Pleasing shaped head. Long neck. Good topline and fallaway. Correct length and depth to ribcage and loin. Prominent pinbones. Good sweep from hip to hock. Moved quite well in profile.

YD (1 Entry)

1st Newtons Shimalma Jagermeister

Lovely typey self masked cream Afghan with a beautiful head and correct eye shape. His sire is a favourite of mine and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Long neck well set into his shoulders. Correct topline and fallaway. Short strong loin. Good rear angulation. Short hocks. His beautifully presented coat masks good sized feet. Excellent ring in his tail.

He wasn’t as comfortable with his ‘runner’ which was a shame, as his conformation shows that he can move so much better.

ND (0 Entries)

GD (1 Entry)

1st Harwood & Harwoods Krishan Rainbow Warrior

This domino dog stood alone. Reasonable shape to his head with good underjaw. Lovely chiselling. Good upper arm length and angulation. Big feet. Well sprung ribcage. Correct length of loin. Prominent pinbones. Good sweep from hip to his short hocks. Ringed tail.

PGD (3 Entries)

1st Mitchell & Smithsons Zandahar Xplosive Storm

I have met this balanced, quality B/M cream brindle male before and still appreciate how he is made. Good head, (with a lovely mandarin beard), on a long neck, well set into his shoulders. Excellent topline, leading into prominent pinbones and correct fallaway. Under his coat, he is well angulated, both fore and aft, with springy pasterns and big feet. Last time I judged him he didn’t make the best of himself. This time there was improvement. I would still like more!

2nd Cowley & Cowleys Hariri Ebn Mahsati Von Haussman (Imp Chl)

Self masked red dog with lovely dark, well shaped eye. Balanced head. Good length to his neck. Excellent topline and fallaway. Under his coat he is well angulated through his front and has good length from hip to hock. Good spring of rib and depth to his chest. Short strong loin. Not making the best of himself today when moving, and so had to pay the price.

3rd Shaws Seoldin The Peacock (Imp ROI)

LD (7 Entries)

This was a lovely class and I really had to fine it down to ‘on the day’ performance.

1st & Res CC Bartram, Bartram & Perrys Gezancol Utter Chaos at Chardara

I just loved this black and silver boy’s head and expression. Beautifully balanced through the skull and foreface, strong underjaw and a triangular eye. Long, strong neck, let into the best of shoulders. Level topline leading into excellent fallaway with correct set on to his ringed tail. Well angulated in front with good fill in and great sweep through his rear quarters. Short hocks. Well-presented and in good coat and condition. Put it all together and you have profile movement which is smooth and springy and effortless. Just couldn’t be denied his reserve CC.

2nd Lancashire & O’Donnells Drishaun Star Among Lillies JW

I have judged this boy before and he has matured up very nicely. Masculine head with good underjaw, Love the way his neck goes into his well placed shoulders. Good spring of rib and depth to his chest. Prominent pinbones. Good fallaway with well set on ringed tail. Good length through his rear quarters. Short hocks. Moved well coming and going and with easy action in profile.

3rd Hurl, Hurl & Nisbets Zandahar Xcuse Me Mister

OD (8 - 2 Entries)

This was a very difficult class for me to judge – I have met several of these males before and done them well, and here they were all in the same class and I only had one first prize card!

1st & CC & BOB Thompsons Ch Drishaun The Vampire Lily Via Gothika JW

The last time I judged this balanced, beautifully presented black masked gold, I made him Res. BIS to the 2nd in this class. This time they changed places and the younger dog won through. Masculine head with dark, triangular eye and excellent expression. Long neck let into well placed shoulder and upper arm. Good fill in to his front. Well sprung, deep chest joined by short strong loin. Best of toplines leading into prominent pinbones and excellent fallaway with well set on ringed tail. Moved with a true style of high order. Didn’t put a foot wrong and I had no hesitation in giving him the CC and later BOB.

2nd Bloor & Bloors Pashtari Lord Byron

This quality, masculine black and brindle boy is a favourite of mine and is so lovely to get your hands on. Just about everything under his coat is correct – angles, lengths, condition, and he’s in the prime of his life. He is balanced and so sound on the move. There was so little between 1st and 2nd, that I was splitting hairs and in the challenge, I felt the limit winner just had the edge on enthusiasm when moving. I’m sure it won’t be long before this lad gets his well deserved title.

3rd Parsell, Beanland, Parsell & Thors Ch Gezancol Never Say Never at Harlextan

VB (6 - 2 Entries)

1st Adams Ch Zandahar Just Tiger Lily JW ShCM

9 year old dark brindle girl. Well balanced head. Dark, well shaped eye.Well angulated with good length of shoulder and upper arm. Excellent rear quarters. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Moved well and maintained her topline. A worthy champion in lovely coat and condition.

2nd Links Int Ch Ned Popovs Bora Bora at Orashan JW

B/M gold girl of 8 years. Just starting to grey around her muzzle.

Lovely balanced shape with good angulation fore and aft. Super topline and fallaway. Prominent pinbones. Good length from hip to hock. Big feet. Also in lovely coat and condition. Very little between these two top quality champion ‘ladies’.

