• Show Date: 17/10/2021
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2021

Mid Western Gundog Society

Mid-Western Gundog Society

Sunday 17th October 2021

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge and putting on a splendid show. Thank you to the exhibitors for the pleasure of your dogs.

English Setter

Puppy (3,3)

Yearling (2,0)

1. Mrs Wilkinson - Phenset Firestorm

Showy orange belton dog, just coming up 18 months of age. Looking very smart in his outline. Masculine head, with a good length to the foreface, and kind and gentle eye. Lengthy neck which has a nice flow into his topline. Good depth and spring to the ribcage, more moderate in his angulation fore and aft. Holds a lovely firm topline with a well set on tail. Moving out soundly. Beautifully presented and well handled

2. Mrs Felton Blyth - Wansleydale Sky Angel At Felsett

Very pretty 21 month old blue belton bitch, close up to winner, thought her very elegant and feminine. Nothing is overdone, she is all in proportion. She has a lovely balanced head, nicely squared off muzzle, and dark expressive eyes. Good length of neck, chest let down to the elbow. Holding a firm level topline, good width to her quarters. Just moving a tad close behind today, in profile shows good drive

Graduate (5,3)

1. Mr & Mrs Watts - Walshaw Brushstrokes

Stylish and elegant dark blue belton and tan dog who is 2 years of age. His lines are flowing and graceful. Lovely masculine head piece, so balanced and proportionate, he has a hint of mischief to those dark eyes, exenuated by his tan eyebrows! Good length of neck, flowing smoothly into a firm and well held topline. Nice spring to the ribcage, well boned limbs onto well arched toes. His hindquarters show a good width of thigh and bend to the stifle. Moving out soundly once he found his stride. Well presented and in good coat - RBOB

2. Catton & Cook - Valsett Starlite Sky Storm With Ferngate

Fit and muscular 2 year old pale blue belton and tan dog. Presenting a pleasing shape on the stack, which is clear to see as he is in his underclothes today. Masculine head, with a kind expression, good length of neck, enough depth, well angulated hindquarters with lovely muscle tone. Giving his handler a bit of a hard time today, losing his topline on the move

Open (6,4)

1. Phillips, Bryant & Watkins - Glenmaurangi Star Man JW

Beautiful outline on this blue belton and tan dog. At the peak of maturity and looking so balanced and classy in profile. He has strength to his masculine head with nicely shaped backskull and depth to the muzzle. His long neck flowing elegantly into his firm and well held topline. Good depth to the brisket with nicely sprung ribs. Legs show nice round bone, his feet are tight and well arched. Thighs have good width to them and there is length from hip to hock. Coming alive on the move, he just flows around the ring, with his head held high, firm topline and lashing tail. – BOB

2. Taylor & Atyeo - Samelen Come Back Special

3 year old blue belton dog, looking the finished article when stood. He has a lovely head, very balanced in its proportions, so soft and gentle in his expression from those dark eyes. Clean neck of good length, firm level topline. Nicely sprung ribcage, and strong hindquarters. Not as clean and sound as winner today, but shows good drive

German Longhaired Pointer

Open (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Speck - Sarscottah Astro

Strong and masculine, just loved the cheeky nature of this 6 year old dog. He has the desired strength but also athletic and fit. He presents a balanced outline when stood. Masculine head, showing good balance of foreface to backskull, separated with a gentle stop, his dark oval eye have a hint of mischief. Slight arch to his muscular neck, holding a firm topline, well sprung ribs and lovely bone but not overdone. Using his strong and muscular hindquarter to good effect on the move to drive around the ring - BOB

Gordon Setter

Puppy (1,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Taylor - Graylacier Blue Marlin

Oh my, what a sweet babe, so very raw and a bit of a hair bear, but just loved him. He has lovely substance and good flat bone. Head is coming along nicely, showing good depth, dark eye to give a gentle expression. At a bit of an in-between stage of growth at the moment, being a little bit short of neck, holding a firm topline and well developed in the body for one so young. Hindquarters show good length from hip to hock. Having fun on the move, showing correct footfall - BP

Yearling (4,1)

1. Phillips, Watkins & Miles - Glenmaurangi Mandalorian

Lovely body lines to this 15 month old dog, so very smart when stood, eye catching in his strength and stature yet has elegance. Just flowing from nose to tail, and has quality in abundance. An attractive masculine head, with good depth, and nicely rounded backskull, with plenty of brain room, but not sure if it has arrived yet, as he loved to play the fool! Having a kind if mischievous expression from his dark alluring eyes. Clean neck of good length, firm topline and well set on and carried tail. Strong flat boned limbs. Still needing to finish in his middle piece to fully complete the picture, but with nicely sprung ribs and muscular loin. Pleasing hindquarters which he put to good use on the move. Moving with enthusiasm and pizzazz. Shown in lovely coat and condition – BOB & BIS3

2. Dr Thomas - Glynderys Moonstone

14 month old bitch who was determined to give her handler a hard time. Once she settled, showed a pleasing outline. Liked her body proportions, feminine but with enough substance. Pleasing head, it has good balance, and with a kind expression. Needing time to fill her frame, but everything is there. It was like someone flicked a switch on When ask to move, she came alive, showing lovely drive from the rear, and with positive footfall.

