• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Shelagh Tolladay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hunt, Point, Retrieve Club Of Scotland


I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging at this warm and friendly show. Thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me and to my wonderful steward, Rebecca Deighton, who kept everything running smoothly and efficiently.


Knowles, Glen & Malcolm’s Bessalone World on Fire. (Italian Spinone) Just loved this bitch ! She has breed type in abundance. Square in outline, she possesses the most gorgeous head and expression. Strong bone and substance with deep chest and tight elbows. Powerful neck leading smoothly into well laid back shoulders. Good width and strength to hindquarters. All topped off with a very good coat of correct texture. Her movement was a joy to watch, covering the ground on a free and easy gait whilst maintaining the characteristic topline. I could have happily taken her home.


Glen & Knowles Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Wilholme Sharp ‘n’ Smart at Bessalone JW ShCM CW16 (GSP) A lovely example of the breed. Medium sized, of noble appearance she stands over plenty of ground with a short back and good spring of rib. Clean and balanced outline. Powerful hindquarters enabled her to move on an effortless stride displaying her perfect tail carriage. 


Alcorn, Johnstone & Davidson’s Gunalt Hendricks. (Weimaraner) Super quality puppy showing so much promise. Loved his breed type, size and overall balance. Handsome head of correct proportions. Clean neck of moderate length. Well developed forehand, good ribs, muscular hindquarters. Powerful, ground covering movement on a long and easy stride. Must have an exciting career ahead of him.


Hayes’ Jhebron’s Jeno via Elfindrew. (GSP) Handsome headed dog with good bone and substance. Slightly arched neck set cleanly into sloping shoulders. Firm, short back. Ribs deep and carried well back. Covered the ground well. Shown in excellent coat and condition.


Logie & Gray’s Sh Ch Albadhu Paws for Perfection. (Large Munsterlander) Loved this quality male for his size and breed type. At nearly ten, he belies his age. Firm, strong back with correct topline. Strength through the body with deep ribs giving plenty of heart room. Good depth of brisket and pronounced sternum. Lovely head and expression. Moved with drive on a ground covering stride.  


Rayner’s Sh Ch Gunalt the Look at Raystans JW ShCM (Weimaraner) Quality bitch with a lovely head of correct proportions. Good bone and substance whilst still retaining her femininity. Correct length to height ratio. Clean, reachy neck and good length of back. Covered the ground well


Special Yearling (3,1)

1st Knowles, Glen & Malcolm’s Bessalone World on Fire. BOB and BIS 2ndKnowles & Glen Spinfandel Seven Deadly Sins at Bessalone (IMP USA) 11 month old puppy with a handsome head and kind expression. Strong body with deep chest. Short, powerful neck set cleanly into good shoulders. Typical puppy movement BPIB  

Post Graduate (4,1)

1st Knowles & Glen’s Bessalone Peaky Blinders. A lovely, squarely built male with good bone and substance. Handsome head of correct proportions displaying that almost human expression. Strong neck, balanced front and rear assemblies. Moved well on an easy stride. 2nd Knowles, Glen & Malcolm’s Bessalone Going Straight. Slightly longer in body than the winner. Masculine head with a kind eye. Good front assembly and depth to chest. Stands on well shaped feet. Very sound on the move. 3rd Burrows’ Quebaikei Russian Blizzard (AI)

Open (3,1)

1st Burrows’ Quebaikei Salvias Dream. Square in appearance with balanced angles fore and aft. Good head displaying correct divergent planes. Strong neck. Ample bone and substance. Lovely feet and carrying a good harsh coat. Relaxed movement maintaining correct topline. 2nd Knowles & Glen’s Spinfandel World Was Wide Enough with Bessalone (IMP USA) A young dog with a masculine head, large spongy nose and kind expression. Presents a square and balanced outline with ribs carried well back. Strong thighs with good bend of stifle. Sound and positive movement.  


