• Date: 16/02/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/02/2020

Terrier Club Of Devon And Cornwall

Terrier Club of Devon & Cornwall

16th February 2020

An enjoyable day spent with the Terrier fraternity, such a sporting bunch. The weather was against us but typically most braved the elements but obviously, some absentees

Best In Show was the Fox Terrier (Wire) Wynter’s ROBELROY MANY DREAMS AT FURLINGFOX, handled and presented to perfection. Such an imposing outline stacked on the tip of his toes and alert. Long, lean head, firm topline and tail set bang on. Moved out smartly to clinch the top spot. Should carry a title.

Res Best In Show went to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier bitch Hands and Freeman’s GAZSTAFF’S BLACK VELVET AT SKYESTAFF. Showing great strength and muscle tone yet retaining a look of femininity. She was in super condition with a sheen on her coat. Agile on the move and powerful. Handled well.

Group 3: went to the young but supremely smart jack Russel Terrier Mignano-Fricker & Fricker’s MULTI CH ALGRAFS REMBO WITH CALAVEY. Still to fully mature but he shows great promise and is the most eye-catching shape, particularly on the move. Presented to the hair. Good one

Group 4: The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Harcourt-Morris’ DAINTY DANDIES RIVER MERSEY AT LENACOURT. Decent pepper dog with a super head and expression. Correct for size and outline. Good coat of the correct texture. Moved on the right track and is sound as they come. Good one.

Best Puppy In Show went to the oh so charming and extremely promising West Highland White Terrier Thomson’s ASHGATE KEEPSAKE. 6 months and full of promise. Super head and expression. Correct neck and head carriage. Liked her shape being compact, strong and deep through. Still a baby but so much to come from this one. Even at her tender age, he movement and carriage was exemplary. Will follow her career with interest.

Res Best Puppy In Show, the Manchester Terrier Heller & House’s MARABLUE MCQUEEN OF FLOREYDOWN, nearing a year and showing a typical outline stacked. Liked her head and expression with good mouth and strong teeth. On the move she could sometimes be distracted, but she showed me what she could do and so could not be ignored

Pup Group 3: The Norfolk Terrier Mullan & McFadden’s WATERCROFT POP MUZIK AT TAMODAN, so typical of his breeding showing so much type and character. Liked his head and expression, good for size and coat texture coming along. Still young and a tad wayward on the move but has a future I’m sure.

Pup Group 4: the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Daly-Lees’ BOSCADOR FLAMING WARRIOR, liked her balance and condition. Moved out well and liked her head and expression. In gleaming condition.

Best Veteran In show went to the Border Terrier Baird’s TOJAMATT DEBUTANTE FOR DOWGRI SHCM. In sparkling form and in excellent coat. Super head and expression. Firm topline and balanced in outline. Moved out very smartly. Credit to her owner.

Australian Terrier


1: Ferris & Russell’s WYEAFON PERCIVAL, good for size and well presented. Liked his expression and really uses his ears. Moved on the right track. BOB

Bedlington Terrier

Post Grad

1: Moore & Chudleigh’s BEDLISHES VALIANT KNIGHT AT DEVLEIGH, 10-month-old all male, delightful head and expression. Balanced outline and the correct topline. Correct front and presented beautifully. On the move he can show what he can do, when he puts his mind to it. BP

2: McManus’ TRAVELLERWAYS BRIANNA, feminine and good for size, preferred the head of the winner and she was a little erratic coming towards me today. Good of good texture.


1: Mcmanus’ OSW L’END SHOW MYSTERY UNEVERSE, super headed dog of good size and type. Presented well. He moves on the right track with correct action. In good condition. BOB

2: Moore & Chudleigh’s DEVLEIGH WILD CHILD, feminine but just a tad square. Preferred the front of the winner. She wasn’t putting all in on the move today

Bull Terrier

Post Grad

1: Membury’s JAYMARBULL RING LEADER, 9-month-old tri girl full of bully fun. Pleases for head and expression. Good mouth. Full of substance. Moved ok in profile, just needs to strengthen going away. BP


1: Waycott’s WAYBULLY ANDROMEDA JW SHCM, mature white boy with pleasing head and expression. Good eye shape and colour. Would prefer a slightly tidier mouth. Presents a very balanced outline in profile and he is full of substance. He is sound on the move and carries himself well. BOB

Bull Terrier (Miniature)


1: Marshallsay’s RISIBULLY WOULDN’T IT BE NICE WITH FEGRGUSTAFF, 13-month-old white, scores in head and expression. Super ears and perfect mouth with big teeth. Strong neck and correct topline. A tad proud of his tail. Move with exuberance but soundly. In great condition and full of substance. BOB

