• Show Date: 21/11/2021
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Tracey Anscombe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2021

Whitehaven & District Canine Association

Whitehaven & District Canine Association

Open Show

Sunday 21st November 2021


Judge – Tracey Anscombe

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at your show and to the Border Terrier Club for their support of the classes. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, there was a friendly ringside atmosphere and lovely exhibits to judge. Some of the entries in the younger classes didn’t settle that well on the move, perhaps due to the distraction of the large amount of bait left on the ground from the previous classes, but they did well enough and were all sound just distracted.


Class 85 – Puppy Dog ​​​​​​2 Entries 1 Absent

1st Morris the Brave (Mrs M Murray) BDP

10 month old Grizzle who was at his and his owners first show and I hope not their last. He has a lot of promise although could do with a little more ring training. He has a very masculine head, small ears dropping to the cheek, good eye shape and correct strong scissor bite. Was carrying a little bit of puppy weight, spanned well. He was recently stripped so evidence of topcoat just coming in. He moved extremely well on what was a very difficult surface with lots of bait from previous classes. Used his rear well covering the ground with well set on tail. Just couldn’t match the puppy bitch in the challenge on maturity or coat but still was very much in contention.


Class 86 – Junior Dog​​​​​​5 Entries 2 Absent


1st Beaconpike Dionysus (Mr S & Mrs K Golding) – BD BOB G1

This was for me the star of the day and I am pleased the terrier group judge agreed. Grizzle and tan presented in a lovely deep double coat with good pelt. He has a typical head with correct ear placement, punishing jaw housing big teeth. His lay of rib into loin was just lovely making him easy to span and giving him a balanced silhouette when stood in profile. Had a good front and rear action when covering the ground on the move still holding his shape and retained that sparkle in the challenge which is what pushed him over the bitch for Best of Breed then topped off with going Group 1

2nd Raedwulf Alchemy at Vandamere (Miss J Singh)

Another lovely dog, dark grizzle presented in new jacket that was harsh with undercoat. Has a good bite with large teeth and an attractive head but not quite as mature as 1st. Moved Ok but like a few today seemed to be slightly unsettled.


3rd Baillieswells Kilchoman (Prof A Milton)

Class 87 – Post Graduate Dog​​​​​6 Entries 2 Absent 1 Trans to Open


1st Staynorwood Rambler (Mr G & Mrs C Richardson)

Grizzle in real double coat of depth and good texture. Good in head and expression due to correct ear set and dark eye. Scissor bite in strong jaw. He was also unsettled on the move but I managed to see just enough. He is a handy size and extremely easy to span. Stands on small feet and has a good tail set with short carrot tail. Could do with a bit more maturity to complete the picture.


2nd Raedwulf Alchemy at Vandamere (Miss J Singh)

Placed 2nd in junior, was unlucky to meet these two today.


3rd Kentixen Mint Imperial at Roseghyll (Mrs A Johnson)


Class 88 – Open Dog ​​​​​​3 Entries + 1 Trans from PGD 2 Abs


1st Goldenmill Houdini at Raewulf (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

Grizzle and tan presented in top draw order, in tight coat of good texture. Attractive head will all the hallmarks required of a border with a really lovely expression strong jaw and clean scissor bite. Good rear angulation and straight front, stands on small feet. Was lovely to go over on the table. Move with economy around the ring and pushed hard in the challenge for Best Dog but I just felt the Junior dog had a bit more sparkle.


2nd Blue Duke of Cumbria at Roseghll (Mrs A Johnson)

9 year old grizzle dog who was a delight. Had to bow down to his younger competitor today but has so much breed type, shown in double jacket that is nearing a refresh but still of good texture. Short carrot tail used on the move which was still sound. Attractive head with varminity expression and other than having a missing lower incisor his jaw still housed big teeth set in a scissor bite. Thrilled to hear he headed the AV Veteran class judged by the group judge and went on to Reserve Best Veteran on Show


Class 89 – Puppy Bitch​​​​​​6 Entries 2 Absent

None of these exhibits moved that well due to various outside elements which made assessing movement difficult

1st Liatch Madame Pommery at Wilholme (Mr D Shields & Ms I Glen) BPB BPIB PG1

Very well-schooled dark grizzle presented in good order in harsh double jacket. Typical in head with clean scissor bite. I would prefer slightly smaller ears but they didn’t detract from her expression. Held her shape in the stack and on the move and strode out well once she got going. Very balanced and of a handy size and easy span. Pleased that she was awarded Puppy Group 1


2nd Staynorwood Ramona (Mr G & Mrs C Richardson)

Very pretty grizzle and tan shown in full coat with harsh texture. Correct in rib making her very easy to span. Could do with a little more ring craft schooling but did enough to secure her place over 3rd who is also a very nice puppy.


3rd Tarkaswell Highland Fling (Mrs C Sansom)

Res Roseghyll Lady Solitaire (Mrs A Johnson)


Class 90 – Junior Bitch​​​​​​6 Entries 2 Absent


1st Beaconpike Solstice (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Litter sister to the junior dog winner and has many of the same qualities. Lovely head and expression. Neck into shoulders very free flowing back into an easily spanned rib. Tail short and well set on. Coat just holding on but of depth and still harsh. Moved well once she got going for her handler. Considered for best bitch but the open class winner presented a more mature picture.


2nd Raedwulf Mata Hari (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

Another nice exhibit from this kennel who was unlucky to meet 1st. Attractive head with large teeth in scissor bite. Presented in new double jacket with close undercoat and of real depth. Well-muscled rear allowing good driving action but not quite as positive in front today. Held her shape well in profile, will watch both these young girls with interest.


3rd Tarkaswell Highland Fling (Mrs C Sansom)

Res Great Clifton Chime (Master H Park)


Class 91 Post Graduate Bitch​​​​​8 Entries 2 Absent 1 Withdrawn


1st Carrock Curiosity JW (Ms J Fawcett)

Workman like grizzle bitch, adored her head very varminity in expression, well set ears of correct size and nice eye placement and shape. Balanced and spannable. Moved the best in the class covering the ground well and true tracking motion. In double coat with depth and thick pelt.


2nd Raedwulf Mari Hari (Mr M & Mrs V Atkinson)

Placed in Junior Bitch


3rd Crosby Dark Dutchess at Roseghyll (Mrs A Johnson)

Res Kadaredhills Henley Star (Mrs J Potts)


Class 92 Open Bitch​​​​​​11 Entries 6 Absent


Very close between 1 and 2 both are full of breed type and will change places frequently I am sure – a joy to judge

1st Tarkaswell Sea the Stars (Mrs C Samson) BB

Won on movement today, striding around the ring with real purpose with true tracking motion powering from both the front and rear. Grizzle and tan shown in OK coat of correct texture that is still coming in to have that lovely depth I personally favour but another few weeks and it will be there. Ok in head ears could be slightly smaller but are well set and frame her head well and don’t detract from her keen expression. Correct front and shoulder with lovely lay of rib making her very spannable. Presented in fantastic condition with second thigh and thick firm pads. Holds her shape on the move and when free shown showing her balanced outline. Just lost a little spark in the challenge for BOB.


2nd Goldenmill Illusion at Vandamere (Miss J Singh)

Grizzle and tan also shown in fabulous condition and presentation, coat further along than 1st with thick harsh depth to it and plenty of loose pelt. Ideal for size and easy to span. Attractive head with large teeth in scissor bite. Presents a nice outline more racy in underline than one. Move Ok but just not as positive today as 1st.


3rd Crosby Dark Dutchess at Roseghyll (Mrs A Johnson)

Res Otterpaws Red Red Wine (Mrs J Dixon)