• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Angela Draper-Andrews Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Mrs Angela Draper-Andrews

Crufts 2022 Tibetan Terriers

I would like to give a big thank you to my stewards for making everything run so smoothly on the day and to all of the exhibiters' who entered, it was a challenging appointment to judge with so many exceptional dogs and bitches to assess

Entries were down compared to previous years which was to expected due to the current situation with Covid but the dogs who had entered the quality was very high leaving some exhibiters' going home without being placed

I found in general mouths were good some with very good tight reverse scissor bites, heads very balanced with good width of jaw the majority had a marked stop with no exaggerations and most with large flat feet, pigmentation was very good in all exhibits the future in Tibetan Terriers looks good

Veteran Dog

13 entered 2 absent

Exceptionally strong class

1 Tetsikarma Stargazer Mr G & Mrs K Plummer

I gave this dog his first res cc and always thought he should have gained his title. He is so well balanced, skull of medium length marked stop with good under jaw he was presented in tip top condition, sympathetically handled

2 Ch Silgarhi Dexterity at Walkamile Mr G & Mrs H Stickley

Unlucky to meet 1 on the day this dog is so very well made good shoulders well turned stifles effortless mover in tip top condition

3 Ch Silgarhi Xanti Mrs P J & Miss S J Cross

Minor Puppy Dog

2 Entered 0 absent


Ahgainst All Odds Mrs L & Mrs L Cooper Purslow

A quality puppy with a promising future with a very outgoing temperament


Verony Classical Jazz Mr A & Mrs V Green

Another quality puppy with a promising future I just felt No 1 was a little more steady on the move

Puppy Dog

4 Entered 0 Absent


Snoanda Doing It My Way Mrs L J & G M Hearne

This well balanced dog stood out in this class a lovely type he has matured well since I last see him at 6 mths a good size with sound free movement handled well Best Puppy Dog


Araki Secret Loverboy Mrs E A Laffling

Very close to 1, liked his overall shape sound free movement well handled with good presentation

I shall watch these 2 puppies as they progress with interest

3 Unohoo Here Comes Hugo Mrs M & Mrs J & Mr G Erskine-Jones & Watson & Watson

Junior Dog

6 Entered 1 Absent

1 San Diego Magia Orientu fci Mrs S Rauhut

Caught my eye on entering the ring balanced head his neck flowed well into well placed shoulders level topline moved well superb condition and presentation expertly handled


Araki Shamana Mrs J Chamberlain

Another nice young dog litter brother to 3 very little to choose between them balanced outline moved well


Araki Shanastra Mrs A Sinclair

Yearling Dog

7 Entered 1 Absent


Trylez Try`n Stop Me Mrs L White

What a smart dog this is balanced fore and aft good front assembly long easy stride well presented


Dhoki Apsos No Doubt Im Hot Mrs C & Ms Allen Brunell

Close up to 1 gold male presented in first class order I liked his overall balance good pigment sound mover


Shamisha Twist and Shout Mr C M & Ms H L Norman & Bruce

Post Graduate Dog

5 Entered 0 Absent


Araki Magic Dancer for Karamyst JW Miss K King

I liked this dog a Lot good angles front and rear balanced outline moved with long easy stride very well presented (I see he was the sire of BP)


Rigaze Dalai Gartok at Tizzycham Miss S L Armstrong

Square in outline a very honest dog with good head correct size well presented


Yanian The Ticketmaster Mr & Mrs I Kemp

Mid Limit Dog

5 Entered 0 Absent


Kybo Almost A Panda Mrs C Thorold

Won this class with ease never seen him look so good square in outline well made all thro very well presented and handled


Layoli Firecracker at Miksang Mr P & Mrs C Meakin

Another very nice black dog square in outline I liked his rear quarters well turned stifles


Evemylyn Hot To Trot Mr & Miss Hedger & Bourne

Limit Dog

10 Entered 0 Absent


Shamisha Strikes Gold Mr D Lambert

Striking Gold in full coat good pigment excellent front assembly good angles in top condition so well handled and presented (Res CC very well deserved)


Silgarhi Sonam Mrs P J & Miss S J Cross

So very close to 1 another top quality dog beautifully presented (will gain his title I am sure)


Araki The Midas Touch Mrs A Sinclair

Open Dog

10 Entered 0 Absent

What a competitive class I was spoilt for choice


Datdammdawg at Araki (imp Swe) Mrs A Mr A Sinclair & Barron I have admired this dog from the first time I saw him as a puppy and was not disappointed going over him for me he was just stunning he has a balanced head medium neck which flowed well into well laid shoulders good angles front and rear, free easy mover shown in amazing condition and handled to perfection ( Pleased to award him Dog CC and BOB)