Cesky Terrier

Post Grad

1: Lewis’ JANSKI PHILOSOPHER DAJACES, decent headed boy with character. Correct outline. Sound in profile just a tiny bit proud of his tail. BOB


1: Lewis’ KOMIDION NICKELODEON AVEC DAJACES SHCM VW, 9-year-old boy in superb condition. A little plain in head, but his expression is good. Decent front and correct topline. Balanced in outline and sound on the move. Enjoying his day.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Post Grad

1: Jackman’s DRYFEVALLEY GOLDEN LULLABY, mustard girl with the sweetest of temperaments . Correct outline. Pretty expression and moved ok.



2; Harcourt-Morris’ INT CH DAINY DANDIES ROYAL DUTCH EMMA FOR LENACOURT, mustard bitch with a feminine outlook. Not the balance of the dog but has some type. Well handled by her young handler who should be proud of himself. Keep going

Irish Terrier

Post Grad

1: Price’s MAGAIRLIN THE GIRL CAN, superb colour and good for type and size. Pretty head and expression and good ears. Super presentation. Moved ok in profile, just needs to tidy on the out and back, but time is on her side. BOB


Post Grad

1: Grant’s DANNEBRIEL MAGICAL MINERVA, slightly different types and on another day could change places. Just preferred the head and expression of the winner and was slightly more positive behind. Balanced outline BP

2: Gleeson’s GLENDOWAN GOLDEN BRANDY, super coat and colour and decent shape. Super temperament


1: Grant’s DANNEBRIEL GLADLY GODETIA SHCM, mature girl in full coat well presented. Decent head and expression, balanced in outline .strong neck and firm topline with well set tail. Moved out well.


1: Jefferies’ FRONTLINE SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL VW, 8-year-old bitch good for type and well handled. Coat of good colour. Moved well in profile. BOB

2: Gleeson’s OGLYSSANES DURANGO DUST, 10-year-old with other things on his mind today, probably the ladies. He is in the most wonderful condition and his owner is to be congratulated.



1: Thomson’s ASHGATE KEEPSAKE See Above. BOB and BP

2: Thacker’s CLAVELSAY THOMASINA, 7 months and good for size. Alert and on her toes, pleasing expression. Strong topline . Coat of good texture. Needs to tidy on the out and back, but keeps her outline in profile


1: Thomson’s ASHGATE HILLCLOUD CELESTIAL, slightly differing in types between the two. This 9-month-old won on her head and expression and precision on the out and back. Slightly longer in loin than 2 but kept the correct outline in profile.

2: Chamber’s CHAROSMACK CLOUDED MOON AT ASHGATE, not the expression of the winner but I preferred the compactness of her. Not putting all in on the move today, but on another day could change places.

Post Grad

1: Bacon’s CABON SEA CORAL, decent one. Super head and expression. Coat of excellent texture. Balanced in outline. Cobby, deep body, strong topline and well-set tail, carries her head in the correct place. Moved well in profile, keeping her outline.


1: Thomson’s ASHGATE AYTON, won the class on balance of front leg. Decent head and expression. Moved very well keeping his outline. Strong neck and firm topline

2: Bacon’s REIFRANDIES FURZEY AT CABON, pretty had and expression, not the balance in front leg of the winner and so not the topline. Moved ok

AV Veteran 7-10


2: Price’s SUJONCLA DANCING ORCHID AT WOODRAITH, 9-year-old Irish girl in good condition, super colour and fabulous head and expression. Just showing her age on the out and back a little


Av Veteran 10+

1: Pitsbury’s VICTOR JAMES MONTAGUE, 10-year-old Manchester full of type and still sound. In super condition, really enjoying his day

AV Puppy


2: Burgoine’s JELLIROLL WHY NOT, 10-month-old Lakeland, good for size, pleases in head, just needs to fill in front. Well presented.

AV Open

1: Burgoine’s JELLIROLL MUDLARK VENUS, Lakeland , good for size, delightful temperament. Coat of good texture moved out ok.

AV Bred By Exhibitor

1: Burgoine’s JELLIROLL MOONFLOWER, Lakeland, decent head and expression, good for size and holds her outline in profile. Well presented.


AV Not Bred By Exhibitor

1: Chugg’s CHATMOSS CHATERBOX AT TUFTERSLODGE, JRT well-handled and moving well in profile , coat of decent texture.

Lee A S Cox