• Show Date: 13/11/2021
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2021

Gordon Setter Club Of Scotland

Breed: Gordon Setter


 Puppy Dog 1

1 Hogg Gailiech Ngalyod. BPD BPIS. 

Pleasing 10 month old with good head shape & skull, dark expressive eyes, strong bone, firm topline, developing well for age, shown in good coat, moved well.

Junior Dog 1 

1 Donald Clos Erasmus Black Business (IMP RUS)

Upstanding dog, good masculine head of good proportions, correct dentition, good front assembly, deep chest, well ribbed, strong quarters tail well set, happy mover

Yearling Dog 1

1 Donald Clos Erasmus Black Business ( IMP RUS) 

Novice Dog 3 (1)

1 Donald Clos Erasmus Black Business (IMP RUS) 

2 Shields Amscot Brief Encounter 

Not as forward as one at present, good head, ample length of neck into good shoulders, good legs & feet, lost out on the move to one.

Graduate Dog 3 

1 Bell & Millar Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles RBD.

Quality dog with a masculine well shaped head & lovely expression, strong neck of good length into good shoulders & topline, deep brisket, mature in body with good ribs, well developed muscular quarters, show in super coat and condition, sound on the move 

2 Yates Gailiech Barmstonson another quality dog with lots to like, well proportioned head, dark eyes, good muzzle & bite, strong neck into clean shoulders, holds his topline well on the move. 

3 Shields Amscot Brief Encounter 

Post Graduate Dog 3 

1 Miller Liric Just The Ticket. 

eye catching dog with good ring presence, liked his head, good depth of muzzle and expressive dark eyes, well angulated front assembly with good upper arm & shoulders well laid back, deep brisket, level back & good run off to tail was movement was sound free & easy.

2 Millar & Scobie Yennadon Calvay JW.  

3 years with a masculine head ears well set, clean neck into good topline, clean outline, strong loin & good quarters, not as positive on the move as one.

3 Yates Gailiech Barmstonson 

Mid Limit Dog 2 (1)

1 Millar & Scobie Yennadon Calvay JW. 

Limit Dog 3 

1 Miller Rhum Night Legend SHCM 

Mature male, masculine head lovely dark expressive eye, correct bite, deep well developed chest and good ribs, good legs & feet, well bent stifle & broad quarters, good sound movement.

2 Wrigley Kattandale Canterbury (AI) 

Another very nice male with lovely head shape dark eye with good scissor bite, good length of neck, strong bone, shown in good coat and condition lovely outline and good hindquarters, movement let him down today.

3 Munro Hernwood Northern Adonis of Dulmaur. 

Open Dog 3 (1)

1 Harker SH CH Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick JW BD. BIS. 

The star of the day have admired his male from the ringside and was not disappointed going over him, fully mature male with super head dark eye & soft expression, strong neck of good length flows into his well laid back shoulders and firm topline, good forechest, good depth through the body deep well sprung ribs, strong well made quarters shown in super well presented coat & condition, typical sound action fore and aft a very worthy Champion BIS.  

2 Millar Yennadon Benriach JW. 

Pleasing head & eye, would like to see a bit more substance all through, strong level back, well presented coat, not as positive on the move as one

Veteran Dog 3 (1)

1 Miller Brookes Shadow Mover VW. RBVIS. 

8 years young, lovely type, masculine head with good eye colour, strong in bone, deep chest and well sprung ribs, shown good coat & good condition with lovely dark tan, muscular quarters, sound on the move with good tail action.

2 Macgregor Somerled Glen Urquart 

Unlucky to meet one on such good form, another lovely veteran holding the years well, good head shape with dark eye & good scissor bite, firm topline, lovely overall balance, good bend of stifle, sound on he move.

Special Beginners Dog 1 

1 Bell & Millar Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles, RBD.  

Puppy Bitch 3. 

1 Rand Kintalis Winter Jasmine. BPB RBPIS 

Promising puppy, feminine head with dark expressive eyes, strong muzzle, ample neck, body developing nicely, good bone & feet, needs to tighten in front, well presented

2 Yates Gailiech Iris Goddess.  

Not as forward as one, good head shape eye needs to darken, good bite, needing to develop in body and depth as looking a little shallow all through, hopefully time will be her friend  

3 Thomas Chartan Maple Mayhem.  

Junior Bitch 4

1 Horn Ordett Love Me At Keaswood. 

quality 14 month bitch, lovely feminine head dark eyes with a soft expression, good dentition, neck of good length into well angulated shoulders, good depth of body with big ribs & strong in topline, good coat & condition with deep tan markings, strong hindquarters, moved soundly fore and aft keeping a firm topline.

