• Show Date: 02/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Amanda Orchard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Pomeranian


2nd September 2022

POMERANIAN – Judge Amanda Orchard (Manatek)

My grateful thanks to the City of Birmingham for the invitation to judge at this year’s show and I also thank Andy and Sue for their efficient stewarding. In current times entries at shows for many breeds have fallen, the Pomeranian being one of those breeds affected in recent months, so I thank all those that entered and took my decisions with good grace. Still a point of concern is that of open fontanelles; whilst a judge may use their discretion in the lower age groups, we need to remember the Pomeranian is under Breed Watch 2 and therefore it was disappointing to find this issue evident in a few adults. Movement seems to have taken a backward step since I last judged the breed, and dentition is still a cause for concern. On the positives temperaments were faultless, overall type, presentation and quality of coat very pleasing with the majority being presented in tip top condition. Thank you once again for a lovely day and the icing on the cake my Best of Breed placed TG2, Best Junior TJG2 and Best Puppy shortlisted in the TPG.

PD (6,2)

1st: Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva's Flyin Black In Time – Super black, presented in top condition with abundant coat of correct texture. Whilst I would prefer a slightly sweeter expression this boy had correction dentition, neat ears carried bang on top, a sparkling dark eye and that alert look at me attitude. Fine boned, straight front, a good lay of shoulder and compact in body. Stood four square and with his correct tail set completed the picture. Moved well fore and aft. BPIB and delighted he was also shortlisted in the TPG.

2nd: Berrington’s Altina's The Bronx – another super puppy, eye catching Orange presented in top condition and in good coat for age. Lovely dark eye and the sweetest expression, I would prefer a higher ear set to complete the picture. Fine boned, good shoulders into a short, compact body. Although unsettled on the move when stood he presented a lovely shape.

3rd: Boyes Poshdonpoms Donperignon

JD (4,1)

1st: Holman’s Altina's Henry Higgins JW – Orange, correct dentition, appealing head proportions giving the required expression. Short neck into well laid shoulders. Well ribbed compact body. Moved soundly forward and back, on occasion could be erratic moving in profile which then spoilt his outline. Stood four square. Loved his overall type and considered him for the RDCC.

2nd: Mogro’s Aizens I'm A Legend – Sable. Good head properties and expression. A neat and tidy boy of lovely size, correct coat. Short neck, fine boned, good lay of shoulder. Would like to see him carry more condition as he lacked body. Moved well fore and aft.

3rd: Pope’s Klassna Time To Shine at Keisyl

GD (1,0)

1st: Hills Sharhazlah Luvs a Dare Devil – Orange sable, up to size. Masculine expression. In abundant coat of correct texture. Well bodied. Moved ok.

PGD (5,1)

1st: Thompson’s Izumrudny Svet Talisman for Good Luck at Oraysha – Orange of lovely size and type. Neat small ear, dark eye, intelligent expression. Fine boned, short compact body. In abundant coat which could benefit from a tidy up to enhance his overall shape. Moved ok.

2nd: Pike & Carter’s Breezelyn Time To Shine – Orange, plainer in head than 1. Fine boned, straight front, well ribbed. Out of coat although still carried enough plume. Moved ok.

3rd: Bailey Craigivar Samuel Pepy's

LD (4,2)

1st: Pike & Carter’s Reta's Sex In Flames At Breezelyn - Black boy of correct size and type. Super head properties providing an alert intelligent expression. Fine boned, straight front, short and compact body, good tail set. Stood four square and moved well. This boy is full of attitude, such a shame he was lacking in coat.

2nd: Hills Sharhazlah's Son of a Devil –black boy, up to size and in abundant coat. Good eye and expression, well bodied. Full of himself today and a tad unsettled in movement.

OD (5,0)

1st: Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch Lireva's Wildest Dreams – Orange boy presented in top condition, abundant in coat of correct texture, his tail high set, straight and carrying a profuse plume. He is a tad strong in head but his other virtues far outweigh this one detail. Correct dentition, neat ears carried bang on top, dark oval eye giving that look of intelligence. Short neck into well laid shoulders, fine boned, well ribbed compact body, correctly angulated fore and aft which allows this boy to move so sound and true. Kept his shape both standing and, on the move, basically he showed his socks off! DCC, BOB and delighted he was also awarded Toy Group 2.

