• Show Date: 14/11/2021
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: janette Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/11/2021

Lhasa Apso Association Of Wales And South West

Breed: Lhasa Apso


Sunday 14th November

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge and for all their hard work.

The quality of the dogs and bitches on the day was something you should all be proud of. So many entries that on any other day would have been winners were not. I do wish I had more challenge certificates as so many were worthy; decisions were so hard and close.

I noticed some dirty teeth in many, mouths are improved though.

Minor puppy dog.

1st Hall-yates and Considine Gallerio I'll take you dancing for Denzka. My Best puppy in the show. Such a lovely shape and size dog.Deep chest, good front, and shoulders which showed when he moved with ease.Gorgeous head and eye. Look forward to hearing about him in the future.

2nd Andersons Zentarr Renegrade. Very elegant dog with a long neck and good front. Great dark pigment. Beautifully presented, moved with ease, very showy. Well ribbed up with good bone.

Puppy Dog

1st Richie Lhasenna og-nang nam at Cheolview. 8-month-old with fantastic bone. level topline, good mouth, moved true, correct front confirmation presented lovely. very striking youngster.

2nd Somkowski Kentwone Derek jewel by skylax.Light gold lovely long and strong neck, front assembly not as good as one. a great showman with correct mouth, nice shape, and size much to like about him. Good coat texture.

Junior Dog

1st Ogden Asosengkye re light my fire. A gold dog that screams I'm an apso.Everything where it should be in the correct proportions. In full coat, he moved with a lovely level topline, straight front, and back.

2nd Dungate and Minton Forochel carrador.Not as mature as one, but he ticks all the boxes, with good bone nice front that flowed into good shoulders. Deep dark pigment, he moved with and level topline, one to watch.

3rd Hayes Raushanara blue sky over Saksfifth

graduate dog

1st Stanard's Bobellam good as gold.Reserve cc. What a well-constructed dog, looking fabulous too. Everything flowed in place. loved his front and shoulders with a deep chest. nice head and eye. moved well front and back. well done to the breeder and owner. Presented perfectly.

2nd Horne's Chanceinn's psychotic. A very nice dog whose coat gleamed, he has beautiful shoulders and deep chest, a level topline, a strong neck, and has good bone. Nice mouth and lovely head and eye. I hope to see him be in the top honors on another day. One to watch.

3rd William's Shigatse Jackson

Postgraduate dog

1st Connett's Kutani Dare devil. So well presented takes your eye straight away. light gold dog with deep dark pigment. Lovely shape and size has good bone, nicely balanced. Kept his topline on the move and has good movement, has correct mouth .and a good shaped head and eye.

2nd Williams Chtaura shadow man.Black dog that has a lovely apso shape and size. Good front and shoulders held his topline on the move, nothing over the top. Has nice bone with a deep chest and nice angulated rear.

3rd Schuckardt's Timazinti's mishka at Frenchlands

limit dog

1st Bell and Ellis Vallena Viktor. Dog cc and res best in show. As soon as I saw this boy I thought hope he is my winner, he didn't disappoint when I put my hands on him, everything fitted nothing out of place, he is so nice to go over. good bone, with a long strong neck followed by exquisite shoulders and front. deep chest, level topline, and balanced rear end. His coat has the correct texture and flow. When he moved he shone, even more, flowed round the ring his coat finishing the picture.

2nd Hemsley Taemarus Never ending story. wow, another well-made dog, I struggled to separate these 3 dogs. His coat is the correct texture and finish. fabulous bone and shoulders, good mouth, great head shape and eye. he moved with drive, very nice indeed. look forward to seeing him in the top honors.

3rd Reynolds Petwalk kit-n-caboodle. Loved this dog as a youngster and he is still as nice, sadly today he came up against 1st and 2nd. this dog is so well-balanced and great confirmation. He will go all the way. good luck.

open dog

1st Barnett and Carter's Belazieth Sundance kid with Alamiks JW. Gold and white turned out to perfection. A very showy dog takes your eye as soon as he enters the ring. Level topline, deep chest followed by a balanced front, and rear angulation. dark pigment with a good head shape and size. Moves straight front and back. I can see this dog getting his crown, and so he should.

2nd Connett's Khinjan Valentino. Gold dog lovely shape, strong neck, and good front placement, with correct bite, very nice head shape. moved with drive and a level topline. needs to mature a little more.

3rd Saunders Bellellen double Ducie

champion dog

1st Cain's CH Sandauri showstopper for Kutani. Always on my list of dogs that please the eye and also when you put your hands on him. True champ. Nicely balanced, with great front, deep chest, well ribbed up. moves effortlessly around the ring. Everything is in the right place.

2nd Watts Ch Timazinti Britskii at Kenida.Another beautiful dog. In full coat, with correct head proportions, correct bite, good shoulders, good bone, moves straight front and back, with a level topline. Nothing to dislike.

