• Show Date: 10/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Rottweiler

Richmond Championship Dog Show

10th September 2022

This appointment was a long time coming due to the cancellation of the show back in 2020. I am grateful to Dr Ron James and the committee of Richmond for rescheduling me on a date I was able to officiate due to my job. Thank you also goes to my two lovely stewards who both gave lovely feedback, and enjoyed watching our breed being judged.

All exhibits had great temperaments, including the youngsters a few of which were attending their first shows. On the whole mouths were good with just a few level or incorrect bites, pigment was also an issue, I overlooked this as all flews were dark, but I so love a dark mouth. Type varied immensely, and if anything, I feel the breed is losing that calm gaze that was once so common in the breed, here’s to hoping that this can return.

I was pleased with my principal winners, especially my BOB Dave & Sandra Lambert’s Seittor Frozen In Time who put on an amazing performance in a strong working group, and even prouder when Mrs Irene MacManus awarded her Group 1. Absolutely, made my day.

Veteran Dog (2)

Two smashing 8 ½ year old veteran’s just a day apart in age! Both are a credit to their owners not showing their age.

1st Egerton & Fountain’s Cassarla Opus Maximus – an upstanding male with lovely bone and substance. Strong head, with a smaller ear but carried well, dark eyes and mouth. Nice width to muzzle correct stop, still retains good filling. Muscular neck onto a well-balanced front, standing straight in front onto correct feet. Liked his depth of brisket, broad chest and well sprung ribs. Strength in his loin helps ensure the maintenance of a strong top line, this then blends well into his muscular croup and thighs. Moved sound in all directions at one with his handler. He was shortlisted and considered for my main awards, missing out fractionally. I was pleased to award him BVIB on the day.

2nd Iungano’s Carsal Pepe At Pasgano – top sized male, like 1st he is maintaining his substance. Head correct with a calm expression, enhanced by a correct dark eye and lovely ear set. Nice length of neck onto good top line, nice croup and tail set, good rear angles, which he used well on the move, standing on correct feet. Presented in excellent condition.

Minor Puppy Dog (6, 2abs)

1st Clark’s Dortmund Dizzy Rascal – Nice pup of 8mths. Pleasing outline showing his angles and top line. Carrying correct weight for age with the right amount of muscle development. Head developing well, and in proportion with dark eye. Standing straight in front onto correct feet. Slightly sloping croup with nice tail set. Correct coat in good condition with markings rich in colour. Although he was a little excited on the move his movement was sound in all directions. Settled better on the move in the challenge. Overall, a promising pup.

2nd Cocks’ Jaqary Blaze Of Glory – Only 6 mth old but a lovely pup, not quite the lay of shoulder as 1st place but he used what he had on the move along with his ample rear angles it helped him cover the ground, maintaining his shape on the move. Body covered well for age, still with plenty of bone to grown on. Pleasing head with a good eye shape medium in colour, nice stop, medium ear carried well. Attentive to handler who was very gentle with this youngster, lovely to see.

3rd Rivett’s Jezeve Castaway TAF

Puppy Dog (1)

1st Mason’s Alkido’s Ludicrous – one year old on the day. Lovely male with correct bone and substance for age. At times on the stand, he doesn’t show himself off, but when he gets it right it is evident of what good rear angles he has, his front is well balanced, allowing him to have enough reach on the move. Liked his head type, with a dark eye, strong muzzle, and good cheeks. Chest developing well with a nice spring of rib, strong in loin onto a broadening croup, with strong tail carried well. Bodying up well, with good muscle throughout, strong in hock and standing on lovely feet. BPD and pleased to award him Best Puppy in Breed, he looked lovely in the group later in the day.

Junior Dog (3)

1st Read’s Ketreda’s Iron Man – Just 12 mths, a male who still needs plenty of time to mature. Slightly better rear angle than front, but on the move, he used what he had to cover the ground well, sound in all directions, which won him the class. Nice croup and tail set. Depth of brisket is correct but still needs to spring his ribs. Medium head, with dark eye, slightly narrow in skull but it could be seen that it still needs to crack. Lovely colour and in good condition. Will be interesting to see him mature.

