• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Retford Canine Society

Retford CS (15/03/2020)

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run show and your warm hospitality on the day. Some of the breeds I was judging for the first time and was delighted to have the opportunity to do so and receive such great support from exhibitors, thank you! I would also like to thank Ian Sexton for being my friendly and efficient steward for the day.

Curly Coated Retriever Junior (2,1)

1) Mercer & Thomas', Tynesides My Heart Will Go On to Stormacre (Imp USA). 15 month old black bitch, what a cracker! Really appeals for her easy shape, proportionate bone and good proportions. She shows strength with that typical hint of elegance. Correct wedge-shaped head with the darkest of eyes and still possessing plenty of strength through her muzzle and jaw. Strong neck into well laid shoulders with a decent return of upper arm. Ample forechest for age with spring and depth of rib, short strong loin. Strong topline onto a long croup with well set tail. Plenty of breadth over her front and rear quarters with well bent stifles and well let down hocks. She shows precision and co-ordination with a dash of style on the move from all angles. Presented in an excellent crisp jacket. She pushed my open winner very hard today. Must go on to do great things RBOB!

Curly Coated Retriever Post Graduate (0,0)

Curly Coated Retriever Open (3,2)

1) James', Kahawei Teal JW. 22 month old black bitch, another really typy specimen with that all important hint of elegance! Scores in her shape, proportions and bone. Feminine, wedge-shaped head with dark eyes and correct ear set. Good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders with good length and return of upper arm. Plenty of forechest and lovely maturity through her body with great spring and depth. Strong topline with a short loin. Her croup is long and well angled with the correct tail set. Her angulation in the rear is symmetrical to her front with the shortest of hocks. On the move she eats up the ground so effortlessly from all angles with wonderful carriage and panache, she really is hard to ignore! All of her virtues wrapped up in a crisp, tightly curled jacket. Delighted to award her BOB against a lovely up & coming youngster!

Bullmastiff Puppy (3,1)

1) Porter & Bowser's, Araucaria Sambucus Nigeria (AI). This 7 month old red is so very raw with personality plus! He is well off for bone with slightly more even proportions than 2 which won him the class. Square head with good mask and plenty of breadth between his well set ears. Well-wrinkled when alert with decent skull to muzzle proportions and good breadth to chin. Nice width to his chest for a baby. He is moderately angled fore & aft with enough depth in body for age. Strong topline and well set tail. He goes soundly from all directions once settled. BPIB, congratulations!

2) Porter & Bowser's, Araucaria Malus Sylvestis (AI). Litter brother to 1 and just a shade bum high on the day. Fairly even in construction to his brother but just needs to settle in his topline. He was difficult to assess on the move due to giving his handler a hard time but he showed glimpses of steady movement from all angles.

Bullmastiff Junior (3,1)

1) Beal's, Emsuart Aphrodite. I was rather taken with this bitch for her super shape and type, combining strength and athleticism. I found her head to be well proportioned, square with a blunt muzzle and not over wrinkled with open nostrils. She has good masking and dark eyes that add further appeal to her expression when alert. Moderate angulation and good breadth over her quarters. She possesses great depth and maturity through her body already with ample bone. On the move she could be a little hesitant but once settled she was very precise going and coming with a powerful, easy side gait. I was incredibly tempted but her more mature kennel mate clinched it on the day. Would like to see her in a year, RBOB!

2) Wood & Spencer's, Islekeepers This Is Me. This well-masked fawn bitch was really on her toes today. She immediately gives the impression of power without being cumbersome. Her head is certainly square with correct skull to muzzle proportions, a wide chin and open nostrils. I just found her a shade heavier in head than 1. Her compact proportions and moderately angled quarters are of great appeal. She shows great breadth over her front and rear quarters with super bone and good feet. On the move, once settled, she showed such fluid, sound movement from all angles.

Bullmastiff Post Graduate (6,3)

1) Bown's, Sundabish Candy Crush. A 5 year old fawn bitch that is well-boned and has excellent balance of body depth to leg length and angulation. Loved her square head, blunt muzzle and plenty of width to her chin, good masking and dark eyes with correct amount of wrinkle. Strong neck that flows into her moderately angled forequarters with good length of upper arm and straight forelegs. Plenty of depth and spring to her ribs, would prefer her a touch shorter in back for ideal balance. Symmetrical rear angulation with good length and angle of croup. This bitch's forte is her movement, aided by expert presentation, she is so precise both ways and just eats up the ground in profile with power and purpose which secured her the class.

