• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Woolwich Bexley & District Canine Association

Woolwich, Bexley & District Canine Association

Sunday 15th March 2020

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at what may now be one of the last shows for some time. As expected, there were a fair few absentees. We all appreciate the need to take care at this worrying time. A lovely well run show, and thank you to the hard working committee and stewards. Most of all to the exhibitors for the pleasure of your dogs.

Retrievers (Flat Coated)

Post Graduate (3,2)

1. Ms Delamere - Gamerights Enigma

Much to like about this 2 year old bitch. Liked her overall size, femininity and balance. When stood presents a pleasing outline which is shapely and workmanlike. Well moulded head, with a kind dark eye. Her neck flows seamlessly into well placed shoulders and a firm well held topline. Good depth to the brisket and ribs nicely sprung. Kept her bodylines on the move, which showed to be true with a well carried and used tail - BOB

Open (3,1)

1. Mrs Hill - Joya Tonggreen De La Chasse Des Ballastieres (Imp)

Very feminine 5 year old bitch. She is medium size with a typical outline and harmonious in her proportions. Having a soft and gentle expression from those dark eyes. Good length of neck, well developed in forechest and depth to the ribcage. Strong hindquarters with show width to the quarters, feet a little flat. A happy and sound mover - RBOB

2. Ms Delamere - Gamerights Deep River Blues

A 3 year old bitch of substance, from a slightly larger mould than winner, so shapely and retaining her femininity. Lovely feminine head, with good length to the foreface, well placed ears and intelligent dark eyes. She has lovely bone and substance all through. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Not getting into her stride in this small ring and flying her tail a little today. Shown in super coat and firm condition

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Post Graduate (4,1)

1. Miss Turner - On The Hill Two At Tidestaff

22 month old brindle and white bitch, who catches the eye when stood. She is solid and stands foursquare. She has a pleasing head, neat rose ears, piercing dark eye and well developed cheek muscles. Strong neck and firm topline, good spring to the ribcage and enough depth. Moderate hindquarters, which are well muscled, and used to advantage on the move once settled - BOB

2. Mr Marsland - Thunder Of Olympus

This 2 year old red is a powerhouse of a dog, firm and muscular and showing good balance on the stack. Strong masculine head, with strength to the foreface. Would like ears a little neater. Strong neck and firm short coupled back, with well sprung ribs. Hindquarters show a nice bend of stifle. Moved with purpose, but not quiet as coordinated as winner today, tail carried a little higher - RBOB

3. Mitchell & Moore - Chedanstaff Devil Star

Open (3,1)

1. Mitchell & Moore - Blooming Lovely At Vimaval

Keen and alert 3 year old brindle bitch, from a smaller mould but all in proportion and, so very feminine. Well proportioned head, with good width to the backskull and strength in the foreface, dark round eye that didn’t miss a thing! Holds a firm topline stood and on the move. Well angulated hindquarters and neat feet. Moved with power from the rear, not quite as tidy behind today and carried her tail higher. Shown in super condition

2. Miss Turner - Tidestaff Mystical Magic

What a little show off, and at a few days from her 10th birthday, this black brindle still loves to strut her stuff! She has a well proportioned head, with kind dark eyes, strength to her muzzle, with neat rose ears. In good condition for her years, a little lose in her topline and not quite the drive on the move. But lovely to see her in such fine fettle.

AVNSC Terrier

Puppy (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Bourne - Ukusa Yankee (Bull Terrier)

Strength, masculinity and bags of mischief, this 9 month old brindle and white dog has them in spades! Thought him to be sound in construction and solid all through. He has a well shaped head with good depth. Strong well developed body with a lovely spring to the ribcage, well boned limbs. Moving out with purpose and true, tail carried a little higher – BP & Puppy group 3

2. Mr & Mrs Burrage - Sametova Bacary (Cesky)

Adorable and at just 6 months old stands with such presence and the ‘I am here, attitude’. Quite striking pale grey dog, having the desired rectangular outline, but nothing is overdone. Well proportioned head of good length, alert dark eye and neat well placed ears. Liked his bone and substance for one so young. Holding the correct topline. Unfortunately on the move the brakes came on, but when he decided to go, he was true and driving

Post Graduate (6,4)

1. Mr & Mrs Newcomb - Comdale For Your Eyes Only At Newrane (WHWT)

Sturdy and compact 2 year old dog. Looking very smart when stood with a clean outline. Good masculine head, with strength to the muzzle and good stop with a dark eye. Having a nice flow from neck to shoulders to topline, which is firm with tail bang on top. Well ribbed and deep in brisket. When he put his mind to it, moved with good drive and freedom. Well presented and shown with a good harsh jacket.