Minor puppy bitch

1st Hazelhurst's Carrolls To hot to handle. Light gold bitch, loved her front and head, with lovely dark pigment, so pretty. She kept her topline on the move and moved true. Rear angulation balanced with the front. Well ribbed up and nice bone.Reserve best puppy in show.

2nd Murray's Khinjan Sophistication.Gold bitch, with such a nice head and expression.Lovely to go over, with a good front which flowed into lovely shoulders. moves straight front and back. very nice throughout.

3rd Blake's Gallerio Shake it off

puppy bitch

1st Huntley's Wrenwrox Loretta Renascent. Very feminine grey bitch, loved her shape and size, true Lhasa with great confirmation to go with it. She has a sweet head and expression which finishes the picture. I think she needs to mature a bit more and should go far.

2nd Hinshelwood's Muirfauld Photo Finish.Black and white 10-month-old bitch. correct head proportions and dark pigment. keeps her topline nice on the move because she has good front and rear angulation. She is nicely ribbed up and has good bone.

3rd Pearce and Francis's Longsdale's I'm a lady

Junior bitch

1st Dungate and Minton's Forochel Aneilka.Black and white 12 month old. very feminine bitch with lovely front and shoulders, her rear angulation is correct, she moves true front and back. Coat in great condition and texture.

2nd Richie's Cheolview Bella Bella. 13-month-old gold bitch. Great coat covering a nice size and shape bitch. Needs to settle on the move. She is well balanced with a nice reach of neck. Well ribbed up and level topline.

3rd Taylor and Johnson's Sifrasons Pandora

Yearling bitch 1 (1)

1st Thomson's Tonybee's Clicquot.Dark gold feminine bitch. such a nice size and shape. moves straight front and back, has lovely conformation throughout. Deep chest and well ribbed up. Look forward to seeing her when she is older.

Graduate bitch 5 (4)

1st Chamber's Kutani Enigma.A lovely sweet nice-shaped gem of a bitch. Presented beautifully. Great front confirmation with the rear balancing it out nicely. Moves around the ring effortlessly and with style.

2nd Walker's Shigatse Jade. Black and white bitch with correct coat texture. Fantastic front assembly moving onto a deep chest and level topline. She moves straight front and back and has nice bone. feminine head and eye. she was carrying a bit too much lockdown weight today.

3rd Chesterfield's Burnsett Lunata

Post graduate bitch 1 (3)

1st O'doherty's Autumnspell's Time to shine. Superbly turned out looked a picture when she came in the ring. She didn't disappoint when you go over her. feminine with lovely head size and shape. moves around the ring with drive and elegance. She is a nice size and shape, ticks all the boxes. very nice confirmation.

Limit bitch 8 (1)

1st Hinshelwood's Muirfauld Amazing lace. Such a feminine bitch, well constructed, her front and shoulders are well balanced with her rear angulation. Well ribbed up with a level top line. She moves straight front and back with drive, very showy. She has a lovely head and mouth which finish’s the picture

2nd Bell and Ellis Vallena Jhoni.Another beauty from this kennel, presented beautifully, her coat gleamed and flowed as she moved. Her movement is straight front and back because of her well constructed front and rear. Lovely head and eye, oozes apso.

3rd White's and Carter Bobellam's Bubbling over

open bitch

1st Hornes Lippylou's Doolally with Chanceinn. Black bitch, stood out straight away and dint disappoint when I went over her. Such a nice front and shoulders followed by a deep chest and level topline, She has good bone and is well muscled up. Loved her showiness on the move and her head finish’s a lovely picture of a feminine apso. Hope she does well in the future. One to watch.

2nd Scarll and Sykes Timazinti's Kienke.Gold bitch is well constructed throughout, well balanced which showed when she moved. Nothing exaggerated, shoe moves effortlessly. Nice reach of neck and keeps a level topline while moving.

3rd Hazelhurst and Seward's Elleona What about me

Champion bitch

1st Clutterbuck and Cain's Ch Kutani show off. Bitch cc and best in show. What a show girl. Black and white in full coat which is presented perfectly. She flows around the ring, such a nice shape, and size. She has a straight front and well placed shoulders, deep chest, and good bone. Level topline and nicely balanced rear angulations. Her head is a picture in correct proportions. Such a worthy champion. Beautifull.

Veteran bitch

1st Scarll and Sykes Ch Timazinti Liberty.Reserve cc and best veteran in show. Could not believe the age of this dog, still a stunner, she made my heart melt. Everything fits and nothing is over the top. She moves with drive and elegance, straight front and back. Loves her job still.

2nd Hemsley's Taemarus Moet. Another that I could not believe her age, well-constructed bitch, lovely shape, and size. She is in lovely condition. Great confirmation, finished with well presented coat. So much to like about her.


1st Mrs. Scarll & Mrs. Sykes, Two gold’s, of very similar shape and size, both loving being in the ring. Great pair.moved well together.

2nd ms Hazelhurst's. Two youngsters who made their owner work. So happy and willing to learn.very similar in size and shape.