2nd Miler’s Ausrie’s Moscow Mule JW – Very mature 17mth medium male, with nice bone. Head was more developed than 1st, good ear set, strength in skull, dark eye slightly small. Nice rear angles with good muscle tone, good upper arm but would benefit from a better lay of shoulder to improve front movement, standing on good feet. Correct under carriage and top line.

3rd Byrne’s Maraj Moon

Yearling Dog (2)

1st Window’s Hanbar Frankel – 18 mth medium male with correct bone, still maturing. Head of good proportions, would prefer ears and eyes to be a little smaller. Neck blends well onto a nice lay of shoulder making a pleasing front assembly, this with his rear angles enabled his movement to be efficient, clean in front when coming to which was a deciding factor to take the class. Nice top line held well in stance and whilst moving. Would prefer croup to be a little less sloping. Presented in good condition with the right amount of weight for age.

2nd Kitchenside’s Jaegerot Dream Lover – Nearly 2 years old and his maturity over 1st showed. Lovely male of good size. Nice head and proportions with dark eye, a little more filling would enhance his look. He is quite upright in front assembly which effects front movement and feet. Well presented, lovely markings, strong top line and under carriage, strength was evident in his loin onto a broad and slightly sloping croup with correct tail set. Lovely muscle tone in his first and second thigh with strength in hocks. Held his shape on the move in profile.

Novice Dog & Graduate Dog – No entries

Post Graduate (2, 1abs)

1st Scott & Green’s Torsite The Hulk – 3 year medium sized male with a little attitude. Loved his head type set off with a dark eye of correct shape, medium ears held close, good filling which gives that added finish to the appearance. Correct length of neck onto a nice front, standing on correct feet. Excellent rear angles, nice croup with good tail set. Tail is strong and carried well. Moved sound and steady in all directions. Strong top line, but a few rolls over the shoulder tended to spoil his outline. However, I did consider him for the main awards as stripped down he is a well-constructed male, but felt that he needed a little more muscle and conditioning on the day.

Limit Dog (5, 2abs)

1st Hoole & Bateson’s Upmont Al Capone – Medium dog of 2 years. Quite liked this young male. Liked his head, correct in size and proportions, good skull, correct stop, good filling and finished with a medium ear and dark eye, giving a lovely calm expression. Handled well he displayed a nice profile. Strong neck of medium length onto nice front, although a slightly better lay of shoulder would be nice. Strong top line, correct spring of rib and broad chest correct for his size. Moulded croup and tail set, lovely rear angles, and straight hocks. Muscle is developing on first and second thigh but would like a little more particularly on his inner thigh as he tends to move a little close when going away, this was what went against him in the run off for the main awards. Lovely coat and markings. Will watch him mature with interest.

2nd Willis-Impey’s Abacab’s Jurgen – 3 years and a larger male than 1st. Strong head, and a little heavy. Muscled neck, broad chest and well sprung ribs. Plenty of rear angles, his front isn’t his virtue and sadly his handler kept taking what he had away on the stance, on the move as he isn’t balanced fore-and-aft he tends to lose his top line. However, he did move sound in all directions at a steady pace. Presented in good condition with lovely rich markings and nice bone.

3rd Miler’s Bereyda Firestorm

Open Dog (7)

1st Lambert’s Ch Seittor Wild Fire JW ShCM – Mature medium sized male of 6½ years. Really like this male, in stance and movement to me he displays the qualities of a dog that can work efficiently if needed to. Totally in proportion throughout. Head is correct not overdone in any part, strong muzzle, correct stop, broad skull between two well sized and placed ears, dark eye, good filling. Muscular round neck onto an excellent front, made up of a well laid shoulder met with a correct upper arm, standing straight in front, with a nice angled pastern onto compact feet. Broad chest and good depth of brisket then blends in with a well sprung ribcage. Broad and slightly sloping croup, with a good set of tail. Tail strong and carried well. Muscled first and second thigh, with inner thighs also nicely muscled. Strong in hock. In profile he has such a clean outline, moving this is also displayed along with his efficient ground coverage. I judged him a few years ago where he won the RCC, at the time I said he lacked maturity, today he had this, so pleased to award him the CC. Lost out on BOB to his daughter, due to him not being in full coat.

