• Show Date: 06/11/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrew H. Brace Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern Pug Dog Club

Breed: Pug


I was happy to accept the invitation to take over from Mrs Cunningham who was unable to fulfil her appointment to judge the Dogs and hope she is now feeling much better.

The breed is always a challenge to judge (not all are terribly cooperative on the table!) and yet they always manage to make you smile.

I was well pleased with my winners and think the breed is in a fairly healthy state overall though movement decided quite a number of placings.

VETERAN DOG (2) 1. Farnworth’s Tsuselena Like A Rocket Man von Pariansoez, quality fawn, seven years on the day but holding his age well. Clean outlined and well-balanced with taut skin and a beautiful head and expression, neat ears and typical eye. Well angulated front and rear, moves smartly in profile but a little generously coming on. Shown in lovely condition. Best Veteran In Show with the agreement of my co-judge. 2. Kavanagh’s Marbelton Paper Chase, nine years fawn and again holding his age well. Lots of substance in a small frame, masculine head full of expression if slightly heavier in over nose wrinkle than the First and not quite as tight in twist. Very well ribbed and bodied and moved with enthusiasm.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (1) 1. Cairns’ Pulchra Changing The Guard at Cerang, just six months fawn with a very promising head, beautiful eyes and neat ears. Jet black nails, good overall balance, just enough bone and a tight twist. Moves smartly holding his outline well, just needs to tighten in front with maturity.

PUPPY DOG (1) Briddon & Fisher’s Chandshar Me And Bobby McGee at Briddish, nine months fawn of quality who doesn’t do himself any favours on the table but has lots to like. Excellent head type with lots of work, pleasing eye and expression with neat ears and well pigmented throughout. Just enough bone, moderate angulation, moves smartly in profile holding a firm topline and tight twist.

SPECIAL FAWN PUPPY DOG (2) 1. Cannon’s Rewbiehills Pop Master at Flashnik, nine months clear fawn who radiates quality. Beautiful head with large expressive eye, neat ears, ample wrinkle and excellent strength of underjaw. Balance of outline is spot on, beautiful quality coat with excellent pigment throughout; all he needs is the finish that maturity will bring and to strengthen a little in pastern. Moves away particularly well and when he concentrated the profile was most pleasing. BEST PUPPY DOG but naughtiness cost him anything further when it mattered! 2. Briddon & Fisher’s Chandshar Hillbilly Bone at Briddish, another fawn of nine months who is of excellent overall type if a shade bolder in eye than the First, a little longer coupled and not so tight in twist. Well-conditioned, looks his best going around.

JUNIOR DOG (4) 1. Kavanagh’s Marbelton All Heart, fourteen months fawn of quality with a look of class and ideal size. Pleased in head and general forehand with well-boned, straight forelegs and a gorgeous eye with enough wrinkle if he could have a slightly stronger underjaw. Moderate angulation of front and rear, movement out and back is very accurate but the twist could be held a little more assertively at times. 2. Rutherford’s Potbelli Limited Edition, pushed hard, another high-quality dog of fourteen months with a pleasing head full of expression. Not quite as true in front as First, but holds his twist well. Just enough bone, well ribbed, moves smartly in profile and going away but could be tidier coming on. 3. Dawson-Payne & Mousley’s Zuma’s Gold Digger.

YEARLING DOG (2) 1. Monk’s Macmoore Stand And Deliver of Zoant, twenty months fawn with lots of breed type and a quality, pleasing head with typical expression, wide open nostrils, well ribbed with good bone and level topline, well set and carried twist. Moves smartly but could be a little tidier coming on. 2. Vurgest’s Nicobri Hudson River at Hunterspug, eighteen months black out of a rather heavier mould, well-balanced head, a little narrower in nostril than First, and shows a little eye-white. Strongly boned with tight twist and moves with purpose, if a little careless in front.

NOVICE DOG (2) 1. P. Changing the Guard at C. 2. Chatterley’s Roxmarr Amadeus, fawn Junior of good basic type and overall balance, not quite as well pigmented in nails, movement could be more coordinated and the twist could be tighter but overall still has lots of breed type.

