• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Woolwich Bexley & District Canine Association

Woolwich, Bexley & District CA


Many thanks to the exhibitors for accepting me as an emergency replacement Judge.

Cairn Terrier

P (1) 1st Kimmi A Coestar. 9 month old pup. Standing alone in this entry but a worthy winner. Masculine head, good skull shape and strength to muzzle. Strong, scissor bite. Correctly set ears. Dark eye with a ‘breed typical’ naughty twinkle! Moderate neck, good angles. Correctly set tail. Weather-proof, double coat. Moved well when he put his mind to it. BP & BOB.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

P (3) 1st Lady Rosemary Clooney. Promising mustard bitch pup of 8 months. Super head piece, large, dark, expressive eye. Excellent bite. Thin, well set ears of good length. Muscular, reachy neck. Deep chest, curvy outline. Nicely angled front and back. Correct tail set. Stands on tight, functional feet. Jaunty mover, sound in all directions. Good coat for texture and colour. BP & BOB.

2nd Lilibets Danny Kaye. Another lovely pup. Litter brother to 1st. Really pleasing for size, type and outline. Correct head, good skull shape, strong muzzle, good eye and ears. Excellent neck and front. Correct topline. Strong rear. Just preferred coat texture of 1st. Sound mover.

3rd Bettyhill Lord Alan.

PG (1) Incantocani Florenza. Mature, feminine P/S bitch. Dam of the pups here and she has past on many of her virtues. Lovely head, large eye, and well set, thin ears of correct length. Moderate neck, good angles and correct topline showing a slight rise over firm loins. Moved steadily and soundly. Good coat for texture, colour and presentation. Close-up. RBOB.

Boston Terrier

P (4) 1st Dalenamag Tennessee Whisky. Mature dog pup. Excellent square head, medium sized, dark eye, open nostrils and correctly set ears. Muscular and well bodied for his age. Shade long in body. Good bone and stands on tight feet. Moved soundly and well presented. BP & RBOB.

2nd Dalenmag Calamity Jane. Litter sister to 1st. Very much a feminine version, particularly on the stack. Equally good in head and overall outline. Not moving so well today.

PG (3) 1st Mactawbay All Eyes On Me. Very feminine size. Compact outline and good body. Super head, square with good underjaw. Correct eye and thin, high set ears. Moved freely in all directions. Good coat and markings.

2nd Dalenmag Top Spot. Mature dog. Masculine but a touch long in loin and lacking body. Lovely head piece, good overall conformation. Gave a good account of himself on the move.

O (4) 1st Rosparquier Small Talk For Devotoblaze. The complete picture and showing himself to best advantage at all times. Strong, masculine but not coarse or overdone in anyway. Correct head shape, wide muzzle, tidy bite and good eye and ears. Moderate neck, deep chest, correct topline. Good angulation front and back. Moving out with correct depth of stride, sound in all directions. Worthy BOB.

2nd Dalenamag Princess Aurora. Very pretty bitch. Liked her overall shape. Good to go over on the table and has a very pleasing head and expression. She shows well at all times and moves well from profile. Could be more settle out and back. Well presented.

3rd Shawmut I Am LadyLliberty At Simberfour.

Dachs (Min S/H)

P (1) 1st Ardenrun Foolish Whisper. Very promising young dog. Good for size and liked his correct outline. Good head, shapely and shows good length. Scissor bite and dark eye. Reachy neck, well laid shoulder and return of upperarm and well developed keel. Firm topline and well ribbed. Good quarters. Confident showman. BP& RBOB.

2nd Along Came Sally At Zarosa. Equally pleasing b/t bitch pup. Liked her outline, conformation and sound movement. Just a bit unsettled on the day.

PG (3) 1st Trageeda Tea Bag. Lovely for type, size and outline. Feminine but substantial. Lovely head, dark, almond eye and high set ears. Excellent angles and good top and underline. Excellent keel. Holds herself well at all times. Good bone and feet. Moved with reach and drive. Lovely coat and in gleaming condition. BOB.

2nd Pennydach Mystique. Generally pleasing for size. Very nice head piece with dark eye of correct shape and scissor bite. Good reach of neck, keel coming along well. Good angles front and back. Moves out well, just a bit high on the leg.

3rd Kenynten Jinzu.

O (2) 1st Our Chocolate Chip. Really confident showman. Lovely head and eye. Excellent dentition. Moderate neck, excellent front and rear. Moderate length, good topline and firm loins. Moved very well from all directions, driving well from sound hocks.

2nd Zarosa Black Crystle. Lovely bitch for size and overall shape. Well balanced head, dark eye and good neck. Firm topline and well angled rear. A bit loose in front but has good bone and is a sound, free mover.

Dachs (Min L/H)

P (2) 1st Nagshall Dutch Odyssey. Really lovely pup of months. Changing his puppy coat at present but very pleasing in outline. Correct head, good length and shape. Excellent eye shape and colour. Good conformation. Moved well. BP.

PG (3) 1st Dinkidax Dionysus. Super dog in excellent coat and condition. Good for size. Lovely head and expression. Medium neck, balanced angles and excellent topline. Correct ribs and good body. Excellent mover and carries his well set tail at the correct level. Worthy winner. BOB.

2nd Nagshall Santa Cruz. Promising youngster. Lacking in coat and body at the moment but has good length, bone and a pleasing head and eye.

O (2) 1st Nagshall Love Constantly. Beautiful b/t bitch. So feminine in outlook. Good head, dark eye giving a sweet expression. High set ears, good reach of neck, correct keel and good angles. Confident mover. Tail carriage a bit high. Good coat and condition.

Darren Clarke (Judge)