• Date: 15/02/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Monet Rennison Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/02/2020

Ilfracombe & District Canine Society

Breed: Shetland Sheepdogs DOGS 

Judge: Monet Rennison (Zaniah) 

Show: Ilfracombe & District Canine Society

Date: 15/02/2020

I would like to thank the committee for their welcome and friendliness. I had a good time judging and speaking to the exhibitors. I would also like to say a massive thank you to all that made the journey, with storm Dennis making a mess, I hope you all had a safe journey. 

Short Tails and upright fronts seem to be a big problem. Having that wrong anglelation on the front is usually mirrored to the back, ruining that easy effortless sheltie movement. As well as the lack of underjaws, seeing a Shelties teeth as you approach just ruins that sweet expression (Only Understandable for a veteran if they have lost a tooth or two) 

Special yearling: 2/1ab

Moore’s “Jacanshe Be our Guest at Santiara JW”

23 month old good sized Tri dog stood alone, liked this boys markings and colour. A good brushed coat too, not overdone with good rough and feathering. 

Clean head, round muzzle with good stop, planes and cheek, eye okay. Small neat Ears but one tend to fly, just affecting that overall sweetness. 

I Would like a longer neck on this boy. He is A little steep in upper arm, but fantastic bone, strong and rounded but not overdone or clumsy. Legs are good and straight when viewed from the front, leading to Tight hare feet. 

As to mirror the front I would like a tad more stifle on this boy, but he has enough. Strong and straight hocks. 

Level top line leading to good croup and rounded muscled back end. As of all the dogs I judged today tail is short, just above the hock. 

moved well, very Attentive to his handler. 

Hard choice between this boy and the open dog, open won on eye and slightly better shoulder placement. 

Post grad 2/1ab

Marsh’s” Malaroc Keep The Promise For Tinolyn”

Another good sized dog, dark shaded sable in Colour. With lovely markings, he was well brushed with a good coat texture. 

Liked the head on this boy, good cheek and stop, lovely small tipped ears and gentle dark eye. Would prefer a better underjaw as this lacking does affect the sweet factor. Good measurements in muzzle to head. 

Another who was steep in upper arm, which threw out his elbows. Good bone not overdone. Neck was too short, and so was his back. Giving him that huddled affect meaning he couldn’t really stretch out in movement. This boy worked well with his owner, even in the hall which was quite noisy. 

Open 6/3ab

2 veterans and a younger dog. All very different in size and type. 

1st Robinson’s “Lavika Lush Life JW”

golden sable and white boy, beautifully presented and handled, his owner attentive to him constantly. On the upper end in size, but still within the limit, he has Lovely rounded strong bone throughout. 

Liked his head and planes, good cheek and pigmentation. neat small ears which he used the whole time. Dark and gentle eyes. Giving a sweet expression. Okay in underjaw. 

Okay length of neck, Another boy who I personally think is A tad too steep in shoulder, again i would like a tad more turn in stifle as this would give him more drive on the move. This boy has a Level top line which he kept well on the move. Straight hocks, leading to nice tight hare feet. Good sweep over croup, leading to a Short tail. Beautifully clean and brushed coat with with a good texture.

He Won Best dog on his head and eye qualities, and slightly better shoulder placement To first in SY.

2nd Moore’s “Santiara Moon River JW Sh.CM” 

8years Young Tri boy, beautifully dark and course coated, 

Lovely head with correct measurements and cheek, tight lipped and good underjaw. Lightly tipped small ears, giving that sweet expression along with dark eyes. 

Okay neck, Good strong and straight legs when viewed from the front. Good spring of rib, slightly short in back. Okay turn of stifle, unfortunately he didn’t want to stand square on the back, bringing one foot forward, this just affected his overall outline, as gave the illusion of being bum high. Tight feet. 

3rd Marsh’s “Mohnesse Black Again”

This was my first time co judging, so thank you to the co judge Michael Bruggenburg-Rothschild (Merribox)

Robinson’s “Lavika Star Babe”

Best bitch was pale sable coloured puppy. Loved her size as some seem to be creeping up! 

Lovely shape overall, good flow from neck down to top line and okay length tail. Loved her strong but feminine bone and strong hock. 

For me she is too narrow in head, she needs more in cheek, but this may come with maturity. Beautiful dark pigmentation on this bitch. Nice almond sweet eye. Well placed and used small ears. Definitely a Friendly girl who loves the ring and attention. 

Her movement was fast, she tends to swing her back end in and front out meaning she moves away from her handler which ruins her movement. 

After a tough discussion we decided to give this girl BOB and BP, her overall shape was better then the dog, along with Her shoulder placement and turn of stifle. 

Monet Rennison (Zaniah)