• Show Date: 11/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Adrian Marett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Cesky Terrier


Cesky Terrier

A great honour to be asked to judge the breed at Crufts for the second time, this time with CCs. My thanks to the Crufts Committee for the invitation.

The entry of 40 dogs was very good for the present day and I thank you all for your entries. Thanks also to my two stewards who had a long day ahead of them.

It was encouraging to see some new exhibitors in the breed and I hope they continue to exhibit.

On my last appointment at LKA 2019 I commented on the size of some of the exhibits and there were a few today were verging on the heavy size and I felt the same with today’s entry. The dog should still be able to carry out a day’s work.

Bitches were stronger than the dogs and both Open classes left me splitting hairs. Tail carriage is improving with only a handful flying their tails. Presentation was excellent, as always.

Some exhibits didn’t give off their best and were very overawed by the surroundings and would certainly benefit from more socialisation ring craft.

I was delighted with my BOB and he gained plenty of plaudits with his main ring appearance and I was delighted to send him forward to represent the breed.

PD (1) 1 Fairfield’s Moraira Ace, 8 months, nice type, strong in head, good earset, good body for age, correct rise over loin, high set hocks, needs to settle in movement. JD (3) 1 Samson’s Talyot Magnus to Silak, won the class on his movement, well balanced dog, all in proportion, good eye and skull, deep chested, well ribbed, handled to advantage; 2 Harris’ Kessima One And Only, developing well for age, correct eye and earset, powerful neck, deep chested, well ribbed, strong in hocks, moved OK; 3 Williams & Jackson’s Wherrypoint Iolo, longer cast than above, correct head shape, presented nice outline, held topline on move. PGD (2) 1 T Magnus to S; 2 Goundry’s Komidion Rimsky Korsakov at Sarminija, larger dog than 1, strong in head, well muscled, deep in body, correct tuck-up, needs to gain in confidence. LD (4) 1 Dukes & Rodgers’ Janski Theodore by Runiks, my RCC last time I judged, always gives his all, definitely shouts ‘male’, strong neck, good in front, well sprung rubs with correct tuck-up, still has that tendency to fly his tail but did enough to win the class on his excellent movement, good presentation; 2 Burrage’s Sametova Bacary, smaller frame than 1, well set ears, masculine head, correct front and length of body, well muscled, good bend of stifle, no disgrace to be placed 2nd; 3 Halling’s Grancek Slavny Sandor, another masculine lad, longer in body, good expression, correct tailset, well muscled, moved well. OD (6,1a) What a class! 1 CC & BOB, Emperatriz’s Ives Des Bourdons Farouches WW21, a new dog to me, masculine yet not coarse, correct dark eyes, and earset, elegant neck, good ribbing, compact in body, correct rise over loin, tailset and carriage good, effortless movement, put down well for presentation, the ultimate showman, pleased to send him through to the Group ring; 2 England & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx, I’ve previously awarded this dog a RCC and a CC, he is a good representative of the breed but had to give way to 1 and settle for another RCC from me today. Medium sized dog, scores in head, expression and earset, well sprung ribs, well muscled, moved out well; 3 Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Bugurovski, completed a trio from the topdraw, strong in head, good earset and carriage, deep chested, correct coat texture, felt his topline wasn’t as good as 1& 2 today. GCD (1) 1 Scott-Downie’s Janski Quintavius at Vontac, square dog, good expression and proportions, well presented, tends to lose his topline on the move and needs to settle to the job in hand.

VB (1) The breed is known to be a lasting one and these three ladies confirmed that. 1 Burrage’s Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova ShCM ShCEx VW, belies 11½ years, feminine head and expression, good length of body, well ribbed, strong hocks, shows the youngsters how to move; 2 Harris’ Lastarean Knezna Lenka, another pretty girl, scores in head and expression, strong neck, good length of body, well presented could not match movement of 1; 3 Forbes’ Karensbrae Dont Shut Me Out ShCM, squarer honest bitch, good in head, presents a good outline, correct proportions, moved well. PB (4) 1 & BP, Dukes & Rodgers’ Runiks Akreepa Of Dragons, the most together in this class, promising puppy, feminine head and eye, good reach of neck, well ribbed, moved out well for age; 2 Hacheme’s Placido Octavia, nice bitch, presented a square outline, good eye shap, body developing well, needs to settle on the move; 3 Ellison’s Palcido Oriana, like her sister most of the same comments apply, just needs more time. JB (1) 1 P Octavia. PGB (4,3) 1 Thomson & Forbes’ Karensbrae Whatever, another nice bitch from this kennel, compact, nice head and eye shape, body proportions correct, propulsive mover maintaining a good topline. LB (6,1) 1 & RCC, Tobijanski’s Janski Little Witch, feminine and beautifully proportioned and compact girl, head and expression good, well ribbed, graceful rise over loin, moved out well, beautiful coat pushed hard for CC but just felt her kennelmate pipped her for overall ring presence; 2 Dukes & Rodgers’ Placido Musical Miracle at Runiks, longer in body than 1, workmanlike bitch, decent head and eye, well set ears, moved well; 3 Fewings’ Komidion Rhapsody In Ryme, stronger in head than first two and larger girl, nice expression, well bodied, could be more animated on the move. OB (7,1) 1 & CC, Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Sodovuvitch, beautiful bitch presenting an impressive picture, good eye and earset, correct neck and shoulders, both quarters well made, good length to body, moved with drive, A1 presentation, she complemented the DCC well; 2 Harris’ Kessima Magic Moments, I awarded this lady her second CC in 2017 and there is no denying she is a quality bitch, conducts herself with dignity, good eye and neck, earset and reach of neck is good, well presented, holds her topline on the move but felt she didn’t put her all in on the move today; 3 England & Burrage’s Shasgavs Nothin Else Matters by Ashleyheath, I have watched this bitch since awarding her BP in 2017 and today’s placing was no disgrace, she has a lean neck, good rise over the loin, well muscled, moved out well. GCB (2) 1 K Whatever; 2 Thomson & Forbes’ Euphoriastaff Houska with Karensbrae, stacked she gave a good outline, typical with nothing to dislike, good in head and body proportions, moved well.