• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Virginia Dowty Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Blackpool & Fylde Toy Dog Society

Firstly I would like to thank the committee of Blackpool & Fylde Toy Dog Society for inviting me to judge the 5 Bichon breeds at their very well run Open Show and for their hospitality. The show may well go down on record as the last show or certainly one of the last before the lockdown. There were quite a few absentees but this was only to be expected given the circumstances as many people felt they should not venture out. Thank you to those who did make it.


All of the exhibits were immaculately presented (It is is a huge challenge given our often trying weather conditions) all were well behaved !! It is a shame when the Open classes are mixed, as this can be a disadvantage to the bitches ! All mouths were correct.

PD/B (3) 1. Hill’s Languilla Yabba Dabba Do, his last day as a puppy! A beautifully presented well balanced mature boy, correct size, excellent coat and texture, lovely dark round eyes giving him a gorgeous expression. Superb angulation, he moved with great drive around the ring. One to look out for in the future. BP and PG4. 2. Bromilow’s Wolimorb Chasing Rainbows 10 month old very pretty puppy bitch, smaller than 1, beautifully presented, super coat, excellent pigment, well proportioned and moved well. Just preferred the overall profile and balance of 1 but both dogs a credit to their owners. 3. Glover’s Freddie It’s a Kind of Magic.

JD/B (2,1) 1. Pike & Carter’s Deizi Miss Tinkerbell at Cartike 14 month bitch, sweet expression, good dark pigment and dark eyes, correct muzzle, neck a little short, good tail set, and well presented coat. Excellent movement but not quite the drive and verve of the puppies !!

OD/B (6,4) 1. Mault’s Limartine Mr Blue this 16 month old dog a show stopper as soon as he entered the ring. He is definitely not Blue but a fabulous white colour with a superb coat and presented perfectly. He is so well balanced, great length of neck which accentuates his lovely head. Pigment faultless. His movement was superb and driven. It was such a pleasure to go over him and I have no doubt given a little more maturity he will be knocking at the door for top honours in the Toy group. BD BOB. 2. Pike & Carter’s Deizi Miss Tinkerbell at Cartike


Proportion, squareness, good pigment, are very important as is soundness. As all Bolognese owners know only too well keeping the coats in good condition and unstained is a huge challenge especially given the horribly wet winter, but both exhibits were well presented and credit to the owners for that. Both had good mouths.

PGD/B (2) 1. Lagspring Cilla Black 6 year old bitch, very feminine, she is well proportioned, good top line and square. Correct coat with fronding. Dark eyes and pretty head giving a sweet expression. She moved well around the ring. BB, BOB 2. Holliday’s Belstown Merlau Blackbird 3 year old male, good pigment, profuse coat, but he is a little short in the leg, and also long in the muzzle. He moved soundly and well around the ring.


Only one entry today but did not disappoint. Shading is permissible in this breed up to 18 months. As we know in the Bichon breeds shading is often a sign of good pigment.

JD/B 1. Peckett’s Cotonkiss A Kiss For Cotontop This pretty bitch just out of puppy has fabulous pigment and lovely dark eyes. Straight front, she moved really well. Still some shading on her ears but given her age is no issue, lovely coat and very well presented. I will watch her progress with interest. BOB


I was pleased to see that the 3 exhibits were shown correctly with undercoat, I have noticed more and more that some exhibitors are stripping the undercoat out to make coat care easier which is not correct. Also I have noticed generally several examples of the breed where the slight rise at the loin is not evident, this is a very important distinguishing feature of the breed. All mouths were correct.

JD/B (2) 1. Holliday’s Pandaprint Casanova just out of puppy and a mature boy for his age. Lovely head and expression. Profuse and soft coat. Good top line with correct slight rise at the loin, moderate angulation, he moved very well. BOB

2. Marchbank’s Havieras Shiny Shinx 15month old bitch, smaller type and not the substance of 1 nevertheless well proportioned. There did not appear to be the slight rise on the loin. She moved well and freely.

PGD/B 1. Clark Stapleton’s Versailles Senor Theodore 19 month old dog B&T , level topline and correct proportion all round, well sprung ribs. Coat soft and correct. Excellent on the move.


Only one exhibit here today, but I was not disappointed.

PD/B (1) Eades’ Sedae Redesigned an enchanting smart puppy dog. Well balanced, good angulation, with good spring of rib. Appealing expression. His coat was pure white and silky and he was well presented. He had some staining on his face, and I assume this may have been something to do with changing teeth. Once he settled down he moved with a free flowing movement. BOB

Virginia Dowty