• Show Date: 04/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: ANDREA ADSHEAD Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)



4th SEPTEMBER 2022


My sincere thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge my breed at this year’s City Of Birmingham Championship Show. Having not been to many shows since the outbreak of Covid19, I really enjoyed my day judging and I am very grateful to all the exhibitors for such a lovely entry.

SBD (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BATE-ASH, Mrs Julie Ann, Eusanit Hit The Lights. 2yrs 5 months, pleasing male head with typical expression, correct ears that fall well and are of good size, he has lovely dark amber eyes blending with coat, compact in shape and of desired medium size, well ribbed and shown in hard condition, he displayed good balanced proportions and carried his tail very well, standing and on the move. On the move he covered the ground well and held a level topline.

2nd: DORRELL, Miss Amy & JENKINS, Mr Jack, Tollisty Moet En Chandon. Just out of puppy at 12 months old, longer cast than 1st, he had an excellent front assembly, with good prosternum. Good rear angulation and muscle tone for age, still very young with lots more maturing to do, I liked his excellent breed typical head, moved very well maintaining a level topline.

3rd: GOUGH, Mrs Elizabeth & Mr Edward, Cretshengan Kitchi Lake (AI)

VD (1 entry) Abs:0

1st: STREVENS, Miss H, Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM ShCEx VW. Medium sized 7 year old handsome male of excellent quality, a little out of coat although still of correct texture and a rich red colour, he has a typical wedge shaped head, correct ears, and almond shaped eyes, of dark amber and blending with coat colour. A strong neck of medium length leading onto well laid shoulders. Holds a strong level topline stood and on the move. Shown in hard condition, with moderate and balanced angulation. He stands up well on tight round feet, ribs well sprung, brisket reaching to elbows and a nice compact shape in profile with short couplings, when moving fore and aft he was the best dog by far today. He was an eager showman, displaying good gaiting action and drive around the ring. His tail, carried gayly completing the picture of a Toller ‘s jaunty action. I was honoured to award him BV, BD, & BOB and was pleased to watch him make the shortlist in a strong Gundog Group.

PD (2 Entries) Abs:0

1st: POWLEY, Miss C A, Cfyre’s Prancing Across the Sky To Danehaven , quite a raw puppy, 8 months old. Very tall and I hope he doesn’t grow any more. He is very balanced and his front angles are reflected in his rear. He has a good length to his upper arm, has a nice masculine head , correct wedge shape with good expression matched by a playful and happy temperament. Moved OK.He has correct substance for his size. Will be interesting to see how he settles and bodies up with maturity.

2nd: SEWELL, Mrs D, Littleclose Father And Son.

Quite a fine exhibit, good ears which were a nice shape, good tight round feet, a little open angled. Still very raw at 7 months, moved ok.

JD (5 Entries) Abs:0

1st: DORRELL, Miss Amy & JENKINS, Mr Jack, Tollisty Moet En Chandon, (Best Junior In Breed)

2nd: LATTER, Ms Zoe, Tollisty Lazerbeam. Loved his proportions, lovely lay of shoulder, excellent head and ears, good tail carriage, very promising young dog, standing on tight round feet, everything correct for his age, just a little distracted and so had to give way to 1.

3rd: LAM, Miss Annabel & LEUNG, Mr Steven, Tollisty Out To Get You.

PGD (Entries 9) Abs:0

1st: ELKIN, Miss M L, Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW. 19 months, liked this boy as a puppy, he still pleases with an excellent forechest, tight front assembly, excellent angulation, a very strong topline and is well muscled, very nicely short coupled. Would perhaps like a little more strength in head. But, still has plenty of time on his side to mature. Excellent steady mover with just the right amount of Toller attitude.

2nd: BATE-ASH, Mrs Julie Ann, Eusanit Hit The Lights

3rd: LIMERICK, Mr Arden & O’SULLIVAN, Miss Aoife, Riverwatcher Paluktak

LD (Entries 5) Abs:1

1st: COLLINS, Miss Diane & POWLEY, Miss C, Danehaven Kovik. I have judged this boy before when younger and he has matured very nicely. A strong dog all through, and for his age he has excellent dark pigmentation, wearing a lighter coat, he stands on straight columns and he is of good size, well conditioned and shown in hard muscle tone, his movement is athletic and jaunty, I very much appreciated his strong front and good angulation, a solid and honest dog.

