• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Elaine Bradley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hampshire Gundog Society

Hampshire Gundog Society – 15 March 2020

I’d like to thank the Society for their kind invitation to judge BIS at this well respected gundog show but most of all I’d like to thank all the wonderful exhibitors who came along on the day with their dogs, despite the weather and the threat of Coronavirus. This may be the last show that many of us get to for some months now, I hope everyone one of you and your friends and relatives remain safe & healthy, take care and be safe everyone.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

P (1): 1. Colliers Belatarr America, stood alone not only in the class but in the breed as unfortunately the other exhibitors were unable to make the show due to ill-health, thank you all for your entries, hope you and your dogs are now all recovered. Anyway, back to this lovely chap 8 month old growing very nicely, lovely head and expression for age, good reach and correctly arched neck, strong topline & tail set both held well on the move, coat of good colour and texture, would like his feet a little tighter but that should come with time, moved well for a baby BP & BOB, shortlisted in for BIS and deserving of his BPIS4 place.


P (2): Two nice youngsters at slightly different stages 1. Brooksmith’s Nightgold Pipkin blanket L/W bitch of just 10 months, pretty head with correct planes, eye colour could be a little darker but has plenty of time, nice clean front, neck & shoulder, better width in front than 2 but needs to drop a little more in chest, good topline & tailset, moved ok but needs to strengthen a little in hock to make her more positive, BP 2. Welch’s Sweet Dreams by Hookwood B/W dog of same age as 1 but a little more mature in body, nice head and dark eye giving a soft expression, strong neck into well laid shoulder, slightly better depth of chest than 1 but too narrow in front, well boned legs down to good well padded feet, moved ok once he settled to the job in hand.

SY (1): 1. Welch’s Hookwood Cupid B/W bitch of 15 months, lovely shape, balanced front and rear with moderate angles, straight when viewed from behind, well let down hocks, correct front assembly with excellent forechest and depth of chest, good head with a lovely soft dark brown eye colour, moved with drive but had a tendency to throw her front a little, however, in the challenge I preferred her overall shape & type to the older bitch, although was a close run thing, BOB

PG (1): 1. Welch, Maber & Hazeltine’s Sharnphilly Toggi with Hookwood JW B/W bitch of just 2 years, correct head, dark eye, enough forechest, clean neck into good shoulders, strong topline held well on the move but felt her tailset just a little low, she had great depth of chest and spring of rib, a strong, sound mover, RBOB


Thank you for accepting me as your replacement judge

SY (3): 1. Crouch’s Trimere Timeless with Kassan bitch of not quite 2 years, L/W, lovely head and expression, ears of correct length and set, strong neck, well laid shoulder and good topline & tailset, lovely for size & type, moved with style covering her ground, beautifully presented and well handled BOB 2. Glass’s Gunring My Boy L/W dog too heavy in head for my taste, balanced angulation, nice size, well boned legs, moved ok once he settled 3. Parr’s Gunring April Lady at Ashring

PG (3,1 abs): 1. Hughes Celgarn Magdalena with Melkami 6 year old l/w bitch, sweet head & kind expression, not a big girl but nicely made & well balanced angulation front & rear, ok for coat and furnishings, moved freely with drive RBOB 2. Lucas’s Gunring Maybe Baby, L/W bitch litter sister to 2nd in SY, again found her too heavy in head for me, angulation ok, correct size, good coat & well feathered, feet could be tighter, moved well

O (3,2): 1. Parr’s Ashring’s Infatuation, another 6 year old L/W bitch, well coated girl with reasonable angulation, not the refinement in head I would like but good eye colour, earset & length of leathers, moved ok.

AV Imported Register

J (3,1): 1. Preston’s Trufallie Cashew, Barbet, brown bitch, nice head and expression, like her for size and balance, excellent profuse curly coat, well boned legs down to tight feet, correct angulation front and rear, strong topline with slight arch over loin as desired in the standard, she moved soundly & steadily, she just had a little more ring presence than 2 which clinched top spot 2. Preston’s Volcano Energy Sabio Perro at Novaforest (Imp Pol), Barbet, black dog and similar remarks apply as to 1., he had slightly more spring of rib but again well coated, good legs & feet, and he moved well, I was nitpicking between them but felt the bitch just had it over the dog, two very nice examples of the breed thank you for giving me the opportunity to go over this relatively new breed

O (1): 1. Walker’s Nantiderri Dancing Daisy to Baikel, Korthals Griffon 4 year old liver roan bitch, loved her head and dark expressive eyes, superb eyebrows and beard, ears of correct set & length, strong neck into well laid shoulders, correct moderate angulation all round, good harsh coat with undercoat, she moved true coming and going, would like to have seen a little more animation but couldn’t be denied Best Imported

Special Veteran 7-9 years D/B (18)

