• Date: 08/02/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Sue Bird Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/02/2020

Plymouth & District Canine Society

Plymouth & District Canine Society

8 Feb 2020

Lovely friendly show with a hard working committee. Nice sized rings allowed for really being able to see the dogs movement.


Post Grad 5

Really super class of youngsters, all at different stages of development. 1st. Cross's: Markinshell Pombear At Dajoxx; Lovely broad square head, dark oval eyes, well defined stop with dark mask. Ears lying close to head. Strong well muscled neck on well placed shoulders, nice depth of chest & ribs well sprung, firm back with broad well muscled thighs, good bend of stifle, tight feet. Very steady on move one settled. RBOB 2nd. Summer's: Kaotik Chequered Flag; Feminine bitch & beautifully balanced, broad head with defined stop close fitting ears, nice arch of neck, & good forechest & good spring of rib. Firm well muscled hindquarters, just preferred 1st more substance at this age. 3rd Myles: Shake Maker Into Boxadore; 4th. Tonkin & Pellow's; Rosanyos Santa Flora; Promising 8 month puppy bitch who was beautifully balanced both on stand & move, just needs to grow into herself. But overall shape all there. BPIB

Open Dog 3

1st Cowell's: Sandexe Red Hot Fever; Masculine 3year old, super head, muzzle broad with defined stop, lovely forward facing dark eyes, ears close fitting, neck muscular with distinct arch, shoulders well placed & chest of good depth, legs well boned & tight feet, ribs nicely arched & topline firm, with well muscled thighs & well bent stifle, hocks firm, strong powerful movement, shame he didn't cooperate with handler in challenge. 2nd Hepworth's: Kaotic Pole Position; Nicely balanced male, with pleasing head, defined stop & lovely dark forward facing eyes. Ears well placed. Well placed shoulders, chest of nice depth with good rear angulations. Steady on move. 3rd Burnett & Kelly's: Lahaina Sushetime With Casemates JW ShCM.

Open Bitch 4-1

1st. Tibbotts: Misstricks Forone Nite Only ShCM ShCex; Super dark brindle bitch, beautifully balanced fore & aft. Feminine head with good breadth between ears. Dark forward facing eyes with well pigmented rims. Close fitting ears, well defined stop with nice broad muzzle & nice wide jaw. Muscular arched neck on well placed close fitting shoulders, with nice forechest & nice depth of chest, ribs well arched, firm topline with broad thighs well muscled. Well bent stifle with firm hocks, which on the move showed powerful driving action. In challenge she was so much more settled than dogs & had better reach. BOB. 2nd Cowell's: Sandexe Aka Chilli Pepper; really liked this girl & not a lot to split between her & 1st, super head with well defined stop & lovely soft expression, good length of neck & well placed shoulders, firm back & muscular hindquarters. Steady effortless movement, just preferred 1st overall outline & balance. 3rd Davey's: Diceulon Indiana

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Open 2-1 1st Burdett-Coutts: Tarnica's Dior At Chrevle (Imp Che) 4 year old bitch, nice broad skull with slight dome, dark oval eyes with lovely dark rims & black nose with large open nostrils, large strong teeth & good under jaw, muscular neck on well laid shoulders, good depth of brisket & legs parallel when viewed from front, ribs well sprung with firm broad loin, well muscled hindquarters & firm second thigh, well padded feet, & presented in good harsh coat. Very steady movement. BOB

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Post Grad 1

1st Lee's: Rhiew Ravens Royal Tower; Nice young tri colour boy, wedge shaped foxy head with good ear placement of medium size. Well set eyes & large nose. Nice arch of neck with good forechest for his age, chest reaching elbow & strong straight legs on well padded feet. Medium length of body with well angulated hindquarters, very steady little mover. RBOB

