• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Retford Canine Society


Sunday 15th March 2020

It was not an easy time to be running a premier open show with all the concerns regarding this wretched virus so Jackie Tune, Anne Hardy and the rest of the hardworking team deserve congratulations for putting on a good show. Well done.

Border Terriers

Puppy-7 entries

A lovely class to start the day with.

1st Tuffin’s Southash Lavender Blue at Oatberry-a promising youngster who was a good size, correct proportions, decent neck and one of the better movers in this class. Head is developing well. Put up an even better performance when I judged the terrier puppy group later in the day when I was pleased to award her group 1.

2nd Sutton’s Fisherblook Killer Queen at Thistlewhiss- eyecatching youngster who was very showy. Not the head development of the winner at this stage.

Junior-3 entries, 2 absent

1St Fleming’s Brankell Countdown to Flegato -good type with a good head, good pelt, not too good in front.

Post graduate-10 entries, 2 absent

1st Sneddon’s Glen Mara Oh Video at Kersfell JW (Imp Fra)-I loved the type and size of this boy. One of the best heads of the day and had a good coat of correct volume and texture. Would like him to carry his tail a little more gaily but his overall quality and movement won the day. BOB

2nd Tuffin’s Hartswelin Veritas with Oatberry -this one was eyecatching, looked lovely in stance, well balanced and a good outline. Not quite as good on the move as the winner. However caught my eye enough for Res BOB

Open-4 entries

1st Metcalfe’s Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor ShCM-good head and skull, steady showman, decent size, for balance would have preferred just a little more length of body.

2nd Hollingsbee’s Otterwood Diodem JW-typy and a good size. I liked her proportions. However was a bit too reserved on the table and also when moving.

Scottish Terriers

Junior-3 entries

1st Broome’s Evingbriar Scotch Thistle-14 months with a lovely topline set off with a lovely tail set and carriage. Good head. Would prefer a little more neck.

2nd Roe & Stewart’s Tellandgray Honey-still a baby and a little rangy. Tailset not as good as winner. In good coat and well handled.

Post graduate-2 entries

1st Evingbriar Scotch Thistle

2nd Lockwood’s Blackberry Pepperberry at Lochgems-feminine and had a decent head. Was a bit reluctant to go which pegged her.

Open-4 entries,1 absent

1st Broome’s Liroda Midnight Kiss at Evingbriar-5 years old and fully mature. Showy with a good outline and well presented. Maturity won her BOB and she looked good in the group to take group 4.

2nd Evingbriar Scotch Thistle

AVNSC Terrier

Puppy-4 entries, 2 absent

1st Moult’s Dandie Hawkesmill Meg for Zamdilsa-11 months old and a nice sort, decent head, good proportions, good tail carriage, coat was a bit in between but that should improve. I liked her and awarded her 4th in the puppy group.

2nd Baker & Jones’ SFT Tuskenraider La Vida Loca -this boy was a bit of a handful and will look much better when he settles. Was in good condition and his coat was sparkling. Plenty big enough.

Junior-3 entries,1 absent

1st Hughes, De-Munter & Sinclair’s Welsh Knowlelion Sassy Boots-well named as she is sassy. Great attitude and shows her head off. Feminine, good proportions, lovely topline, tail on top and well turned out. Best AVNSC and a well- deserved group 2.

2nd Goodley’s SFT Eastfox Blade Runner-decent sort, not as well schooled as the winner, a bit proud of his tail.

Open-5 entries, 2 absent

1st Hughes & Ford’s WFT Burrencroft Minnie The Minx-5 years old, good outline and smart and brisk on the move. Not quite the furnishings of the Welsh when challenging for best AVNSC.

2nd Goodley’s SFT Glendaterra Glad Rags-typy smooth, good topline and tailset, close up.

AV Terrier Veteran-8 entries, 4 absent

1st Pocklington’s Bedlington Nebercrackers Rosie Blue at Timberose ShCM-looking really well for her age and looked good when stacked. Feminine and had a good head with typical expression.

2nd Sutton’s Border Hunted Thistle at Thistlewhiss -good size, nice outline, tailset could be a bit better.

Terrier Group

1st Gee’s Norfolk Ch Watercroft Gold Dust-super Norfolk and shone in this company. Lovely head, plenty of bone and substance without being coarse and great coat texture. Moved well in all directions and could not be denied. Delighted to hear that she went on to Res BIS. Well done.

2nd Knowlelion Sassy Boots

3rd Smith’s JRT Locheil Talk of the Town -this boy was in super hard condition with great muscle tone. Good attitude and showed really well. Good outline and powerful rear.

4th Liroda Midnight Kiss at Evingbriar

Terrier Puppy Group

1st Southash Lavender Blue at Oatberry

2nd Stevenson’s Norwich Brickin Morning Splendor-very promising. Super size. Head developing well, good proportions, level topline and moved well in all directions.

3rd Saich’s Cairn Lindcoly Howling Dee Dee-lovely proportions and was a good mover. Nice tailset and carriage and good coat texture.

4th Hawkesmill Meg for Zamdilsa

Paul Eardley