• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew Hoblin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Poodle (Toy)

Paignton & District Fanciers Association

Championship Show

7th August 2022

Toy Poodles

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge and for their warm welcome and hospitality and to my stewards for their assistance. Not the biggest of entries but I was more than happy with the quality of my principle winners thank you all for your entries and sportsmanship.

SBD (1:0)

1st Harvie & Phillips Afterglow Bag Of Trix pleasing white puppy with a nice head and eye nicely constructed I understand he has been upset in the show ring and was a little hesitant on the move but did enough to show what he is capable of. I hope all the practice he had today helped.

MPD (2:0)

1st Cookson Claumaur Black Magic 7 month black puppy nice for size has a lovely head and eye good reach of neck good front and rear angulation shown in good coat nicely presented moved well with good reach drive BPD

2nd Gent Duchypaws Black Dreamer this is a larger type of dog and wouldn’t want him to grow any more he is nicely put together has a pleasing head and expression good tail set not as positive in front as 1st on the move.

PD (2:1)

1st Afterglow Bag Of Trix

JD (1:0)

1st Holliday Special Gent Of The Day quality youngster has a pleasing head and eye good reach of neck and shoulders good front and rear angulation nice ribcage shown in good condition has a quality coat moves well.

PGD (0:0)

LD (2:0)

1st Shirley Tuttlebees Devils Brew a quality male masculine in outlook but no signs of coarseness loved his wicked expression is so very well put together and very balanced has a beautiful coat of correct texture well presented and handled moved very well covering the ground. Res CC.

2nd Watkins Montana Guilty A Sin another quality black who has a lot to like about him he is lovely to go over with a pleasing head and eye moved out well but lost out to 1st on body condition and tail carriage.

OD (1:0)

1st Godfrey Aedan Fighting Talk what a stunning quality male just loved his head and expression and the glint of wickedness in his eyes a solid well put together dog good reach of neck lovely front and rear angulation compact body nice tail set shown and presented in great body condition and muscle tone good all this topped off with a great quality coat nicely presented and on the move is just effortless with good reach and drive. It was a pleasure to award him the CC and BOB

SBB (1:1)

MPB (1:0)

1st Cookson Claumaur Cast A Spell litter sister to the winner of MPD very pretty brown is lovely to go over shown in good coat and condition not as confident as her brother but moved well sympathetically handled.

PB (4:2)

1st Todd Vanitonia Meant To Be a lovely quality black bitch loved her head and expression good reach of neck good shoulders front and rear angulation good ribcage well set tail shown and presented to her advantage moved really well BBP and Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd Wheeler Sarum The Callas Lover Avec Verismo 8-month-old giving a lot away to 1st in maturity has a lovely head and expression is very well put together shown in good body and condition moved well but just not as stylish as 1st on this occasion.

JB (2:0)

1st Langdon Atastar Truffelicious pettite brown girl she just captivated me in the class so very feminine lovely to go over has all the essentials to win well and comes into her own on the move sound but so very stylish full of the joys of life.

2nd Godfrey & Bell Aedan Danced With The Devil this is a quality black with a pleasing head and expression is very well constructed throughout shown and presented in first class order moved well covering the ground she is ok for size for personal preference I would like a little lessttle less of her all over.

PGB (2:0)

1st Currie Afterglow Ultraviolet Into Stirlingview has a pretty head and eye nicely constructed throughout has a good front and rear in good body condition shown and presented to her advantage move well free and sound.

2nd Bell Aedan Talk Of Making Music another quality girl is lovely to go over has a pleasing head and eye good quality coat moved well good tail set not the front action of 1st today would not want her to carry any more weight.

LB (0:0)

OB (3:0)

What a class 3 lovely bitches it was just a matter of splitting hairs in making my decisions thank you so much for entering under me.

1st Corish & Oldfield Ch Tuttlebees Devils Design stunning black has a gorgeous so very feminine lovey wicked expressive eyes so very well constructed and put together lovely tail set and carriage shown and presented in first class order and on the move today did not disappoint so light and free covering the ground on todays performance could not be denied CC.

2nd Land Ch Stepanelle Girls Are Loud as you know my heart belongs to a brown she pushed 1st all the way today she is lovely to go over not exaggerated in any way has a lovely head and expression moves so well but was just outshone by 1st today who just couldn’t put a foot wrong.

3rd Nelson & Moss Tirkane Collaboration I just want to say she is a super quality girl pushed the others all the way it was a very difficult decision.


Andrew Hoblin