• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Emma Simpson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Midland Bulldog Club

East Midlands Bulldog Club

Open Show 

15th March 2020

Judges Critique 

Firstly, I would like to thank the officers and committee of the Club for inviting me for this appointment and for all their hard work in bringing this show together.

Many thanks to all the exhibitors for their entries given the country was about to shut for lockdown.

Class 1 MPD 

1st Calibra Pepsi max , Lovely Balanced Brindle & white , lovely flat skull good jaw and width, clear dark eye , open nostrils , well placed neat rose ears, correct straight front , tight cat feet , lovely barrel of rib enough neck ,short cobby body with good rear moved well has a bright future ..BIS BPIS 

2nd Shipshape Stars and Stripes, another lovely puppy whom should do well ..Fawn & White , super head quality’s with excellent width of foreface , good jaw and upsweep, correct front lovely bone & substance clear dark eyes well placed rose ears, correct front 

Good topline and rear moved well 

Class 2 PD

1st Shipshape The Gadgie Red & white good length of skull & width of forface, clear dark eyes,open nostrils straight front little longer in loin good rear moved ok 

Class 3 JD

1st Mystic Power of Jason Red & white good width of skull , clear dark eyes , open nostrils neat rose ears, straight front, short cobby body with enough neck good rear moved ok but bit unsettled 

2nd Blenhiemstar shamrock at britishstyle white & Red good flat skull clear dark eyes neat rose ears little longer in loin than 1st moved ok

Class 6 PGD 

1st Roughbull the Aristocat white & Red larger type brickshaped head , dark eyes , rose ears good barrel of rib moved ok

Class 8 OD

1st Bagibeli Ace of Spades Red & white brickshaped head with well padded foreface , correct jaw and width, clear dark eyes, open nostrils, neat rose ears straight front with plenty of bone and substance , enough neck, good barrel of rib moved well RBIS

Class 10 MPB

1st Mystyle Ladylunar white & Red balanced puppy but need more ring training as was little unsettled and played her handler up , but lovely qualities good length of skull , clear dark eyes, open nostrils ,neat rose ears staring front neat cat feet , lovely topline with lovely barrel of rib straight tail good rear , moved well Best Bitch & BPB 

Class 11 PB 

1st Nansie George Red & White lovely length of skull with beautiful jaw and upsweep, clear dark eyes straight front good topline and rear moved ok 

Class 12 JB 

1st Haddaway All I Want Red & White , good head type , good sweep of under jaw ,clear dark eyes neat well placed rose ears, open nostrils good length of neck ,ok topline moved ok 

2nd Sealaville she’s Kelly white & red clear dark eyes , neat rose ears ,open nostrils straight front, straight tail ,a little reluctant to move

Class 13 YD

1st Roughbull Calypso goddess Red & White lovely bitch that needs more training, brickshaped head , correct jaw and upsweep, clear dark eyes open nostrils straight bone to neat feet , good topline with lovely barrel of rib good rear , moved well pushed hard for Best bitch RBB 

2nd Albionpride miss Furtado Brindle & white brick shaped head , neat rose ears , open nostrils , straight front neat feet, good barrel of rib and ok rear moved ok