• Show Date: 08/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Russian Black Terrier

South Wales Kennel Association

8th October 2022

Russian Black Terrier

Puppy (1)

1st Rigby & Tomain’s Frieda Cierny Sen For Omaint (IMP SK) 9mth bitch, what an outstanding youngster. A lovely shape so pleasing to the eye, well put together with excellent bone. Head correct with flat skull, dark oval eye. Medium ear with correct set and carriage. Muzzle is strong with level top line. Correct bite. Loved the length and flow of her strong neck onto well laid shoulders and with the correct upper arm this enables her elbows to be carried close to her body, whilst standing straight in front, and onto good feet. Nice depth of body, with well sprung ribs. Slight tuck up, liked her width of loin. Correct tail set, strong and in keep with her overall body. Coat and furnishings developing due to age with a dense undercoat, presented in good condition. Hind quarters with angles to compliment her forequarters. Standing on strong hocks. Movement was as expected due to her construction, she flowed around the ring displaying excellent reach and drive. Sound in all directions. I was pleased to award her Best Bitch and BPIB and look forward to watching her develop.

Junior (1)

1st Rigby & Tomain’s Ya Namaste Tara’s Sarja For Omiant (IMP DEU) 14mth robust young male turned out in excellent coat and condition, well off for bone, excellent substance for age. Loved his head, so correct, a broad flat skull, correct length of muzzle with a lovely big black nose, rounded cheeks, tight fitting black lips, dark eye, ears set well and lying close to cheek. Strong powerful neck flowing on to a level top line which is broad and muscled. Croup is a true continuation where it is also muscular and carries a strong tail where it is well set. In profile his overall shape is square, his excellent angles both fore and aft are evident. Excellent lay of shoulder with matching upper arm, he stands straight in front with elbows close to a broad deep chest, well sprung ribs and correct length and width to loin, well developed thighs and well bent stifle. Stood on correct well arched feet. Strong in hock which is observed in movement. In profile his gait is effortless, whilst his youth showed through at times this did not affect observations of his excellent gait, and true soundness in all directions. My only male of the day but an extremely worthy winner of Best Dog and then Best of Breed where he put on a superb performance in the group.

Open Dog (no entries)

Open Bitch (3, 1 abs)

1st Williams’ Proud Of Being Ava Gardner At Evrussky (IMP) 4 year mature medium sized bitch. Groomed and presented well with lovely furnishings. Head of good proportions, correct eye shape and colour, nice ear set, good beard and whiskers, these enhanced her head, I feel she would benefit from a little more width to skull. Strong muscular neck onto a good lay of shoulder, broad in back and loin. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Straight in upper arm which causes her to be out at elbow, this is also evident on the move. Nice thick tail, set and carried well. Lovely rear angulation with correct bend of stifle onto strong hocks which she used on the move. A very flashy showgirl who showed well. Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Mercer’s Dromnagus Dragonlady (IKC) 17mth bitch much less mature than 1st. Head developing with correct proportions, dark oval eye, tight black lips, correct ear set, size and carriage. Correct length of neck onto a well laid shoulder matched with correct upper arm, standing straight in front with elbows tight, preferred her front to 1st place. Lovely rear angles which compliment her front construction. On the move her side gait presents a lovely picture, maintaining a level top line at all times. Nice croup with correct tail set but would prefer a better tail. Chest still needs to develop as does her rib cage, hopefully this will all come with age as she is a well-balanced bitch.

Judge: Andrea Maltas (Virlees)