2nd Hucker & Abell’s Bevanray Reggie – Good sized mature male of 6 years. A very appealing male, with a lovely head, broad skull, nice stop with a dark medium eye, nice filling, strong muzzle, lovely expression. Strong rounded neck onto a nice front. Strong top line and under carriage. Excellent rear angles, and strong in hock. I would like that little more muscle tone throughout but had enough, on the day little out of coat but still in condition. Moved sound in all directions, again displaying efficient movement, just not quite as fluid as 1st, called back in the challenge where he was awarded RCC.

3rd Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock JW

Special Beginners Dog – No entries

Veteran Bitch (1)

1st Lambert’s Ch Seittor Final Fantasy JW – 9 years old but I think someone should tell her as she is so exuberant. Lovely angles throughout, if anything displaying a little too much rear angulation which could be down to her age. She still has such good muscle tone and a credit to her owners by keeping her in this condition. Nice head with a lovely dark kind eye, lovely croup and tail set. Strong top line and excellent under carriage for a bitch of her age. Sped off around the ring taking her handler with her. Would prefer her to move a little slower but lovely to see she enjoys the ring.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Allen’s Jodipas Valen Time (A.I.) – only 6 mths old and nice to see a youngster with some substance and size. Pleasing head for one so young, nice length of neck onto a balanced front, stood straight in front onto good feet. Good top line for a youngster which she maintained on the move, with a correct under carriage, excellent rear angles which she used with ease. Very sound for one so young in all directions. Correct tail set and carriage. Rich markings, which stood out against her gleaming coat. Best Puppy Bitch

2nd Gibbard & Watts’ Jezeve Pickpocket – another 6 mth on her debut outing. Good sized bitch with nice bone. Again a pleasing head for one so young. Balanced fore-and-aft with out been overdone. Would prefer better markings. Held her shape on the move where she moved out soundly.

3rd Haigh’s Jaqary Amazing Grace

Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Willis-Impey’s Abacab’s Duchess – really liked this tidy 9 mth old bitch. Not a top sized girl but well put together, very well balanced which won her the class. In some ways she appeared quite mature for her age. Head of nice proportions, medium ears carried well, dark eye of correct shape and nice filling. Overall, she is covered well with a nice amount of muscle beginning to develop. Loved her top line and under carriage, chest development and nice spring to ribs. Her sound movement was steady and effortless.

2nd Rowarth’s Darkarmar Selene – nice bitch of nearly 12 mths, not quite the front of 1st. Very smart and presented well, plenty of rear angles that enabled her to drive well although a little too fast at times. Good top line onto a well moulded croup, slight tuck up at present. Very pleasing head with correct proportions and calm expression. Nice markings of rich colour. Presented in good condition.

3rd Hoole & Bateson’s Upmont Gypsy Roma

Junior Bitch (7)

1st Read’s Ketreda’s Scarlet Witch – 12 mth top sized girl who surprised me a little. Although she still was quite raw, she already has a lovely head and expression, markings throughout are rich in colour. Lovely front and equally well angled rear. This enabled her to move with a good coverage at a steady pace whilst holding her shape. Nice top line and under carriage, with chest and ribcage beginning to develop. Handled well. I shortlisted this girl as although she was immature, I appreciated her construction with those more mature than her.

2nd Jones & Monk’s Westfalen Love By Design With Olearia – 16 mth a finer bitch but with correct bone for size. Presented in lovely condition, shorter coat. A very flashy eye-catching girl. Nice pleasing head, shoulders not quite as good as 1st. Lovely top line blending onto a nice croup and tail set. Well angled rear which she used well. Presenting soundness in all directions.

3rd Lambert’s Seittor Lovebug JW

Yearling Bitch (4)

1st Sylvester’s Ch Teigan Honesti – 22 mth medium sized bitch, correct head proportions with nice ear set, medium eye but would like a little more expression. Lovely rear angles which she drives well with whilst holding her shape on the move in profile. Nice under carriage, top line onto a moderate sloping croup with nice tail set which is also carried well.

