• Show Date: 05/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Abbi Adair Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Newfoundland

Paignton Championship Show – 05 August 2022 - Judge: Abbi Adair (Darebear)

SBD (2 1) 1. Carter Zentaur The Fizz Factor – 12 month black with head developing nicely, strong neck and level top line held on the move. Well-muscled, enjoying his day out therefore very enthusiastic on the move and sympathetically handled, which should settle over time. Please to see him go on to be placed 4th in Working Group Special Beginners.

PD (3 1) 1. Leech Bulawayo Faundland at Mileoak - 11 month white and black with clear markings, and a nicely developing head, with dark brown eyes and square muzzle. Sufficient bone for size, good depth and width of chest. Level top line and another youngster enjoying his day out, but when settled showed parallel limbs which covered the ground well with reach and drive from all angles. Best Puppy in Breed. 2. Stanton Disoranto Frozen In Time - 8 month black with broad skull, small well-set ears, and dark eyes which will hopefully tighten as his head develops. Strong neck, straight legs and correct tail set; covered the ground well but would benefit from a little less weight which caused excessive rolling gait.

JD (4 2) 1. Duff Titanbears Vainglorious – 17 month black, clean square muzzle, correct bite, dark eyes and well set ears. Strong neck, correct tail set and level top line held on the move. I would prefer more bone and width of chest for his size, which will hopefully come as he continues to develop. A little short in upper arm which demonstrated less reach than I prefer on the move. 2. Carter Zentaur The Fizz Factor – see Special Beginners Dog.

PGD (4 1) 1. Payne Newetta’s Let’s Party at Squestpaws – 20 month white and black, with good markings. Well set ears, dark eyes giving a gentle expression, and clean muzzle. Strong neck, deep chest and level top line. Good muscle tone and angulation with parallel legs supporting how well he covered the ground on the move. I would prefer slightly more width but expect this to come as he continues to develop. 2. Bodman Stelamah Victorious Nico at Acara – 3 year old black, with a masculine head, square muzzle and gentle expression. Sufficient substance for his size, level top line held on the move, with correct croup and tail set. Movement was true coming to, but a little close behind. 3. Cotton Tom’s Tender Moment Vom Burgseeli.

LD (2) 1. Stanton Fluffy Avalanch Snow Paw By Fairweather’s – Rising 4 year old white and black, with heavier than traditional markings, but for me this did not detract from his quality or ring presence. His head is masculine without being coarse, he has a square muzzle and a kind and gentle expression. Strong neck onto well set shoulders, with a deep, broad chest. His level top line was carried at all times, and correct angulation supported him covering the ground with reach and impressive drive. Beautifully presented and I was very happy to award him Dog CC. 2. Morris Vodahond Chief Of Clan Brody – 3 year old black, masculine head with a broad skull, well set ears and a kind expression. Strong neck with good width and depth of chest, and correct tail set. Good muscle tone however carried a little excess weight which impacted upon his movement today.

OD (2 1) 1. Woodhall Ch. Wyrleybears Peter Pan for Bearhugs JW - 6 year old black, who impressed me with his significant size and substance. Very masculine head with a noble and gentle expression, broad skull, dark eyes and square muzzle. His profile was impressive, supported by his deep chest, being well ribbed, and having a broad back; this was balanced with large well-shaped feet to compliment his frame. Very well-muscled and moved well in profile and going away, however during the challenge did not move as well. Reserve Dog CC.

VD (3 2) 1. McPhail Spirebear Golden Barley – 7 year old brown whose youthful enthusiasm in the ring belies his age. Masculine head with a broad skull, square muzzle, well set ears and eye colour to compliment his coat, with a gentle and kind expression. Strong bone and neck, straight limbs and level top line, and he moved true come in, going away and in profile. Pleased to award him BVIB.

SBB (1 1).

PB (2) 1. Farrar Darkpeak Starlight Express – 9 month old black, with an attractive feminine head and dark well set eyes. Despite her young age, she is developing very well with good width and depth of chest. Her top line was level on profile and on the move, and her correct angulation demonstrated good reach and drive as she powered around the ring. 2. Baldock Spellbound De La Baie De Pempoul – 9 month old black who is currently less developed than 1. She has a beautiful feminine head with well set ears, dark eyes, and a melting expression. She has the correct length of loin, correct croup and tail set. Moved with good reach and drive, although slightly narrow behind when moving away today.