Special Yearling (2)

1ST Logie & Braidwood Albadhu Pawsitive Vibes. Well proportioned feminine head with dark eye and soft expression. Balanced body with well constructed front and rear. Lovely tight feet. On the move, covered plenty of ground. Shown in good coat and condition. 2nd McKenna’s Albadhu Hidden Agenda. Taller than my winner, this 9 month old puppy has a well shaped head with ears set high. Good body properties with well set on tail. Moved steadily BPIB

Open (4)

1st Logie & Gray’s Sh Ch Albadhu Paws for Perfection. BOB and BVIS 2nd Ukerkovichova & Gray’s Franorst Lady Pamela. This bitch has good conformation together with balanced front and rear angulation. Lovely dark eye and correct earset. At nearly nine, she too belies her age

A.V.HPR Special Veteran Dog (4)

1st Logie & Gray’s Sh Ch Albadhu Paws for Perfection. (Large Munsterlander) 2nd MacLaine & Dickson’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite ShCM Ir Jnr Ch cjw10 VW (Weimaraner) 12 year old male with an aristocratic head and kind expression.Correct length to height ratio. Good depth of chest. Moved well. 3rd Tierney’s Puddedub Pyjama (GSP)

A.V. HPR Special Veteran Bitch (6,3)

1st Rayner’s Sh Ch Gunalt the Look at Raystans JW ShCM (Weimaraner) RBVIS 2nd Ukerkovichova & Gray’s Franorst Lady Pamela (Large Munsterlander) 3rd Reed’s Puddledub Pinwinnie (GSP)

A.V. HPR Puppy Dog (6,3)

1st Christie’s Bareve Best Done Now (GWP) 7 month old dog with great breed type. Good bone and substance. Balanced head with excellent facial furnishings. Carrying a good coat of correct texture. Once settled, he moved true. 2nd Scott’s Netherhill Million Dollars (Weimaraner) Lovely shape and style to this 6 month old dog. Good front, neck and shoulders. Steady on the move. 3rd Taylor’s Makumichi Bizura Hoy (HV)

A.V. HPR Puppy Bitch (5,2)

1st Jackman’s Balvenie Dressed to Thrill via Navigareamor (GSP) Lovely head and expression on this 10 month old bitch. Firm, short back. Good harsh coat. Excellent muscletone enabled her to move on a smooth and easy gait. 2nd Tierney’s Ceilloch Silk(GSP) Feminine head with a soft expression. Good balance to body. Slightly sloping pasterns. Moved steady 3rd Halliday’s Greyspirit Orora T’challa (Weimaraner)

A.V.HPR ‘Spring Surprise’ Post Graduate Stakes (9,5)

1st MacLaine & Dickson’s Greyspirit Hope So JW (Weimaraner) Deep chested bitch with clean neck of good length. Moderate rear angulation. Presents a balanced picture both stacked and on the move. 2nd Halliday’s Greyspirit Orora T’challa (Weimaraner) Feminine head with a kind expression. Balanced body with good length. Carries herself well on the move. 3rd McMahon’s Silverkelvin Jupiter over Magdala (Weimaraner)

A.V.HPR Talwater Memorial Stakes Open (9,4)

1st MacLaine & Dickson’s Greyspirit Purdue JW cjw17 ShCM ShEX (Weimaraner) Possesses a feminine head of good proportions. Reachy neck set cleanly into well laid shoulders. Balanced body with level topline which she held on the move.  

2nd MacLaine & Dickson’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite ShCM Ir Jnr Ch cjw10 VW (Weimaraner) repeat 3rd Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch/Lux Jnr Sarscottah Charizma Ir Jnr Ch W/Jnr17 W/W18 (GLP)

A.V.HPR Champion Stakes (12,9)

1st Legg & Scott’s Sh Ch Rhapsody in Blue JW ShCM ShCEX ( HV) Very pretty, feminine bitch of good coat colour and texture. Medium sized with good breed type. Firm, balanced body with level back and moderate angulation fore and aft. Displayed ground covering movement. 2nd MacLaine & Dickson’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Scot at Trilite ShCM Ir Jnr Ch Cjw10 VW (Weimaraner) repeat .3rd Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch/Lux Ch Sarscottah Arris Ir Jnr Ch Cjw16 cw17 (GLP)  

Shelagh Tolladay