3rd Peek Matars Sleepy Hollow at Yaksukhims JW ShCM (Imp)

MPB (0 Entries)

PB (0 Entries)

JB (4 - 1 Entries)

1st Halls Saxonmill Majic Mirror

14 months old quality b/t bitch who must be one for the future. Feminine head and superb expression with correct eye shape. Beautifully balanced with correct angulation and so lovely to go over. Good bone. Her neck fits well into her shoulders and flows through to her level topline. Good spring of rib and excellent depth. Short strong loin and a lovely smooth and springy action so typical of the breed. A self-assurance about her, for one so young, which was all finished off with a correctly carried ringed tail.

2nd Dowd & Malias Saxonmill Mirror Image

Litter sister to 1st and she really is a Mirror Image. Most of the above comments apply to this girl too, and it was a close run thing between them. I just thought that 1st had the edge on topline and head.

3rd Green & Powells Yansukhims Candy Floss

YB (4 Entries)

1st Mitchell, Thornton & Smithsons Absolute Afghans India at Karnak (Imp Nor)

Feminine B/M Gold who had a lovely dark triangular eye. Well angulated throughout with big feet and excellent pasterns. Well sprung ribcage with plenty of heart and lung room. Good fallaway with correct set on to her ringed tail. Short hocks. Moved very sound coming and going and with excellent profile reach and drive. An easy winner.

2nd Tanner, Tanner & Links Rhajikhan Athena of Aleyazar

Dark brindle girl who was tall enough for me. Good length through her shoulder and upper arm with matching lengths to her 1st and 2nd thigh. Shorter coupled than 1st. Well sprung ribcage. Good fallaway with prominent pinbones. Moved sound.

3rd Humphreys Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove

NB (1 Entry)

1st Green & Powells Yansukhims Candy Floss

Black, Feminine head with dark eye. Good length to her neck and pleasing topline. Leading into correct fallaway with prominent pinbones. Good length and angulation to her front assembly and balanced with her 1st and 2nd thigh. Short hocks. She moved a little erratically in her previous (junior) class but was much more settled here. Maturity will serve her well.

GB (1 Entries)

1st Medleys Altside Shes Hot

Feminine self masked cream girl with dark, well shaped eye and plenty of underjaw. Deep saddle. Good length of neck leading into moderate front and rear angulation. Good bone. Short hocks. Moved well when she used herself but was reluctant to put too much into her performance either on the move or when stacked.

PGB (3 Entries)

1st Milligan-Bott & Botts Medawlark Attitude Is The Key To Wones Thendara (Imp Rus)

I really liked this well balanced girl. She had a good shape to her feminine head with correct triangular eye and low set ears. Excellent front and rear angulation which she knew how to use on the move. Head carriage was excellent and her action was smooth and springy. When everything is put together correctly, then it is all down to Attitude – and this girl has it! An easy win for her.

2nd Downes Super Star de Zorba Specially For You (Imp)

A nice shape to this black masked gold girl when you get hands on her. Good fill in to her front, correct length and angulation to her front assembly, with well turned stifles and plenty of length from hip to hock. Pleasing fallaway with correctly set on tail and prominent pinbones. Just lost her topline a little. Moved well.

3rd Lloyds Krishan Who Dares Wins

LB (7-1 Entries)

This was a lovely class, with insufficient cards and I’m sure those entered will change places on another day.

1st & Res CC Lancashire & O’Donnells Drishaun Consider The Lily JW

I have judged this brindle girl before and just love her expression. She does ‘dignified and aloof’ perfectly and has that certain keen fierceness. She is so well made, from her beautifully balanced, feminine head through to her short hocks. Her conformation is so correct and she was presented in tip top condition and coat. But to give out the CC, I wanted 100% and she would only give me 95%, so sadly she had to settle for the Reserve CC. today. Once all her stars align she will get her title I’m sure.

2nd Cullens Cloudside Sevillana At Eweyisska (AI)

Since I last judged her, this black and brindle girl has matured into a well balanced bitch with a feminine head, excellent expression and eye shape. Decent length of neck set into well laid shoulders. Well sprung, with depth to her ribcage. Good angulation throughout. Level topline leading into correct fallaway. Ringed tail. Finally got her head around to using her conformation to best advantage. Moved soundly coming and going and with easy profile movement.

3rd Phillips & Smiths Karagez Curtain Call Zhaqqari

OB (3 Entries)

1st & CC Gilberts Ch Altside Hot As Hell At Affietar

Oyster brindle girl who is not only made right but uses everything to best advantage.

Powerful, balanced head with triangular eye and strong underjaw. Good neck set into well placed shoulders with correct upper arm length and angulation. Springy pasterns and big feet. Excellent heart and lung room with correct short strong loin. Level topline. Well angulated rear quarters with length from hip to hock. Short from hock to foot. A nice size – clearly a girl. She put everything together and used it on the move to give me the 100% I was looking for. Put down in immaculate coat and condition.

2nd Ashtons Ch Brigitte Bardot Gandamak For Zobear (Imp SVK)

Taller than 1st but still feminine black girl with attractive head with well shaped eye and strong underjaw. Low set ears. Good front and rear angulation. Well sprung through her deep ribcage and a short strong loin. Prominent pinbones, Ringed tail. Big feet. Moved soundly and with drive from her rear and good extension in front.

3rd Humphreys Ayoubkhan Blue Rose

Judge Ann Beckett-Bradshaw