JB (3) 1. Duff Titanbears Wicked Method – 17 month black developing well, with a beautiful feminine head and expression, with a dark eye and shapely muzzle. Strong neck, deep chest and broad back with level top line, and correct croup and tail set. Impressive in profile and moves well going away however today was a little untidy coming to, as her chest appears a little wider than I prefer. 2. Lloyd-Denman Bears Of The Kingdom Una Paloma Blanca To Stelamah – 12 month old black who is currently less developed than 1. Very pretty, feminine head with dark eyes, well set ears and square muzzle. A little out of coat today, but this did not detract from her level topline, correct angulation and tail set, and over-all shape. A little unsettled on the move today. 3. West Stelamah WildFlower at Wilbears.

PGB (5 2) Baldock Gunnersnewfs Believe In Me – 2 year old black, who immediately caught my eye as she entered the ring. She has a strong but feminine head with a dark eye and melting expression, well set ears and square muzzle. She has a deep chest, broad back, has a correct length of loin, shapely croup and correct tail-set. Her correct angulation supported movement with excellent reach and drive, which was true in profile, coming to and going away. Her coat was the best presented and in best condition today, and I was pleased to aware her Reserve Bitch CC. 2. Mercer Larkharbour Blade – 18 month old black who was a little out of coat today, however this did not detract from her positive attributes. Impressive size and substance, with a strong yet feminine head and gentle expression. She has a deep chest and good width throughout, good muscle tone with a level top line held on the move. 3. Duff Titanbears Wicked Method.

LB (3) 1. Groves Bridgestone Manor Of Groves – 2 year old black who was a little out of coat today, but this did not detract from her overall quality. She has an attractive feminine but strong head, dark eyes and well-shaped muzzle, leading onto a strong neck into well laid shoulders. Sufficient bone for her size, she has a level top line, and correct croup and tailset, and she moved with excellent reach and drive. 2. Franklin Shinglebay I’ve Gotta Be Me – Rising 5 year old black with impressive size and substance, and in full coat. Strong, feminine but pretty head, dark eye with a kind expression, good reach of neck leading into a level top line and a deep chest and broad back. Unfortunately she appeared a little reluctant to move her best today. 3. Burton Sparkybears A Star Is Born.

OB (6) 1. Woodhall Wyrleybears Wendy For Bearhugs – although this was undoubtedly my strongest class full of quality bitches, my winner took my breath away. This bitch initially impressed me with her size and substance, and overall balance in profile. She has a strong yet beautiful feminine head which is not exaggerated in any way. She has a broad skull, square muzzle, dark eyes and the most gentle and kindest of expressions. Her strong neck led into powerful, well laid shoulders, and she has a deep chest, broad back, is well-ribbed and has a level top line at all times. She is extremely well-muscled, has strong legs and loin, and is clearly capable of powerful activity, being fit for purpose. Her legs are perfectly straight, and her angulation supported not only impressive reach and drive as she powered around the ring, but excellent foot placement from all angles. Her movement appeared absolutely effortless and I had no doubt she could have carried on all day. I had no hesitation in awarding her Bitch CC and Best of Breed and was thrilled to see her short-listed in the Working Group. 2. Baldock Lux Ch/Ch. Gunnersnewfs All Or Nothing JW - 5 year old black. Whilst she did not have the size nor substance of 1, she is beautifully balanced with correct proportions for her size. Her head is strong yet feminine, with the most beautiful dark eye and a melting expression. Her skull is broad and her muzzle square, her neck strong and of correct length, chest deep and well-ribbed. She has a level top line, correct length of loin, a shapely croup and correct tail set, and moved with impressive reach and drive. 3. Farrar Ch Disoranto Juliana Blue at Darkpeak JW.

VB (2) 1. Payne Bridgestone Grande Dunes at Squestpaws – 8 year old white and black in fantastic condition. She has good size, substance and overall balance, with a strong, feminine head not overdone in any way, and a gentle expression. She is well-muscled and clearly fit for purpose, with a strong loin and deep, broad chest. Moved well with drive and enthusiasm. 2. Franklin Shinglebay High Hopes ShCM – 8 year old black, again another in great muscular condition. She has many of the attributes as 1, including her substance, size and overall profile, however today her top line was not as level on the move.