2) Bryan's, Islekeepers Roxanne at Tonicbull. This bitch is from a larger and heavier boned mould than one but is of great appeal for balance and strength. Her head is large and square with good muzzle to skull proportions, would prefer just a shade more refinement for a bitch. Super bone and feet with moderately angled fore and rear quarters. She was carrying a little too much weight which spoilt her topline on occasions. I loved her balance and carriage on the move, would just prefer a little more enthusiasm.

3) Buchanan's, Senntino Super Duke.

Bullmastiff Open (10,5)

1) Beal's, Emsuart Lady Middleton. I loved this bitch for type. She has excellent bone and moderate angles. Her head is large, square with a strong yet feminine appearance. Ample amount of wrinkle when alert with a blunt muzzle and open nostrils. Strong neck of good length onto a moderately angled forehand with plenty of width to her chest, straight forelegs and good feet. Well off for depth and spring of rib with a firm topline. Moderately angled rear quarters with plenty of breadth over her hips and firm hocks. Sound going and coming on the move with such a purposeful, powerful yet easy side gait. Her maturity through her body tipped the scales in her favour during the challenge, delighted to award her BOB!

2) Bown's, Sundabish Gok Wan. What a super veteran this fawn is! Compact, well boned and fit as a fiddle. Loved his large, square head of correct proportions with breadth over his chin and ample wrinkle. Moderately angled both fore & aft with strong, straight forelegs and excellent feet. Needing a little more weight to complete the picture. He still has excellent spring of rib with a short, strong loin. Corresponding rear angles with strong hocks. Precise going and coming with such an active, powerful and stylish side gait.

Dachshund (Smooth Haired) Junior (4,4)

Dachshund (Smooth Haired) Post Graduate (4,3)

1) Wood's, Morailsa Secret Note. This black & tan bitch presents a good overall shape. Liked her houndy head with well sized ears and dark eyes. Well angled forehand with decent keel. Deep through her body. Strong topline with firm underline. She has good breadth over her rear quarters. Moves steadily from all directions. BOB, congratulations!

Dachshund (Smooth Haired) Open (1,1)

Dachshund (Wire Haired) Junior (4,1)

1) Eldred's, Derdledash Moon Beam. Loved the type and shape of this well-boned bitch. Super head with dark eyes and well set/sized ears. Reachy neck onto an excellent forehand assembly with well developed keel for one so young. Good leg length foreleg to brisket depth. Ribbing is deep and goes well back onto a short loin. Strong topline and underline. Super rear angles with plenty of breadth over her hips and firm hocks. So steady and precise going & coming with super reach and drive on the go round retaining her shape. In good coat and condition. BOB, congratulations!

2) Howe's, Luna Eclipse at Bramalodge. Liked the breadth over the front and rear quarters of this bitch. Her angulation fore & aft is balanced with good depth to her brisket. Sound & steady going away and coming towards but just did not retain the same topline as my winner. Another who is in good coat.

3) Frampton, Bramalodge Babooshka at Drakkina.

Dachshund (Wire Haired) Post Graduate (2,1)

1) Howe's, Bramalodge Billie Jean. This 10 month old bitch excels in type and shape. She just flows from nose to tail! Houndy head with pretty expression, dark eyes and well set ears. Excellent reach of neck that blends well onto her well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Pronounced keel, absolutely level topline with good depth of brisket and good ribbing. Corresponding hind angles with strong hocks. Accurate both away and back, goes with real panache in profile. Coat still needs to develop but she pushed my Junior winner all the way! Delighted to award her RBOB & BPIB. Even more delighted to see her take PG1 & BPIS4, congratulations!

Dachshund (Wire Haired) Open (4,2) - There was not much to separate both of the dogs in this class.

1) Frampton's, Weinacht Larch at Drakkina JW. This male has good balance throughout of angulation and proportions of body depth to leg length, plenty of breadth over his quarters, good keel and in decent coat. I just preferred his stronger head and better use of his hocks on the move from all angles.

2) Kissdachs Bilbao at Bramalodge. Another typy exhibit who possesses good balance of angulation and strength throughout and is in excellent coat. Just lacked the drive of 1 and would prefer a slightly stronger head.

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired) Junior (1,0)

1) Grant's, Pennywave Percy at Granhoward. This 11 month old dog is currently slightly rangy but possesses good breed type and balance. Love his houndy head, plenty of strength through his skull and the darkest of eyes. Long neck onto a well angled forehand, just needs to develop in body which he has time on his side. Strong topline with good bone and firm underline. His rear angulation is excellent with well bent stifles and strong hocks. On the move he is accurate both ways and shows good drive and reach from the side, completely in tune with his handler. In excellent coat. BOB & BPIB, congratulations!

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired) Post Graduate (1,1)

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired) Open (2,2)

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)