• Date: 09/02/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/02/2020

Bracco Italiano Club


The Bracco Italiano Club held a limited show at Chieveley Village Hall and Recreation Centre, an ideal venue and in view of the storm, there was plenty of room inside to set up a good ring which allowed me to really watch the dogs move to their advantage. I am very grateful to the Club for the opportunity of having another look at the breed as it is a while since I judged them last. Thanks too to my excellent stewards, Julia and Jean who worked as a good team to ensure the smooth running of the show.

It was only when I was doing my research before judging that I realised that it was in 1989 that Jonathan and Liz Shaw invited us over for an Italian meal one evening and the surprise when we got there was to be introduced to their new import, Zerbo, who had just gone into their quarantine kennels. The visits continued to include when they had their first litter to watch their progress & to watch videos of the breed working in Italy. So 31 years later it is a pleasure to be able to be invited to judge my first limited show. Thank you & it was a very enjoyable day in good company.

Best in Show went to the bitch, Madreliath’s Omaggio; RBIS, the dog, Grafskoe Gnezdo Arlo; BPIS, the dog, Purdex Showman; BVIS, Tyrbechgyn Seren and Best Working in Show was Bonario Damascus.

PD (2) 1 Angus & Critchley’s Purdex Showman, this baby is just 6 months old but he stole the show for me, I loved his type & balance, good head for age with good proportions & an excellent eye & ear placement, still needs to fill out but he is well made with excellent forequarters, a good topline & tailset, moved well with good head carriage for a baby. BPIS; 2 Beecham’s Allegro Nord Bohemia Sheram, this 9 months old import is taller but still balanced, very masculine in head & expression with correct neck, he is at the age that he now needs to drop into himself & fill out, he still needs time but he moved OK, if a bit loose in front, in good coat & condition & enjoyed his day. JD (1) 1 Moore’s Kenaiteen Orange Zest, this dog is maturing well for age but still needs to settle on the move & I am sure ringcraft would help with his presentation to the judge but he has potential & is worth it, when he settled enough to go over him, he proved that he was well made with good forequarters, he is well muscled with a good hindquarter, masculine head & expression with a good eye & well set ears, topline OK. PGD (2,1a) 1 Beecham’s Keks Canero Bass, another import to this kennel, this male is a nice type & is balanced, he moved correctly with a good head carriage, correct neck & topline, masculine head & expression with a good, tight eye & correctly placed ears, good loose skin well covered with correct hair, good forequarters & nice hindquarters. LD (2,1) 1 Beecham’s Grafskoe Gnezdo Arlo, again another import, it will be interesting to see how this owner uses her three boys & what they produce but that is looking into the future, for now he is a very impressive male who perhaps could be a tad smaller but on saying that, he has good body proportions with strength to neck, correct withers to point of shoulder, good topline, well set tail which when he is over-excited can be carried slightly too high for perfection, on the move he has the correct head carriage, his head is very masculine with a good tight eye of a good shape with correct proportions from occiput to nose which again has the correct overlap, still a bit loose up & back but he is a very impressive dog on the profile move. BD & RBIS. OD (1,1) Working D (1,1) 1 Parr’ Bonario Damascus, the date of this show does not help this masculine boy, it comes just at the end of the working season & you can see how hard he has worked! This does not detract from this excellent example of the breed, put down in hard muscular condition, he is a lovely type, balanced with an excellent masculine head which was carried correctly in profile, he correct forequarters gave that excellent forereach the breed desires with his well muscled hindquarters carrying him effortlessly round the ring. Supple skin covered with the correct hair which was well presented. RBD & Best Working in Show, a pleasure to have a chance to judge this beautiful boy.

PB (1) Cawley’s Bushwacker Allegra at Marlablue, very promising young lady who, although alone, could win anywhere, she is just 7 months & just right for age, so very feminine with a pretty head which still needs to finish, moved well if a bit loose but at that age, I would expect that, good neck & shoulders with a good topline & nice hindquarters, showed well & hope she continues to progress well for she is lovely. BPB. JB (2,2). PGB (5,4). 1 Critchley’s Braccorions Never Say Never, such a shame that only one was present, as it looked on paper like an exciting class to judge but on saying that, the one that came forward was also very exciting, she is such a lovely type with good body proportions & a correct topline, lacking today on some. Excellent head carriage & front extension in profile movement really using her well muscled hindquarters, good neck, oval bone & correct feet, very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression from well set & shaped eyes & well carried ears of the correct length & shape, she has everything going for her as she is quality. LB (6,4) 1 Rose’s Braccorions Meant To Be with Piccorino, pretty bitch of a good size & balance, very feminine in outlook with such a feminine head & expression, good eye & well set ears, correct neck & forequarters, topline OK, good oval bone with good tight feet, good depth & width of chest with a strong loin & well set & carried tail, excellent head carriage & forereach in profile, showed well to take an interesting class & her showmanship took RBB; 2 Gay’s Braccibrook Bewitched, a taller bitch of a nice type but would prefer more chiselling under the eyes for me but she has a correctly shaped eye & well set ears, correct nose placement & lean cheeks, good topline & tailset with well muscled hindquarters, good oval bone & tight feet, moved OK & won her place on breed type; 3 Angus’ Braccoron’s Livin It Up at Sparkenhoe. OB (2,1) 1 Powell’s Madreliath’s Omaggio, an excellent bitch full of breed type, so very feminine with a beautiful head & expression, lovely well shaped eye & well set ears of the correct length, excellent neck, withers, forequarters which ensured a correct topline when matched to her well muscled & correctly made hindquarters & tailset, good depth & width of chest & strong loin giving strength on the move, she is of a good size & although alone, this quality bitch really covered the ground with ease & grace with correct head carriage & excellent forereach. Although alone, she can win anywhere. VB (1) 1 Davies’ Tyrbechgyn Seren, 7 year old bitch who has never been shown, so was a bit at a loss as to what to do, but I think she enjoyed her experience, lovely girl with good body proportions, feminine head with a knowing look! Good neck & shoulders, good oval bone, feet a bit flat & nails need a clip but it didn’t stop her enjoying her run round the ring. Bet we see her again for she went BVIS & more importantly, both enjoyed their day. Working B (1) 1 Parr’s Bonario Fagiana, thank you for bringing your two excellent examples of working bitches who of course could & still do win in the show ring. It is lovely that the breed has not separated into two sides & it was a pleasure to have a chance to meet her. She is an excellent type of quality with good body proportions, over exuberant on the move but in lovely muscular condition, profile movement good when she settled with the correct head carriage & good thrust from her well made forequarters & well muscled hindquarters, good neck & shoulders with the correct topline for the breed.