• Show Date: 24/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Hoblin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Western Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Standard)

North Western Poodle Club

Championship Show


Standard Poodle

MPD (2:0)

1st Brook’s Sculbrook Raising The Odds 7month black male shows plenty of promise loved his head and expression has good front and rear angles shown in good body and condition good tail set moved well for one so young scored over his litter brother who stood second to him for size. BPIB

2nd Lunn & Downes’ Sculbrook Cast a Wish has many of the same attributes as his brother is slightly smaller a present but is in proportion preferred the tail set of his brother.

PD (1:0)

1st Horton & Woods’ Aclayres Heavenly Shadow he is lovely to go over not exaggerated in any department has a lovely head and eye shape has light free movement is just lacking in neck hair at present which really spoils the picture but I am sure this will come with maturity.

PD AOC than Black (1:0)

1st Brook’s Sculbrook the Beat Lives On brown litter brother to the winner of minor puppy dog pleasing head and eye good nicely constructed throughout moved well but does not have the reach and drive of his brother.

JD (2:0)

1st O’Higgins & Knudtzen’s just over 12 months old super quality black lovely shape and size the most handsome of heads to go over has a good reach of neck good front and rear angles great tail set and carriage shown and presented in first class order did consider him for the Res CC but on the go round seemed to lack neck the joys of showing an adolescent.

2nd Moores, Speakman & Moores’ Furrycharm Better Me For Ataraksia young blue male clearing nicely pleasing head good front well set tail moved well he is not as compact in body as 1 or have the ring presence would prefer him to carry a little more body.

YD (2:0)

1st Rodgers’ Montravia Morse Code my star of the day has all I look for in a standard male love his size and shape has a masculine head with no sign of coarseness a great expression good reach of neck loved his front and rear angulation good tail set moved soundly with style and plenty of reach and drive shown in first class coat and body condition a pleasure to award him the CC his 3rd so is now a Champion along with BOB still young with maturity I think the best is still to come. Pleased to see him later awarded BIS under Diane Smith.

2nd Townsend’s Alanaura Steeleye Spanner pale apricot male shown in a cut down trim has a lovely expression and temperament nicely constructed moved well.

PGD (6:2)

1st Kendall Clarkson & Clarkson’s Magin Johnny Depp blue clearing nicely pleasing head and expression nicely constructed throughout good front and rear angles shown in a short t clip style trim well set tail shown and presented in great order moved soundly with reach and drive.

2nd Clement’s Fiorghlan’s Magic Swann nicely constructed cream male has a lot to like about him shown in good condition but not the head or movement of first.

3rd Sarson’s Sarnia Rock This Way

LD (2;1)

1st Crawford's Exalon Apache Moon At Tussars white male is all male nice head just a little too much for me good reach of neck and well-constructed in all departments well set tail but would prefer better carriage moves well but on occasions just gets the better of his handler.

OD AOC Black (2:0)

1st Elrick’s Pitfour Duke Of Cambridge makes an impressive picture stacked pleasing head well-constructed throughout shown and presented in first class order he moves well just not with the style and reach and drive of my CC winner so today had to settle for the Res CC.

VD (0:0)

MBP (3:0)

1st Zair’s Tuxedo Princess very pretty black lovely head and eye good front and rear angles compact body good tail set nicely present nice and steady on the move.

2nd Laing’s Marcasite Love In A Mist very feminine silver lovely head but very immature at present a little erratic on the move but understandable as not with her owner handler but put enough steps together to assess her movememt.

3rd Laing’s Marcasite Hearts Desire.

PB (3:2)

1st Aston’s Onyxia Strike A Pose very pretty black has a lovely head and eye and is nicely constructed with all the essentials I look for moves well has a good quality coat and her trim just needs a little tweaking to enhance her appearance.

PB AOC Black (3:0)

1st Wells Volgarus Sky Is The Limit very pretty white who has a lot to like loveliest of heads and sweet expression good front and rear angulation nicely constructed and moved well with style here and in the bitch challenge to gain best puppy bitch but in the competition for best puppy just lost her topline on occasion so was edged by the dog but one that will have a bright future.

2nd Marcasite Love In A Mist

3rd Marcasite Heart’s Desire

JB (6:1)

1st Elrick’s Pitfour Donna Carlota she is white and so very feminine in outlook and has a lovely front and reach of neck nice compact body good tail set a free and easy mover another that should have a bright future.

2nd Luty’s Sympika’s Special Delivery a lovely cream girl with a pleasing head and expression good front and rear angles good tail set not as short as first she is now getting her act together and moving soundly with plenty of reach and drive.

3rd Short’s Sterlingway Astronaughty.

YB (3:0)

1st Gleave’s Montravia Enchanted Code By Ryneco JW the prettiest of black bitches just loved her head and expression she is so well put together has all the essentials to take her to the top moves with ease and plenty of style. Res CC

2nd Rowe’s Kamarri Cast A Spell JW CW22 another super quality black who has a lovely head but today her expression was spoilt by being shaved too close she already carries her title and you can see why a quality specimen of a standard poodle on another day 1st and 2nd could easily change places.

3rd Matthews & Lynn’s Afterglow Stoli Boli

PGB (5:1)

1st Marflitt’s Dageo Secret Obsession why this bitch gets overlooked I am not sure but today it was her time to shine she is just lovely to go over nothing is exaggerated, and everything is where it should be she is very pretty and so feminine shown and presented to her advantage and today as far as I am concerned didn’t put a foot wrong a pleasure to award her the CC.

2nd Skinner’s Afterglow Desiree this white youngster is coming along nicely loved her make and shape has a pleasing head and expression and moves well with reach and drive shown and presented to her advantage.

3rd Brekkerud & McBlain’s Achara Taylor Made

LB (4:0)

1st Young’s Anorien Nenya another quality black bitch she is soundly made and shown and presented in first class condition she has a pretty head a lovely expression has a good tail set but not the best tail carriage, but it is only one point you must judge the dog as a whole moved soundly with reach drive and style.

2nd Brooks Sculbrook What Are The Odds a very pretty brown girl who has much to like she is lovely to go over and shown, presented and handled to extoll her virtues.

3rd Skinner’s Afterglow Bunny Girl At Rennkiss

OB (2:1)

1st Lath’s Afterglow Hellcat Among Sambuca liked this girl a lot has a lovely head and eye is nicely put together has good front and rear angulation shown in great condition nicely presented moved well.

VB (1:0)

1st Sillito-Beale & Beales Ch Malibu They Call Me Mimi this black girl has certainly made her mark as a veteran and I can see why she has won several Res CC’s from this class she has the loveliest of heads and expressions she is so very well put together and has great style and showmanship on the move but today it was the youngsters who prevailed, but she pushed them hard.


Andrew Hoblin