• Date: 11/01/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/01/2020

Worcester & Malvern Canine Society

This was a grand show, well run and so well supported across the board. Thanks to Hilary who made us both feel so welcome from the moment we arrived, and her team who kept the show moving along nicely all day.

Retriever (Golden)

PD (3) Nice class of promising youngsters headed up by 1, Thornywait Ruffino who stole the show for me today. Really exciting young d with bags of potential. Balanced throughout, well made, and quite the showman. Appeals in head and skull proportions and has the most delightful expression. He’s presented in first class order and moved out with great drive and enthusiasm for the job. He is balanced in his angles fore and aft and appears to be growing on just as you’d hope. Will watch his progress keenly, I’m sure he will go on to do very well indeed. BoB with the agreement of my co-judge, and of course BP too. 2 Rannaleroch Cotton Spinney. Different in outline to the winner at the moment as he’s at a different stage of growth, but another good sort of quality and with great bone and superb body. Presented in first class order, standing on good feet and moved out actively. 3 Ambersun Alive and Kicking.

JD (3) 1 Thornywait Showstopper. Smaller d but with a stylish outline. Decent head shape, strong neck and topline, and a well set on tail. Liked his length of rib, balance of angles fore and aft and straightness of movement. Presented in first class order, super fit. Was more settled in the challenge for BoB so claimed a deserved RBoB in today’s company. 2 Golmas Gale Warning at Ambersun. Good head to this young d, coming along nicely. Not the front angles of the winner, however well ribbed back and has superb width of thigh. Moved out with strong driving action and a happy positive attitude. 3 Lamancha Night Sky Illusion by Wylloh.

YD (4,1) 1 Thornywait Showstopper. 2 Golmas Gale Warning at Ambersun. 3 Lamancha Night Sky Illusion by Wylloh.

PG (1) 1 Lamancha Night Sky Illusion by Wylloh. Was third in the last two classes, as has a tendency to crab and despite several chances didn’t seem to want to get out of it today. Liked his head shape and body enough, stands on good feet and was presented in good condition and coat.

OD (2) 1 Lamancha Night Sky Illusion by Wylloh. 2 Camestone Field Day at Ambersun. Strong headed male with lots of body. Bit loaded over the shoulder and short in upper arm for me, which affected front action. Well ribbed back to short loin. Well muscled quarters, presented in good coat and overall condition.

Irish Setter

PD (2) 1 Redclyst Top Gun. Well grown young dog presented in decent coat for his age and good overall condition. Moved out with enthusiasm and confidence. 2 Umbala Hobson’s Choice. Completely overwhelmed by the occasion today and wasn’t settled at all, felt for him as he was very worried about the situation overall.

JD (2) 1 Umbala Hobson’s Choice, a little more settled in this class and presented a more typical outline all through. 2 Riverdance of Irish Smiling Eye. Strong day all through, good eye colour and ear set. Stands on decent feet.

YD (1) 1 Thendara Marshmello. Upstanding d with an imposing outline. Just at that in between stage of his growth with lots of filling in to do, but lots of potential and many breed attributes. Good to handle and an enthusiastic mover who went around the ring with verve and a very settery attitude.

PGD (3,1) 1 Strathatlanta Get A Wiggle On to Marzanne, topped this rather mixed class as he used himself to greatest advantage on the move pulling together his construction to best effect. Head has length and work, but lacks body at the moment – this will improve with age. 2 Harreds Trooper. Decent enough head on this lad, not the shoulders of the winner but he did have more coat. Holds topline well stood up and moving.

OD (4) 1 Thendara The Watchmaker. This d came out to play with the right attitude, what a showman he is. Presented in first class order, he really appealed all through. Well shaped skull, strong neck into a firm topline. Well ribbed up, and with excellent angles and muscletone behind. Coat in great condition, clearly afforded a lot of care. Used himself to best advantage on the move and drove off his low hocks with super impulsion going around. On the referees decision he took BoB, well done. 2 Hunnicote Handyman. Moderately constructed throughout – nothing overdone to this d. Could do with more work in head, but has a good eye and ear set. Stands on good feet, moved out well enough.

Retriever (Flat Coated)

P (2) Two very nice but very raw babies here who will change places often I’m sure. Each put up a good performance and have great temperaments. They still need time to fill their frames but each have good basic conformation and type. 1 Levelmoor Blackadder, 2 Levelmoor Acorn Antiques via Wetnoses.