3. Mr & Mrs Butler - Red Admiral By Rubymoon

Graduate (4,1)

1. Phillips, Watkins & Sykes - Glenmaurangi Storm Trooper

Litter brother to yearling winner, and on initial look over thought he would be my overall winner, as he is a real stallion of a dog. Strength and masculinity but not overdone, with a super flow to his profile when stood. A little more of him than his brother, so will take a little longer to come together. But very similar in their qualities. Today just preferring the tidier rear movement of brother – RBOB

2. Dr Thomas - Glynderys Moonstone

repeat of yearling

3. Mr & Mrs Butler - Red Admiral By Rubymoon

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Puppy (2,0)

1. Mrs Smillie-Gray - Oakberrow M’Lady Gin

Lots to like about this bitch who is coming up 9 months of age. Thought her to be functional and workmanlike, yet shapely and feminine. Very smart in her outline. Feminine head, and well furnished. Good length of neck flowing smoothly into a well held topline, ribs carried well back. Nicely boned limbs, strong hindquarters, with a good width of thigh and moderate bend to the stifles. Moving out with lovely drive and true fore and aft.- BP & RBOB

2. Mrs Whitney - Enryb True Blue

Another really lovely youngster, thought him to be of a pleasing overall size and shape. Handsome head, well proportioned, kind oval eye and well furnished, all giving a distinguished appearance. Starting to mature through the body, holding a firm topline stood and on the move, moderate rear angulation. Shown with a lovely harsh and close fitting coat

Yearling (1,1)

Graduate (5,1)

1. Mrs Smillie-Gray - Oakberrow M’Lady Gin

Repeat Puppy

2. Mrs Sauro - Fourlums Heath

2 year old dog, with a pleasing masculine head, with such a kind and gentle expression from his well toning oval eyes. A little more moderate in his angulation, well developed through the body, showing good depth and spring to the ribcage. Shown with a harsh coat, not quite the drive of the winner, but sound and true.

3. Dawson & Hubbard - Redrafi Burnt Forest

Open (1,0)

1. Mrs Smillie-Gray - Oakberrow Let The Fun Be Gin JW

Most appealing 3 year old bitch, thought she was just lovely. She is of a nice overall size, and displaying a workmanlike yet distinguished air about her. Feminine head, and so expressive with those oval eyes. Slightly arched neck, deep in the brisket, with a good spring of rib, and holding a firm level topline. Harmonious angulation fore and aft. Shown with a good harsh coat and showing precise and powerful movement – BOB, lovely to see her shortlisted in this huge group

Italian Spinone

Puppy (1,0)

1. Bevan & Thompson - Stowledge Callum

Most endearing 8 month old b/r dog. Loved his happy and outgoing nature. His outline is well balanced for his age, with a square profile and holding his topline with a fall and rise. Head shows the divergent planes with a good length of foreface. Those lovely soulful eyes giving a typical expression. He has strength through the body with a well sprung ribcage and super bone. Moderate in his angulation. Coming alive on the move, holding his shape and moving out well – BP & Puppy Group 4

Yearling (3,0)

1. Mrs Kruglow - Amberellie Rosanna

A neat and compact 14 month old W&O bitch, nothing is overdone and all in moderation. Most feminine of heads, lean and balanced with the correct planes, with depth and strength to the foreface, loved her soft and gentle expression. Strong neck, good depth to the brisket, with nicely sprung ribs, holding her topline well both stood and on the move. Moving at one with her handler showing her free and easy gait

2. Bevan & Thompson - Stowledge Pansy Potter

A heavier set 21 month old b/r bitch. Liked her overall size, having great substance and strong oval bone yet retaining her femininity. Lean in the head, with a kind expression. Strong neck, deep in brisket and well sprung ribs and well boned limbs. Coat of good texture. Moving with drive just not quite as clean as winner

3. Mrs Mortimer - Scodinzolare Philomen

Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs James - Inostricani Fianna

Super W&O bitch of a lovely type, just 2 years old and looked a picture on the stack. Beautifully balanced and well proportioned. She has a pleasing height to length ratio giving the impression of robustness yet workmanlike, and display her fun side with a hint of mischief. Head is lean with correct planes and such a kind and gentle expression. She is well developed through the body, with depth to the ribcage, a correct and well held topline and underline. Strong hindquarters with a good width of thigh. A well set on tail, but at times carried a fraction higher. Moving with a lovely free and easy stride - BOB

2. Mrs Longstaff - Kevardhu Life Of Rylea

17 month old W&O bitch, at a bit of an in-between stage at the moment, she has the overall shape and structure, just needing to fill her frame a little more. Feminine head showing divergent planes, and a big spongy nose. Nice bone, enough depth and spring of rib. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Lacking a little coat today. Moving out covering the ground well.