Open 2 1st Lee's: Ir Jun Ch Balletcor Morning Symphony At Amenbury ShCM; Wedge shaped head with medium sized pricked ears well placed, moderate stop, dark eyes with dark pigmentation to nose & lips, muscular neck of good length. Super fore chest & fore legs moulded round chest. Well sprung ribs & firm back of medium length, hindquarters muscular with good bend stifle, feet well padded. Which all showed in his lovely sound movement. BOB 2nd Lee's: Balletcor Godric Gryffindor For Horcrux; Sire of winner & very similar attributes to his son. Just preferred 1st better ground covering movement & tail carriage.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Post Grad 2 1st Siviter's: Faywaidd Spice; Little erratic on move to start with, but once she settled could see her lovely free & active movement. Very feminine foxy shaped head, slightly domed with large erect well placed ears, lovely soft expressive eyes, correct bite with nice square jaw. Good length of neck set well into shoulders, with good fore chest & elbows held tight to body, with strong bone & tight feet. Good length of back & well muscled rump & thigh, tail carried in line with body on move & covered in plenty of furnishings. In challenge she really showed her lovely balanced outline & movement BOB 2nd Siviter's: Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM; Masculine wedge head, large well placed ears, with dark eyes, lovely dark pigmentation throughout, correct bite with strong jaw, muscular neck & good forequarters with firm hindquarters, today just didn't seem to extend on move.

Open 2-1 1st Lee's: Wildcard Spot Check For Horcrux; Very masculine boy, solid wedge shaped head with slight dome to skull, lovely blue flecked eyes giving alert expression. Large erect ears & good bite & strong square under jaw. Muscular neck with shoulders close fitting, good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, firm topline, with well muscled hindquarters. Coat harsh but quite wavy. Moved with free & active movement, RBOB

BSD Groenendael

Post Grad 2 1st Snell & Prentice: Hawksflight Picture This**; Just 14 months & still needs to mature slightly. Nice finely chiselled head with medium sized dark oval eyes, erect triangular ears & large open nostrils, slightly elongated neck on well placed shoulders with chest reaching elbows, legs parallel & feet well arched. Moderate spring of rib with firm back, moderate amount of tuck up & slightly sloping croup with well muscled hindquarters. Shown on nice loose lead which showed her steady brisk ground covering movement. 2nd Allen, Smith & Templeton-Costelloe's; Karmidale Black Onyx At Tinolucianna; 22 months & more mature than 1st. Similar comments to 1st & I did prefer her slightly better neck length, but just didn't settle on the move. RBOB

German Shepherd

  Post Grad 2-1 1st Hensley's: Ardenburg Wizzi; 17 months bitch, lovely feminine head with good fore face, large dark eyes & strong jaw, nice length of neck on well laid shoulders, with good spring of rib, back not over stretched on stand & good rear angulations, just needs to tighten up, but steady on move. RBOB

Open 5-2 1st Shaw's: Astradine Kornishman JW ShCM; Solid male of good size, very masculine. Head in proportion to body with large firm ears, dark eyes & strong jaw, well muscled neck & shoulders well laid back, ribs well sprung & firm long body, not over stretched. Muscular hindquarters allowed ground covering movement. BOB 2nd Shaw's: Astradine Keepsake JW; Litter mate to 1st, feminine bitch who is balanced but stood more square on than her brother, good head shape on muscular neck with lovely shoulder placement & good depth of chest & firm body & well bent stifle, very steady mover. 3rd Hensley & Swift's: Monksley Fendi; Only just 6 months, lovely puppy developing but needs to tighten up on her back end a little wobbly at the moment. BP

Hungarian Puli

Post Grad 2 1st Thomas's: Mournebrake Bad Biscuit; Well balanced male, head slightly domed with plenty of coat, dark eyes & nose with well pigmented mouth. Ears lying flat to head, neck of medium length on well laid shoulders, elbows close fitting & legs parallel, medium length of body with good depth of chest, ribs well sprung. Well angulated hindquarters. Coat cording nicely. Fairly quick short stride. 2nd Rathban's: Mournebrake A Star Is Born To Keynell; Litter sister who is very similar but just a feminine version, although she is not so settled on move.