2. Mrs & Miss Foster - Thozow I’d Do Anything (WHWT)

Close up to winner, with many fine attributes. At just 16 months this bitch showed herself off with confidence. So feminine, liked her head, showing balanced proportions and strength but nothing is overdone, lovely dark pigmentation giving a kind yet keen expression. Good depth and spring for her age, hold a good topline and standing on well boned limbs. A true mover

Open (9,3) A lovely class, thank you

1. Burrage & England - Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx (Cesky)

Most appealing 6 year old Cesky dog, who looked a picture on the stack, so balanced and unexaggerated in his outline. Liked him for his size, substance and masculinity. He is sturdy and workmanlike yet elegant. Good length to his head, well placed ears, and a dark eye. Body is well developed with the breed typical topline, which was held both standing and on the move. Strong muscular hindquarters which powered him around the ring. In first class coat and condition – BAVNSC & Gp 1

2. Mrs Bamsey - Holbam Celtic Wizard JW (Irish Terrier)

Outgoing 22 month old dog showing himself off, in a lively and mischievous way! Full of quality and so very smart. Liked his racy outline when stood. Lovely head, showing good length, strong jaw, and neat ears. Clean through the neck, holding a strong topline to a well set on, carried and used tail. Shown with a good harsh coat and well presented. Moving out well when he decided to concentrate on the job at hand - RBAVNSC

3. Mrs & Miss Foster - Thozow Master Of The House (WHWT)

AV Terrier (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Bourne - Ukusa Yankee (Bull Terrier)

repeat of AVNSC puppy

2. Miss Pateman - Lessien Buckle N Boots (Border)

7 month old dog, who has the most delightful head and expression, a typical otter head, with a dark eye and being keen and alert to all going on around him. Built on pleasing narrow lines and holds a good topline, being ribbed well back. Moving out well just needing to settle in his front action Easy to span and with good coat and pelt.

Post Graduate (2,1)

1. Mrs Pagram - Torcraig Classic Pearl (Scottish Terrier)

17 month old black bitch, who looked a picture on the stack, so typical in her outline. She has a well proportioned head of good length, with pleasing depth and strong jaw. Very deep in chest and with a well developed forechest. Holding a firm topline and strong hindquarters. Moving out true but carried her tail down today

Open (4,2)

1. Mrs Pagram - Ch Torcraig Sydnificant (Scottish Terrier)

Powerfully built 6 year old dog, who had that ‘look at me attitude’. Very smart and balanced when stood. Pleasing head, clean, well proportioned and of good length, with a keen expression. Super depth and body, his short back is held firmly with a well set on and carried tail. Strong hindquarters were used to drive around the ring with a free action. Put down in lovely coat and condition - BAV

2. Miss Pateman - Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien JW (Border)

Smart 2 year old bitch, with much to like. Feminine and workmanlike, she is racy yet has substance. Lovely otter head, with strength to the foreface and lovely dark inquisitive eye. Having the right amount of bone and narrow throughout. Well ribbed back, and holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Good texture to the coat. Moving out with purpose - RBAV

Terrier Group

1. Burrage & England - Ch Ashleyheath’s Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx (Cesky)

Pulling out all the stops and showing himself off to advantage. A beautiful shape in silhouette, holding the desired topline. Moving with such super drive and put down in lovely coat and condition

2. Miss Hughes - Reedbeck Kittyhawk Of Arunmere (Border)

Well put together 19 month old bitch. So workmanlike and racy in outline. Loved her overall balance and construction. Feminine otter head, strength to the foreface, dark eye and well placed ears. Good length of neck flowing into a firmly held topline, narrow front, onto tight feet. Easily spanned with a good pelt and coat texture. On the move positive and true

3. Mrs Stanford - Lady Rosemary Clooney (Dandie)

Fell for this 9 month old mustard bitch, showing character and charisma. She has good width to the skull, well placed ears, and those lovely dark round soulful eyes, with a hint of mischief. Good depth to the brisket, and well boned limbs, weaselly in body with the rise over the loin. Moved out purposefully

4. Mrs Coe - Kimmi A Coestar (Cairn)

8 month old wheaten brindle dog who is quite the charmer and full of himself. Liked his overall balance when stood. Masculine head, which is well proportioned with a good stop and dark alert and keen eyes. Good length of neck, enough depth to the brisket, with a good spring to the ribs. Holding a firm topline. Shown with a good harsh coat

Terrier Puppy Group

1. Mrs Stanford - Lady Rosemary Clooney (Dandie)

Repeat Group 3

2. Mrs Coe - Kimmi A Coestar (Cairn)

Repeat Group 4

3. Mr & Mrs Bourne - Ukusa Yankee (Bull Terrier)

Solid and muscular all through. Well shaped head, deep through the body, standing on well boned limbs. Moving out with correct footfalls

4. Mrs Fuller - Exotica Iz Imperi Jamper At Masajack (Imp Rus) (JRT)

A showy 8 month old bitch, with a pleasing outline when stacked. Having good balance to her head, with a dark eye and pigmentation giving a keen expression. Good length of neck and firmly held topline. In harmony with her handler on the move

Not Bred by exhibitor (25)

1. Miss Taylor - Our Chocolate Chip (Min Smooth Dach)

Confident and smart 3 year old chocolate and tan dog. Certainly strutting his stuff today, having a lovely deportment around the ring. Masculine head with good proportions, lovely kind almond eye. His long neck flowing into a firm and well held topline. Good development of forechest, and good spring to the ribs. Strong and muscular hindquarters, which he used to power around the ring, whilst maintaining his outline

2. Miss Horn - Droveborough’s Smooth Mover JW (Pointer)

An upstanding 22 month old O&W dog. Looking a picture on the stack, graceful yet masculine all through. Well proportioned head, kind dark eye. Strong muscular neck, into well placed shoulder. Good depth to the brisket and fill in of forechest. Standing on good oval boned legs onto tight feet. Gentle slope to the topline and well set on bee sting tail. Another who used his muscular quarters to drive around the ring

3. Miss Wheaton - Ausries The Real Thing For Acinonyx (Rott)