• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tania Gardner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hunt, Point, Retrieve Club Of Scotland

HPR Club Of Scotland 15th March 2020 .

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge . Little did I know this would be my last time at a dog show for a few months . What a lovely show , very well organised and good size rings for the dogs to move around . My stewards were great they kept everything moving . Scottish hospitality did not disappoint. Stovies were a treat . The dogs were of an excellent quality , thank you for entering under me . 

Hungarian Vizsla 


1st Your Choice Mega Heist By Caorunn , my notes say feminine with substance . Lovely puppy who presented a balanced outline stood , deep through her chest and short in back . Steady and true on the move . Promising puppy .BPIB . Looked well when I watched her in the big ring for best puppy . 

2nd Taylor Makumichi Bizura Hoy , masculine head with kind expression, male who is at that typical puppy stage . Well off for bone and just needs time to strengthen . He moved steadily around the ring just not as coordinated as 1st .

Post Graduate 

1st Clubb & Clubb Oroshaza Lucy Lockett , 17 month bitch . Balanced and moderate . Head of good type , muscular neck ,well set into high withers . Prominent chest bone , short and strong back , slight tuck up . Moved steady and true just a little close behind .

2nd Your Choice Mega Heist By Caorunn repeat of puppy 

3rd Wallace , Feldkirk Desert Gold 


1st Clubb & Clubb Oroshaza Ireka JW first look was feminine with substance , well made bitch shown in good muscular condition , head lean with noble expression . Strong neck of moderate length . Coat of correct colour and texture . Moved well covering the ground easily . 

2nd Johnston Kandymal Shortbread , balanced bitch , typy head with eyes of good colour . She was more settled on the move in this class moving steadily with good side gait . 


1st Legg & Scott Sh Ch Rhapsody In Blue JW ShCM ShCEx , strong , compact and excellent mover my notes said . A mature bitch who is nicely put together . Balanced and moderate with no exaggeration . There are no lumps and bumps running your hands over this bitch . On the move she is gracefully and covers the ground easily . Shown in excellent muscular condition a well deserved BOB . 

2nd Recuerdo Monika At Caorunn another nice bitch who was also shown in excellent condition , her head was more my type than 1st , lean and noble with good finish to her muzzle . Prominent breastbone with a short and strong back . Moved well and true just lost out on side gate. 

3rd Clubb & Clubb Mason Findlay SH Ch Oroshaza Chukar 



1st Alcorn , Johnstone , Davidson , Gunalt Hendricks , how lucky was I with my entry of Weimaraners . This cracking young dog is really lovely , shown in super muscular condition. Presents a balanced , elegant picture stood and did not disappoint hands on . His head is moderately long and full of quality with a powerful jaw. Ribbed well back with short firm loin,he held his strong ,level topline at all times . On the move he covers the ground easily showing an open side gait and precise footfall , totally in tune with his handler . BP , RBD, RBOB . He was only beaten today by a super dog in his prime . I was delighted to see him go BPIS and gain his last point for his JW .

2nd Halliday Greyspirit Orora T’challa well made bitch with feminine head , moderate stop , ears of good length which are set high . Stands over plenty of ground , angulations front and rear are balanced . She moved steadily and true .

3rd Scott & Scott , Netherhill Million Dollars 

Special Yearling 

1st Halliday Greyspirit Orora T’challa repeat of puppy 

2nd White & Peter Ballygrooby One Vision At Silverkelvin . Not as balanced as 1st place but only 12 months so time is on her side . Feminine head with kind expression. Moved okay but needs to strengthen in body . 

Post Graduate 

1st Raynor & Maskell , Kalimor Accolade to Raystans JW upstanding young dog of good type . Masculine head and ears of good length and correct set . Strongly built with balanced angulations front and rear . Short loin and level topline which he held on the move as he powered round the ring showing drive using his hocks well .

2nd McMahon & McMahon , Silverkelvin Jupiter Over Magdala , a moderate dog who presented a nice outline stood . Head of good type with masculine expression. Decent front and stood on compact ,arched toes . He was not as positive on the move as 1st today . 


1st McLaine & Dickson Greyspirit Hopes N’Dreams JW , this bitch won the class on her better angulations and she was deeper through chest than 2nd . Decent length of neck and strong front with good forechest . She moved freely round the ring . Handled well . 

2nd White & Scougall Silverkelvin Cassieopia , preferred the head on this bitch , very feminine and lovely expression . She seemed tense in the class and didn’t stand as well . On the move she was sound and true and used her hocks correctly . 

Open Dog 

1st Raynor & Maskell Sh Ch Gunalt Academy Of Raystans JW ShCM . A dog I have watched from the ringside many times . He is in his prime and I don’t think I have seen him look much better . He is a picture of balance and power . Masculine in head , moderate in neck . Well ribbed back and deep through chest, brisket reaching elbows . He stands on legs of good bone and arched compact feet . On the move he is so precise in his footfall whilst showing an effortless ground covering stride , holding his strong topline level . A privilege to judge I was delighted to award him BD & ultimately BOB . 

2nd Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite ShCM , Ir Jn Ch Cjw10 Vw lovely 11yr old who still presents a good outline stood , balanced in angulations front and rear . He has a masculine head with a kind expression on the move he does not show his age . Sound and true and covering the ground well . 

3rd Rintoul , Silberstern Water Buoy  


Open Bitch 

1st McLaine & Dickson, Greyspirit Purdue JW CJW 

She stood alone but very deserving of her place , she is lovely, totally feminine with a beautiful head . Elegant with substance . Correct height to length balance . Good width to 2nd thigh and hocks well let down . On the move she was very graceful and covered the ground well . Daughter of my BOB which was nice to see . Delighted to award her Best Bitch . 

Tania Gardner ( DANWISH )