2nd: ROGERS, Miss P A, Eusanit Peaky Blinder. Darker male, really pleasing proportions and profile, lovely compact shape, tight neat feet , good length of leg and body depth, his brisket reaches to elbows, with a correct spring of rib and short loin. Just lost out to one on a slightly tidier front assembly.

3rd: LIMERICK, Mr Arden & O’SULLIVAN, Miss Aoife, Riverwatcher Paluktak

OD (Entries 4) Abs:0

1st: WESTWOOD, Mrs Tina & WESTWOOD, Miss Sky, Eusanit Proper Job JW. The surprise of the day for me. I have judged this boy before and he has matured very well since then. Shown in excellent condition, he has correct angulation fore and aft, which made him a strong mover on the day, correct head shape and ear carriage, with dark amber eyes blending with his coat, like his brother, 2nd in LD, he is well ribbed and of good proportions. Handled extremely well in the ring to get the most out of him and overall he has matured into a very sound dog. (RBD)

2nd: BARKER, Mrs P, Sh Ch Eusanit Silvr Dream Machine. Excellent mover, so close up to 1, excellent head shape , alert ears, tight feet, good width to front, lovely shape, slightly longer cast than 1, sadly a little unsettled today.

3rd: FUARD, Miss Merica, Tollelkin Bay Of Ice. Really admired this boy, but again, another male needing a little more focus on the job today.

GCD (Entries 6) Abs:0

1st: COLLINS, Miss Diane & POWLEY, Miss C, Danehaven Kovik

2nd: ROGERS, Miss P A, Eusanit Peaky Blinder

3rd: STREVENS, Miss H, Tollisty You Can’t Decline

SBB (Entries 6) Abs:1

1st: BURLAND, Mrs T, Eusanit Lily The Pink. Four year old bitch, nice compact shape, with good rear and front angles, stands on correct round tight feet, toes well arched and strong pasterns. She has a pleasing wedge shaped head, good triangular ears. Good front assembly and well ribbed, whilst not exaggerated. She appealed for her correct proportions and she was a stunning bitch on the move , with a fluid and efficient gait in profile. Well deserving of her placing. (Best SB in Breed)

2nd: LASHLY, Mrs Sophie, Tollisty Blow Your Mind At Citanabel. 12 months and a much younger bitch than 1. Wearing a lighter coloured coat, she really lost out on maturity here. A little longer cast than 1, with correct moderate angulation, she moved extremely well for one so young, just need time to develop.

3rd: LAST, Mrs Michaela & LAST, Mrs Shireen, Gingafing Must Have Been Luv At Lastayla.

VB (Entries 4) Abs:1

1st: WESTWOOD, Mrs Tina & WESTWOOD, Miss Sky. Multi Ch Eusanit Apple Of One’s Eye JW. Another quality bitch of good proportions, like so many bitches today her coat looked a little worse for wear, she has a very typical head, in profile a good outline with good spring of ribs, perhaps a little over conditioned , but she was still a strong mover.

2nd: STREVENS, Miss H. Decoymans Piper Cinder At Tollisty. Finer type, lovely feminine expression, she pleases in her moderate angulation, and her proportions are correct. She moved incredibly well for age defying her 11 years.

3rd: POWLEY, Miss C A, Danehaven Fenelon.

PB (Entries 2) Abs:0

1st: TRICKETT, Mrs Judith & TRICKETT, Mr. Andrew, CFyre’s High Tea At Tollpepper (imp Can) NAF. Nicely angulated young bitch, with good balanced proportions, she has an attractive breed typical head and a good bite, for her age she maintained a nice topline and was a steady and fluid mover. Pleased to award her (BPIB)

2nd: DAVIES, Miss M J, Arelechen Tarry With Me Pray. Darker coloured bitch, built on a smaller frame, still a little raw and needs time, she moves well.