J (4) 1 Rodsdream First Choice For Vynesbrook. What a craking young d, lots of type and plenty of bone and body with it. Lovely clean outline stood up. Grand head which will only continue to improve with maturity, strong neck and level topline. Well off for brisket and ribbing, and short in loin this d stands squarely over his hocks at all times too. Straight limbs, tight feet. Moved out very well indeed. BoB. 2 Levelmoor Blackadder.

PG (1) 1 Vynesbrook A Kind of Magic. Smartly made shapely, feminine b of good type. Head really appeals for balance, with a gentle expression. Well angled for and aft to give a balanced picture, she used her angles effectively on the move to produce a very sound ground covering action. Needs to develop in forechest to complete the picture, but a super type. 2 Calzeat Gentleman’s Agreement. Another good sort, really liked this one too and he pushed the winner all the way. Close up for sure, but just not quite so tidy moving towards today. 3 Park Cariad King of the Ocean.

O (4, 2) 1 Castlerock Burning Love To Heatheridge. Smart upstanding male of great type. I must immediately commend this dog’s condition – he was presented in rock hard nick and was right up there as one of the fittest dogs I judged all day. He is clearly afforded a great life and was gleaming with health. Aside from this, I found him to be of good type and with a superb clean outline. Close call for BoB, but he had to settle for a very credible RBoB today. 2 Gwenadillo Montesori. Very different to the winner as she’s made from a very feminine mould. Another presented in good order which is always a pleasure to see. Possesses many breed attributes and performed commendably.

English Setter

P (3,1) 1 Severnsett Firecracker. This puppy blew me away, I think he’s absolutely outstanding and a very exciting prospect indeed. Grand head of classic shape, beautifully constructed throughout with balance and moderation. Excels in front angles, forechest, and ribbing, Strong topline and well set on tail. He is well angled behind and stands strongly over his hocks, which he uses to advantage on the move too. Full of puppy vivacity, he showed exceptionally well using his construction to greatest advantage. A grand type of setter and certainly one whose career I will watch with interest – good luck with him. BoB & BP.

J (4,2) 1 Cornsett The Wise One. Nicely headed young male developing along the right lines. Overall a very settery outline with good angles fore and aft which he used effectively going around, giving him the edge over 2, Ravensett Giovanni, who didn’t move with such impulsion today and isn’t so far on in body development at this stage. Another with a good head and standing on good feet.

PG (3,2) 1 Skippt Sky Full of Stars. Feminine in outline, this pretty b has many positive breed attributes. Moderately constructed all through, she moved out well with drive from her low hocks. Stands on good feet and has strong straight limbs. Needs to coat up to complete the picture.

O (2,1) 1 Alolfran Memphis Rock. Decent honest sort, moderately constructed and well balanced. Appeals for type in his outline and is in fit condition and good enough coat. Just lacked some enthusiasm for the job on the move and didn’t have the finesse of the puppy today I felt so had to settle for RBoB.

Bernese Mountain Dog

PG (2,1) 1 Collanseues Wildest Dreams. This is a really smart d of grand type, but he needs to get his head together and handler need to really get to grips with him to get the best from him. Really liked his head, body proportions, size, balance and movement. Tended to pace but my goodness when he pulled it out the bag he could really go with such an easy fluid motion and strength. I’m sure he could go on an do very well in the breed with more training and work. BoB.

Alaskan Malamute

PG (2) 1 Heartbreaker Siwash Legend. Short and compact sort with obvious power to his outline and strength throughout. Grand headpiece with a keen expression and well shaped and sized ears. Balanced fore and aft, with well spring ribs and a strong topline. Good tail shape and set. Well let down hocks and strongly muscled quarters. Moved out with drive. BoB. 2 Tailfly Jitterbug. Very different in outline being longer and lower. Liked her head shape and expression. Didn’t move out as well as I would have hoped.

O (1) 1 Ishjamani Purple Haize. Large male with tremendous substance and power. Presented in magnificent coat and condition and his owner needs to be commended as he was totally immaculate. Moves out with a strong driving action, was well handled and I was so impressed to see a dog of his age in such immaculate condition, gold star to his owner! RBoB.

David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Rutilus) (Judge)