2 Yates Gailiech Iris Goddess 

3 Donald Clos Erasmus Arabian Night ( IMP RUS) 

4 Brown Mosscript Finlaggan.   

Yearling Bitch 4 

1 Wrigley Kattandale Blac Highlander (AI) 

20 months with pleasing head dark eye soft expression, good deep tan markings, well developed in front with deep brisket, I found her to be balanced & correct throughout with clean outline good hindquarter strong & powerful movement, good type.

2 Horn Ordett Love Me At Keaswood 

3 Donald Clos Erasmus Arabian Night (IMP RUS)

4 Pearce Ardnadam Alaranth. 

Novice Bitch 8 

1 Lloyd Yennadon Caolila of Myreside 

Bitch of 4 years nice type with feminine head clean neck & shoulders stands on good legs & neat feet, good tan marking pleasing outline good coat & condition well set tail her movement won her the class.  

2 Caulfield Colquhally Daydream   

thought this would be my winner but sadly the handler did not get the best out of her today, very nice type, good feminine head with soft expression good bone legs & neat feet well developed quarters, not as positive on the move as one

3 Cuthbertson Lainnireach Highland queen. 

4 Donald Clos Erasmus Arabian Night (IMP RUS) 

5 Pearce Ardnadam Alaranth 

Graduate Bitch 10 

1 Munro Panthera Bad Medicine Dulmaur RBB. 

She stood out in this class , built on strong lines, good head proportion & shape of skull, good bite dark eye & soft expression, strong neck into good lay of shoulders, deep chest & well ribbed body, firm in topline very sound on the move. 

2 Green Balnakeil Creag Na Caillich 

3 years feminine bitch with a pleasing head & expression with good scissor bite, deep brisket well sprung ribs, level topline, lovely legs & feet, clean outline strong quarter well developed in body good mover. 

3 Collingborn Pollyspark Queen Bee.  

4 Pallini Krisada Elixir For Midnight 

5 Lloyd Yennadon Caolila of Myreside 

Post Graduate Bitch 3 

1 Cuthbertson Lainnireach Angels Share 

3 years bitch with sweet feminine head, good tan markings, lovely soft expression clean outline deep ribs strong in loin, good tailset & quarters moved soundly to take the class.

2 Pallini Krisada Elixir For Midnight 

Was 4th in Graduate good head shape & expression good tan marking dark eye good bone level topline well muscled hindquarter her movement could be better. 

3 Lloyd Yennadon Caolila of Myreside 

Mid Limit 3 (2)

1 Millar Balnakeil Carn Na Criche 

Quality 4 year old, lovely feminine head good eye shape and expression, strong neck, good shoulder placement, well boned legs & good feet, well angulated muscular hindquarters, tail well set, coat in good order, moved ok. 

Limit Bitch 2 

1 Justice & Ford Liric Just Remember Me BB RBIS. 

top drawer mature bitch of good quality & type, correct size & nicely constructed all through, super head and expression, strong neck into good shoulders, good length of body that is well balanced all through, strong in rear quarters sound typical movement pushed hard for top BIS.

2 Smith Clacorick Scottish Lilt 

Feminine bitch with pleasing head & soft expression, good dentition, well off for bone, good topline and tail set, needing a bit more confidence, a bit erratic on the move. 

Open Bitch 2 (1)

1 Rand Hernwood Summer Eclipse at Kintalis 

quality bitch with lovely head proportions, kindly expression from her dark eyes, good dentition ample length of neck into good shoulders, overall a well balanced bitch with good depth and ribs, moved well.

Veteran 2 

1 Cuthbertson Forester's Xquisite Lady of Darkmoor at Lainnireach (IMP DEU) BVIS.  

Quality 8 year old with a lovely headpiece, good eye shape and colour giving a lovely expression, strong, strong neck into good topline, shown in lovelycoat & condition, good tan markings, strong in quarters with good tailset, sound on the move belying her years 

2 Green Lignum Miss Mossberg For Balnakeil 

another lovely 8 year old, feminine head soft expression, good strong teeth & bite, clean outline lovely legs and feet, lovely coat & condition strong quarters sound mover two lovely Veterans.  

Field Trial 3 (2)

1 Thomas Chartan Treacle Tart JW.  

Stood alone but a good type surprised to read she is 7 years old certainly carries her age well, nice head shape, strong neck into good shoulders well boned limbs, firm body & topline, nice coat & strong quarters she was sound on the move.