JB (Entries 3) Abs:0

1st: SMITH, Mrs Karen, Tollisty Couldn’t Careless. Neat bitch, with many features and traits that are correct for her age, she was handled well and moved with confidence, nice tight feet, I particularly liked her head and outline in profile. Depth of body equal to length of leg, and good angulation, she held a level top line standing and on the move. Beaten by her brother for Best Junior. Who was more together in the challenge.

2nd: LASHLY, Mrs Sophie, Tollisty Blow Your Mind At Citanabel.

3rd: TRICKETT, Mrs Judith & TRICKETT, Mr. Andrew, CFyre’s High Tea At Tollpepper (imp Can) NAF

PGB (Entries 12) Abs: 2

1st: BURLAND, Mrs T, Eusanit Lily The Pink.

2nd: MORSE, Miss Alyson, Eusanit Celtic Sea. A very attractive bitch, I liked her type very much. She stood on neat feet,and was very eye catching for her age. Out of coat like the majority of the bitches were today. She has dark gold almond-shaped eyes, blending with coat, a very competent and sound mover, coming and going aswell as in profile, correct underline without too much tuck up, provides her an efficient ground covering stride which is also accentuated by her correctly sloping croup. I look forward to seeing her mature.

3rd: ELKIN, Miss M L, Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW

LB (Entries 6) Abs:1

1st: WESTWOOD, Mrs Tina & WESTWOOD, Miss Sky, Eusanit Ever Fallen In Love. I last judged her a year ago as a junior, and I liked her very much then. Now a 2 year old bitch, another out of coat, but so well put together and nicely marked. Good head piece and ear carriage. One of the better front assemblies amongst the bitches, with correct angulation and good length of upper arm and shoulder. Medium length of neck onto a level topline, correct spring of rib for age and nicely short coupled, with a correct underline when seen in profile. She is an excellent mover with a good ground covering stride and correct footfall. Handled very well.

2nd: SMITH, Mrs Karen, Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty JW. Neatly made bitch, another out of coat, but again this just highlights her correct proportions, nicely short coupled, well sprung ribs, with brisket reaching to elbow, very tidy arched feet, another quality bitch that was a jaunty mover, her stride just not quite as ground covering as 1 today.

3rd: POWLEY, Miss C A, Danehaven Jemseg

OB (Entries 5) Abs:1

1st: WESTWOOD, Mrs Tina & WESTWOOD, Miss Sky & MCDONALD, Miss Roxanne, Ir Ch Eusanit Gonna Make You A Star. I have done this bitch well before and now at 5 years old, she is fully matured. She was completely out of coat, but there was nothing to hide. Without her clothes you could see even more just how well-made she is, she moves like a dream, with a ground covering, Daisy-cutting action. Apart from her lack of coat, she had only one fault that mattered today in the challenge and it was her low tail carriage. (BB)

2nd: STREVENS, Miss H, Sh Ch Tollelkin Caife Gaelach At Tollisty. Another who left her clothes at home, and a shade taller than one. Again, I have judged her before and she really is a quality bitch, so well made. Shown in excellent condition , with a medium length of neck leading onto a well angulated front assembly. She stands up well, exhibiting good spring of rib, and short in loin, her tail was well set on and correctly carried on the move. I just preferred the proportions of the 1st bitch today, but a very close decision between these two bitches, (RBB)

GCB (Entries 4) Abs:1

1st: COLLINS, Miss Diane & POWLEY, Miss C A, Deveron Duchess Of Danehaven. Plain faced bitch, with a very attractive head, excels in her moderate angulation, with well groomed neat feet, nicely short coupled, and shown in good hard condition, my notes say a fabulous mover.

2nd: LAST, Miss Michaela & LAST, Mrs Shireen, Gingafing Must Have Been Luv At Lastayla. Smaller bitch, so much to like about her, would just like a little bit more of her all over, but everything is in proportion, and shown in good condition, moved well with a lovely jaunty gait and attitude.

3rd: TRICKETT, Mrs Judith & TRICKETT, Mr Andrew, CFyre’s Spellbreaker At Tollpepper (Imp Can)