Araki Justa Boot Perfect Miss C L & Mrs L Cooper

This Black dog has such a balanced outline cannot be overlooked he is all quality shown in super coat and condition


Ti-La-Shu De La Chapelle Des Anges Miss Katja Rauhut

Good Citizen Dog

4 Entered 0 Absent

1 Tetsikarma Stargazer Mr G & Mrs K Plummer

2 Araki Shamana Mrs J Chamberlain

3 Routenburn Agamemnon Miss E Mackenzie

Veteran Bitch

9 entered 2 absent


Int Ch Ti La Shu Regalia Angel On Fire Mrs Sabine & Miss Katja Rauhut

Most beautiful Bitch well balanced shown and presented to perfection ( Best Veteran)


Ch Aliah Carmel Ciro at Khyibrang Mrs J & Miss R Honey

Another quality bitch square outline in super coat and condition


Araki Areu ready for This at Stylaxian Mr B Chessell

Minor Puppy Bitch

Entered 1 Absent 0


Verony Like A Charm Mr A & Mrs V Green

Stood alone but it didn't detract from her quality oozing with confidence moved and handled well

Puppy Bitch

Entered 8 Absent 0


Karamyst Love Actually Miss K King

I Loved this tri Balanced outline good angles front and rear good pigment very confident long easy strides on the move Best Puppy

2 Paishar All That Glitters Mrs K Willoughby

Close to number 1 lovely type wheel balanced handled and presented well


Avaness Anything Can Happen Mrs V Meegan

Junior Bitch

Entered 15 Absent 0


 Karamyst Time to Shine with Islantic Mrs J Hargreaves

1 & 2 Two lovely bitches of excellent type good outline well put together with good bone and substance well presented


Yanian Flaming Star Mr & Mrs I Kemp

The same critique applies quality Black and white with little to choose between them


Araki Dream Perfection for Tetsikarma Mr G & Mrs K Plummer

Yearling Bitch

Entered 11 Absent 01

What a super class all of the first five sitting on CCs and one a multi Champion

Boshanti Stellina Mrs K Guziolek

Black and White Feminine bitch of Quality correct size square in outline shown in first class condition


Gold & White Multi Champion all quality bitch on superb form in super coat and condition shown to perfection


Shamisha Showcase for Gemaras Mrs C Palmer

Post Graduate Bitch

Entered 19 Absent 0

a very strong class full of quality


Verony Mystic Charm Mr A & Mrs V Green

Quality Bitch correct size I liked her shoulder placement and depth of Chest sound mover in super coat and condition


Dhoki Apsos Mighty Like a Rose Mrs & Ms Bateman & Brunell

Close to 1 hard to separate square in outline moved well


Fidibury Christmas Miracle at Baldiegift Mrs Wilkes

Mid Limit Bitch

Entered 8 Absent 0


Pinrow Midnight Mischief at Dejaru Mrs D Rudderham

Square sturdy balanced outline a Top Quality bitch I see from my notes bred by the same breeder as my CC winner she must be a very proud


Tazique Totally Fabulush Mrs J Lawrence

This is a Lovely Tri Bitch Lovely type with balance


Waterley Angel Evangelista with Marlocomi Mrs D Green

Limit Bitch

Entered 9 Absent 2

Another strong class all 5 were of high quality


Araki Blue Secret into Kizzit Mrs C & Miss C Butler

An Outstanding quality bitch well balanced fore fore and aft excellent front assembly free easy movement Res CC


Myrlea Spooked by Ink Mrs G & Mr P Marley & Thirlwell

Impressive bitch so well put together Excellent coat and condition (her title cannot be far away)


Shamisha Dark Magic Miss A Lambert

Open Bitch

Entered 10 Absent 2

Another super class oozing quality


Pinrow Midnight Diva at Kashi Miss S Dykes

This Bitch is a great example of breed type square outline well balance head neck of medium length which flowed into well laid shoulders super coat and presentation BCC


Myrlea Martha Reeves Mrs G & Mr P Marley & Thirlwell

All quality black bitch who pressed the winner hard another great example of the breed in super coat and condition


Waterley Moneypenny Mrs C Le Moignan

Good Citizen Bitch

Entered 6 Absent 1


Anjimalsea Hello Dolly Mr & Mrs Summers


Mikudi Counting Stars for Tetsikarma Mr G & Mrs K Plummer


Tetsikarma Lola Stargirl Mr G & Mrs K Plummer