2nd: Simmons Petitpom Legend of Love JW – Sable boy who caught my eye. Super head properties with an alert intelligent expression. Short neck, well laid shoulders, fine boned, compact body. In good coat of correct texture. Moved well fore and aft. Just not the finish of one but was really splitting hairs and delighted to award him the RDCC.

3rd: Hills Ch Sharhazlah's Suave Devil ShCEx

GCD (1,0)

1st: Lovells Shlarra Meet the Legend – Orange boy up to size. Kind eye and expression but would prefer a smaller ear. Fine boned, good lay of shoulder. Rather long in body, carried a good coat.

VB (1,0)

1st: Dixonhardwick’s Altina's Maid in Essex at Aacharmoe – Cream girl, 7 years, the most exquisite head and expression with the neatest of ears. Short neck into well laid shoulders, compact body. In superb condition and coat of correct texture. Well presented and pressed hard for the RBCC, just a tad unsettled in movement.

PB (6,3)

1st: Pickering’s Leahcartoys Dream Princess – Orange, pretty head and expression. Fine boned, compact body, and in good coat for age. A tad on the small side. Moved and showed well.

2nd: Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva's You Are My Sunshine – Orange, a real baby at 6mths that just wasn’t playing ball with her handler. Pleasing head, lovely size and in good coat for age. Moved well when concentrated the mind!

3rd: Boyes Parapom Vera Lynn

JB (5,1)

1st: Holman’s Altina's Tinkerbell – Cream, the most pleasing head and expression with the neatest of ears. Short neck into well laid shoulders, fine boned, well ribbed, compact body. Correct angulation which allowed her to move so sound and true. In excellent coat with the tail carriage to match. Loved her type and size. Delighted to award her the BCC and Best Junior – she just lacked that extra bit of sparkle in the BOB challenge. Delighted to see that she was also placed 2nd in the Toy Junior Group.

2nd: Simmons Sueacres Legend of the Fall for Petitpom – Orange Sable, good head and expression, neat ears. Another in super condition and coat. Fined boned, well boded. Whilst she stood four square and held a good shape in profile, she was at times unsettled in movement.

3rd: Lewis Magnuspaws Kara

GB (4,1)

1st: Woodcock’s Auberge Khalasse – Wolf sable. A pretty bitch loved her head properties. Neat and tidy all over and in good coat for age. Well presented and moved sound and true.

2nd: Hills Sharhazlah Devilish Vixen – Black, good head properties and expression. Fine boned, well bodied. In good coat and my notes say ‘full of bounce’! She was certainly enjoying her time in the ring.

3rd: Pickering’s Leahcartoys Polly Pom

PGB (1,0)

1st: French’s Norvanik Happy Go Luck at Bincombefarm – Orange bitch with a pleasing expression. She was of good size and in full coat. Moved and showed well.

LB (4,2)

1st: Pickering’s Leahcartoys Peridott – Cream. Pleasing head properties and expression. Of good type and correct size, as we would say an ideal dual-purpose bitch. She is in super coat that yes could do with a little tidying here and there to give her that final finish. Fine boned, well ribbed, compact body. Sound mover. Lots to like, full of Pom attitude and showed well for her owner. Pleased to award her the RBCC.

2nd: Emmerson’s Aacharmoe's Heaven Sent for Ismirelle - Orange bitch with a super head and the sweetest expression. Smaller all over than my winner, but in proportion and full of attitude. Would just like more of her and needs to settle in hind movement.

OB (2,0)

1st: Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch Lireva's Glorious – Orange. As one would expect from this exhibitor another Pom shown in excellent coat and condition. Very feminine throughout. Would prefer a tad more depth to her pigmentation to enhance her expression. Correct dentition. Fine boned, good lay of shoulder, well ribbed, compact body. Buoyant in movement but tends to move a little close behind. Very attentive to her handler and provides a super outline in profile.

2nd: Knott’s Ch Snowvilla Moonlight Magic JW – A bitch I have admired in the past and has a lot to like about her, of correct size, pleasing expression, well laid shoulder, fine boned compact body. Not presented to her best and lacked tail furnishings. Moved ok.