Open 3 1st Sharpe & Dyer's: Catsun Comanche Legacy; Really super male. Masculine head with slightly domed skull, eyes obliquely set & very dark, black nose & roof pigment. Correct bite, ears lying close to head & medium length of neck, shoulders well placed, ribs well sprung & chest reaching elbows, firm top line with powerful hindquarters, coat in immaculate condition & lovely tight cords. Moved with purpose. BOB 2nd Thomas's: Mournebrake Flower Child; 9 year old female & in superb condition well muscled & beautifully corded coat, steady mover & worthy of RBOB 3rd Rathban's: Mournebrake A Star Is Born To Keynell;


Post Grad 1 1st Jacobs-Pearce's: Arundall Mithra; 12 months fawn male. Skull slightly rounded with defined stop & square muzzle. Black nose & large dark eyes. High set ears well covered. Strong muscular neck going into well placed shoulders, chest broad & deep reaching elbows ribs well sprung, firm back, well angulated hindquarters with hock firm & rear dewclaws. Coat of good texture. Tail carried low on move. RBOB

Open 2-1 1st Jacobs-Pearce's: Salieri Heaven Knows At Arundall ShCM; All black female, lovely feminine head with slight dome to skull with ears set high, well defined stop, large dark eyes & black nose, strong muzzle, correct bite & strong under jaw. Well arched neck going into well placed shoulders, well boned parallel legs with well padded feet, ribs well sprung & firm top line with strong loin, slightly sloping croup & well muscled hindquarters & good bend of stifle with firm hocks & double rear dew claws. In beautiful coat. Easy ground covering movement. BOB

AV Veteran Stakes

16 Really super class of Veterans all of them where in lovely condition & I was spoilt for choice & any of them could have won this class.

1st Carter & Hozempa's: Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaica Time JW ShCM Sh CEx VW ( Imp) Ibizan Hound; 9 year old male, won this class on his lovely balanced outline & sound easy movement. 2nd Hensley & Swift's: Ch Monksley Kohana At Zuberg ShCM GSD; Another who is 9 years & in super fit condition, no sign of his age & moved with powerful long reach & drive. 3rd Well's & Brown's: Ch Metamorphic Delivered, Papillion; Another 9 year old, an real little character, didn't stop showing. Nice jaunty little mover.

AV Champion 6

1st Hensley & Swift's: Ch Zuberg Greta ShCM; GSD; Have always loved this bitch from a youngster never puts a foot wrong & beautiful on move. 2nd 484: Ch Snowshoes King's Legacy ShCZm ShCex; Malamute; Did push winner hard as beautifully balanced both in profile & on move, in lovely hard condition. 3rd 434: Ch Amahte Runnin On Jamaica Time JW ShCM Sh CEx VW ( Imp) Winner of veteran.

AV Show Certificate Of Merit/Excellence 12

1st Hensley & Swift's: Ch Zuberg Greta ShCM; GSD; Winner of Ch Stakes 2nd Prowse's: Supeta's Ice Ice Baby Of Freehamlet ShCM; Whippet; Such a feminine bitch, elegant head, nicely set rose ears, dark eyes, fairly long neck on well placed shoulders, good depth of chest with neat tuck up, well rounded hindquarters, well muscled. Parallel all through & easy daisy cutting movement. 3rd Vaughn's: Sh Ch Teisgol I Am What I Am At Phlynnies, Pointer. Balanced in profile & on move.

AV Good Citizen 22

Another class full of super dogs & again I was spoilt for choice.

1st Wills: Cicelane Magnus, Wirehaired Dachshund; Just loved this boys ring presence & powerful movement. My notes say stunning. 2nd Adey's: Caldeacre The Dazzler At Rubeusbay, Hamiltonstovare; Another who caught my eye as she came in ring, again super ring presence & balanced shape. 3rd Webb's: Megamaree Just Amazing JW ShCM; Bearded Collie: Just loved this boys melting expression & again he had nice easy ground covering movement. Judge Sue Bird (Bridus)