POST GRADUATE DOG (4) 1. Dawson-Payne & Mousley’s Judamie Just Jackson, clear fawn, essentially masculine without being overdone. Excellent head type with enough wrinkle when he was aroused, beautiful eye and neat ears. Enough bone, good pigment, well angulated throughout and a sound and convincing mover. Still needs to fill out his frame with full maturity but could finish up really well. 2. Ward & Stuart’s Roxmarr Just William, clear fawn full of quality, absolutely beautiful headpiece and wonderful expression. Standing I thought he could be the winner as I loved his size, shape, outline and compactness but unfortunately when moving towards me he came on rather untidily and could not seem to correct it. Beautiful quality coat and by far one of the best behaved on the table! 3. Byrne’s Miluckson Morgan.

LIMIT DOG (11) A very difficult and tough class. 1. Collier’s Pugistie Pop The Question, clear fawn with lots of substance and yet so much quality. Very pleasing head, large expressive eyes, ample wrinkle and wide open nostrils. Good overall balance with excellent twist, but a little loose skin on the topline just detracts at times. Moved steadily and made a very pleasing overall package. 2. Kirk’s Hattella Oleander, another fawn of quality, excellent size and overall shape who at first looked the winner with his clean outline and taut skin. Excellent basic head type but he was just a little more obtrusive in over-nose wrinkle than the First. Well angulated all through with tight twist and like the winner a steady and enthusiastic mover. 3. Lee’s Tsuselena Pixel Perfect.

OPEN DOG (6) 1.Farnworth’s Ch Taftazini Nepalensis, from the moment he strode into the ring this high-quality fawn set himself up and I knew he was going to be the one to beat. An object lesson of a perfectly schooled and conditioned showdog, he totally filled my eye from the start. Absolutely “multum in parvo”, his taut jacket fitted his substantial physique perfectly and on the table nothing disappointed. Beautiful masculine head that still radiates quality and he has the most beautiful eye and expression, his dark pigment contrasting perfectly with the clearest of quality coats. On the move he goes with purpose, is particularly impressive going away and has a natural ring presence. For me was definitely the dog of the day and I was delighted to award him the CC which apparently adds to a sizeable collection. When it came to BIS Dale Hick and I decided to let Aileen Welham make the final decision and he won Best In Show. Congratulations … he was a joy to judge, 2. Ferguson’s Ch Rhodenash Dream Date with Tartanmops, another fawn of high quality, beautiful head type with plenty of wrinkle, expressive eye of correct shape and size with no exaggeration. Just enough bone and overall outline is well balanced but at times he wasn’t as settled in topline as the First but is a very worthy Champion who handles himself well on the move. 3. Kavanagh’s Marbelton On Your Marks.

SPECIALOPEN BLACK DOG (3) 1. Lee’s Tsuselena Blackthorn, beautiful head and expression, so very well finished with a gorgeous eye. Good spring of rib, enough bone if slightly weak in pastern. Makes the best of himself on the move and was in lovely condition. 2. Newsome’s Snugglepug Here’s The Black at Xenos, out of a slightly heavier mould, but still has lots to like. Masculine head full of expression but tended to pant yet still moved with enthusiasm. 3. N. Hudson River at H.

OPEN FAWN DOG (7) 1. Hill’s Anzhela Heaven On Earth with Calaquendi, very neat and so full of quality. Loved the size and general shape as he looks like a toy dog but still has sufficient substance. High-quality head with full eye and plenty of expression, nicely put together with correct angulation of front and rear and he holds his twist well. One of the very best movers here, being so true out, back and around. When it came to the challenge it was something of a two-horse race between him and the Open Dog winner who just tipped the scales with his overt masculinity and a little more depth through the loin but he richly deserved the Reserve CC. I understand he is sitting on two CCs and a raft of Reserves so I am sure his crown will soon come and be worn deservedly. 2. Vurgest’s Hunterspug Rainbow Warrior, another fawn not quite as taut in his skin as the First and out of a slightly heavier mould but still has so much type. Very masculine head with pleasing expression and he handles himself well on the go-around if not quite so accurately coming on. 3. Clay’s Judamie Genius Gino.