1. Collier’s Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM VW, HWV nearly 8.5 year old bitch who is a lovely example of the breed, correctly balanced & furnished head with good eye colour and soft expression, excels in forequarters, strong neck into well laid shoulders, correct angles fore and aft, strong topline and correct tailset all of which is held well on the move, which she does soundly and with drive, BV & BVIS 2. Brooksmith’s Nightgold Blackavar VW, Pointer B/W pointer bitch, similar age to 1., loveliest of heads with correct planes, dark eye, excels in forechest and depth, good front and rear, correct amount of bone, moderate angles, another who has a strong topline and used her tail to advantage on the move, moved well and unlucky to meet 1 today 3. Stirk’s Twyline Truly Skysablaze over Grakar, English Setter

Field Trial D/B (2,1)

1. Wyatt’s Ismeya Saint Isaac, HV, male rising 6 years old, balanced head but a little too deep in muzzle for me, super reach of neck, enough forechest and correct depth of chest and spring of rib, strong well-boned legs, slightly sloping pastern, good topline & tailset, nice temperament but was just a little too tall for me so felt he wasn’t quite as well balanced height to length as I would like, moved ok but lacked a bit of drive

Special Working D/B (10,4)

1. Moon’s Deanway Summer Storm, Sussex Spaniel this girl caught my eye when she entered the ring, not a big one but well made and balanced, sweetest of heads, dark eye and a lovely melting expression, good bone & feet, strong topline with tail straight off, on the move she covered her ground effortlessly, best mover in the class which won her this place 2. Bowen’s Ch Candiliz Black Admiral for Clandrift JW ShCM, FCR substantial but in no way overdone male, fully deserving of his title, lovely head, strong neck into correct front assembly, good angulation, well coated if a bit damp as his owner had to run from outside in the breed to make the class, however that didn’t detract from his quality, sound and balanced on the move 3. Gates Gunring Ensueno ShCM WGC, ESS


I shortlisted 8 for further consideration, the English Setter, Gordon Setter, HWV, Italian Spinone, Golden Retriever, American Cocker, Field Spaniel and Spanish Water Dog

1. Murray & McKenzie’s Zefir Ot Chicarnoj Kompanii (Imp BLR), Am Cocker Spaniel, this has got to be the best American Cocker I’ve ever had the pleasure of judging, from his beautiful head and dark eye, with correct mouth and dentition, through to his well angulated and muscled body under a well groomed profuse coat, when he moves he just floats, driving hard from the rear, he’s made right to move right and despite his tender age of 16 months, he couldn’t be denied the top spot today, I hope he goes on to achieve big things for his owner, he certainly deserves to, delighted to award him BIS

2. Pett’s Rumwood Three Times a Lady, Golden Retriever, another of just 16 months and what a lovely girl she is, lovely head with the kindest expression, pale gold with super dark pigmentation, enough coat without being excessive, strong level topline and sound effortless movement of strong well boned legs and tight feet, she was really unlucky to meet the Yankee on such top form but another whose future I will watch with interest, RBIS

3. Dewar’s Macarica Harry’s Rock JW, Italian Spinone, I’ve admired this boy from the ringside and he didn’t disappoint on going over, well made, correctly angulated, sound moving lad who has a cheeky sparkle to his eye, BIS3

4. Harris, Bridgwater & Hoeksema’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela JW, smart English Setter that gave a good account of himself, lovely coat & feathering, balanced head, kind expression, moved well BIS4


From a shortlist of HWV, Irish Setter, Golden Retriever, Field Spaniel, Weimaraner and the Lagotto Romagnolo, my final decisions were:

1. Bridgwater, Green & Wheeldon’s Beidgell’s Don’t Push It, Irish Setter, the comment from the handler when I awarded her BPIS was “I didn’t expect that”, to be honest, neither did I as I’m usually disappointed in movement, not today! What a lovely pup of almost 12 months, rich colour, well balanced head with dark eye, correct ear set, lovely length of neck into well laid shoulder, good in forechest and width of chest, strong topline and tail coming straight off, well boned legs with tight feet, moderate angulation, on the move the picture was complete, true, positive extension in front and strong hocks providing a good drive from behind, delighted to award her the top spot of BPIS

2. Grantham’s Reflection of Wizngrace at Dajumija, Golden Retriever, another cracking bitch, her head is just lovely with such a soft gentle expression, so well balanced at 7 months old, well coated , great bone and lovely tight feet, balanced angulation front and rear, she moved so true with ground covering action for such a baby, well deserved RBPIS

3. Murray & McKenzie’s Jaclee Dream the Impossible, Am Cocker Spaniel, just like buses, you find one really smart Yankee and at the same show along comes another! Super 9 month old black, another with a lovely head and good mouth/dentition, balanced head, well made under a coat that is just as you’d expect at this age, sound mover, BPIS3

4. Collier’s Belatarr America, HWV, I shortlisted this boy in BIS but his obvious lack of maturity didn’t secure him a place, however, he more than stacked up again the other BP’s and happy to award him BPIS4

Elaine Bradley (Judge)