Open ( 2,0)

1. Mrs Kruglow - Amberellie Adrianna

Very shapely silhouette on the 8 year old o/r bitch. Thought her to be of a nice size, having substance and femininity. Well developed all through to present a balanced and pleasing outline. She has a melting expression, from those dark human like eyes. Her strong neck flows seamlessly into a well held topline which shows the fall and rise. Deep in brisket and ribs carried well back. Well boned limbs. Strong hindquarters with a lovely width of thigh and bend of stifle. Shown in good coat with a harsh texture. Flowing in her action in profile, just not as clean in her hind movement as winner today. RBOB

2. Mr & Mrs Shaw - Testaverde Waiting For Anya

Oh my what a sweet girl, who loved to talk to us! A W/O bitch who is nearly 9 years of age. She has strength and substance. Her outline is a little longer in the body than the winner. Correct head planes, and a gentle expression. Strong neck, chest let down to the elbow. Shows the rise and fall in the topline. A little loose in her movement


Puppy (4)

1. Mr & Mrs Challis - Vizslanya Csibe (HV)

Shapely 6 month old HV bitch. For one so young she is very balanced and together. Liked her overall size and femininity. She has a well proportioned head, clean and oval shaped eye, all giving an intelligent and mischievous expression. Good length of neck flowing smoothly into a firm and well held topline. Brisket down to the elbow, well boned limbs and strong pasterns. Moving out soundly and with good drive from the rear

2. Mrs Angus - Sparkenhoe Sass And Swagger (GSP)

8 month old B&W GSP bitch. Pleasing in outline when stacked. Feminine head, with a lovely dark eye. Clean neck of good length, Good depth to the brisket, would like a little more length of upper arm. Well boned limbs and neat and tight feet. Holding a firm topline, hindquarters with a nice bend of stifle. Moving with drive, not quite the extension in front

Yearling (6)

1. Mrs Angus - Braccorion’s Ruddy Gorgeous (Bracco)

Strong and sturdy O/R bitch coming up 2 years of age. Feminine head, with divergent planes, skull long and lean. Her eyes are tight, dark and oval to give a gentle expression. Strong neck with dewlap. Deep in the body, with a good spring to the ribs. Strong oval bone onto well arched feet. Wide thighs and a good bend of stifle. Moving with an elastic gait, showing drive.

2. Taylor & Thomas - Pingarypoint Puzzled At Knabynnus (GSP)

Elegant 20 month old l&w gsp bitch. Ultra feminine, and shapely in her outline. Liked her balanced and nicely proportioned head, good length to the foreface, and a well toning gentle eye. Good length of neck with a slight arch, enough depth and forechest. Lovely rear angulation, with a nice sweep of stifle and width of thigh. Today not holding her topline when stood, perhaps due to it being cold in the hall. Moving out cleanly

3. Mrs Reakes - Thrihyrne Love Letters (Weim)

Graduate (6)

1. Mr & Mrs Jones - Germanus Dutch Delight (GWP)

2 year old GWP bitch. Pleasing overall shape when stood, giving the impression of strength and agility. She possesses good body proportions. Well furnished feminine head, with very expressive eyebrows. Good length of neck flowing into a firm and well held topline. Good depth to the brisket with a developed forechest. Moderate hindquarter angulation. Standing on nice tight feet. Shown in a harsh jacket, Moving out steadily and soundly

2. Mrs Sauro - Fourlums Heath (HWV)


3. Ms Finch - Patouche Peiam Am Cetgueli (Brit)

Open (9)

1. Miss Ward - Danton Obsession With Tantaraviz (HV)

This 2 year old Vizsla bitch really caught my eye, thought she looked a picture stood. So noble and regal in her bearing. Liked her size and balance, giving a lovely silhouette. She has unexaggerated symmetry and a lovely flow from nose to tail. Pleasing head, and kind eye, muscular neck, good depth, firm topline and well set on tail. On the move looked like poetry in motion, true in all directions and flowed around the ring – Best AV HPR

2. Mr & Mrs Burgess - Gunalt Vettel To Hanzburg (Weim)

Impressive 2 year old Weim dog, who is solid and muscular, with so much to admire. He is typical in outline and sound in his construction. His bodylines are balanced and well developed. Masculine head, with a kind eye. Strong muscular neck, chest is well let down to the elbow, with the ribs carried well back. He has pleasing well boned limbs and neat feet. His strong hindquarters were used to advantage to power around the ring

3. Mr & Mrs Burgess - Gunalt Rock Out With Hantzburg ShCM VW (Weim)