2nd Josalyn & Lefebvre-King’s Buttonlove Santa Baby – 21 mth bitch, much stronger than 1st and with bone to match. Lovely head and expression, darkest of eyes, correct ears placed well with nice filling. A little too throaty which detracts from her strong muscular neck. Lovely spring of rib and broad chest, good top line and broad croup. Well angulated rear. Standing on correct compact feet. Moved out sound in all directions.

3rd Read’s Ketreda’s Mystique

Novice Bitch – no entries

Graduate Bitch (1)

1st Williams’ Westfalen Love A Cuppa – 16 mths medium bitch with nice colour and conditioned well. Pleasing head showing an attentive expression to handler. Strong neck onto a balanced front assembly, nice and clean over withers, good top line blending onto a well moulded croup. Rear angles are well balanced with front this enabled her to move steady whilst maintaining her top line. Pushed hard in the challenge for the rcc.

Post Graduate Bitch (1)

1st Richards’ Hanbar Enigma At Ruiz – Loved the size of this 2 year old, she has such a great character. Nice bone and substance, with muscle developing well. I feel she is slow to mature and in a couple of years she will be much different. She moved out well and drove through with well angled rear, but was erratic at times. Head was good, strong muzzle, dark eye, correct ear set and carriage, but would prefer them to be a little smaller. Once relaxed on the stance she displayed a good outline.

Limit Bitch (8, 2abs)

1st Haigh’s Jaqary Rhyme N Reason – 3 year bitch, a finer girl but with correct bone. She presents a clean outline. She has a lovely head with medium ear carried well, dark eyes, good filling and strong skull, giving a really nice expression. Very balanced fore-and-aft without being overdone. A very honest girl. She stood straight in front, onto compact feet. Chest was broad in comparison to her size with a well sprung rib cage. Strong and short in loin onto a moulded croup and correct tail set. Moved soundly and in profile gave a pleasing outline. Showed well and pushed hard in the challenge which enabled me to award her the RCC.

2nd Josalyn & Lefebvre-King’s Buttonlove Santa Baby – 2nd from Yearling

3rd Willis-Impey’s Abacab’s Kuma

Open Bitch (5, 2abs)

1st Lamberts’ Seittor Frozen In Time – 2 ½ year girl who is very mature for her age. Smaller type but with good bone and substance. Such a lovely head, with the darkest of eyes, nice filling, strong muzzle, correct stop and correct skull, with well placed ear, gave such a lovely expression. Strong neck onto a well-developed front assembly that has a broad chest. Standing straight in front onto correct feet, with a slight angle to pastern. Strong muscular neck flows onto a strong top line. Ribcage is well sprung. Croup broad with correct tail set. First and second thigh were toned and muscled, stood with strong hocks. Moved very true and gave a lovely out line in profile when moving and also in stance. Presented in tip top condition. I had no hesitation to award her the CC and with not much time for a breather she challenged the dog well taking Best of Breed. The fun didn’t stop there as she headed off to the group, she showed herself throughout, and under group judge Mrs Irene McManus she was placed Group 1. Huge congratulations.

2nd Steels’ Hanbar Buffy Von Upend – 3yr old substantial bitch who appears to be slow to mature as she still seems a little rangy. She has a nice front assembly and rear angles to match, slightly longer in neck but blends well onto a good top line. Straight in front and standing on good feet with a nice angle to pastern. A little too much tuck up but as she had decided to leave her coat at home this probably didn’t help. She has a lovely dark eye, and although her ears are larger, they are carried well. Moved well in all directions as she used her angles efficiently.

3rd Jones’ Olearia Western Girl From Westfalen

Special Beginners Bitch (1)

1st Broadbank’s Bevanray Shirley At Nyandor – Strong bitch of 5 years old. Carrying a little too much weight but she disguised it well. Lovely substantial bone. Lovely head, with dark eye, strong muzzle, correct filling and calm expression. Strong muscular neck onto a correct front, standing straight in front onto good feet. Rear angles not quite as good as her front, and this can be observed when on the move. However, she is sound and moved out nice and steady. At all times she worked well with her handler. Best Special Beginner, nothing in the group but a good display.

Judge: Andrea Maltas (Virlees)