• Date: 09/02/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: colette perkins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/02/2020

Huddersfield & District Canine Association

AV Import Reg 

Puppy (2,1) 

1. Allan’s Prince Snow Allmark Du Bois Des Ternes (Imp Fra) – White Swiss Shepherd – 9 month old dog who was beautifully presented. Powerful looking young boy, with a balanced outline. Clean cut head with a slight stop. Muscular, well arched neck, sloping shoulders and a strong topline. No weakness front or rear and this showed in his correct movement as he moved with balance and good footfall away and back. From the side he shows good ground covering action. Best Imp Reg & Best Imp Reg Puppy. Delighted to see him awarded BPIS, apparently his third one! 


Puppy (4,2) 

1. Bridgeman & Losue’s Kellitcreed Dirty Diana – 6 month old compact young lady. Feminine head with a  well defined stop and dark pigment. Slightly arched neck, well laid shoulders, plenty of substance for her age and well sprung ribs. Moved soundly, carrying her tail well. BOB, BPIB, Group 3 & PG1 

2. Stoddards Lil Bijou Krolewska Zgraja (Imp Pol) – Another 6 month bitch who was of a larger build throughout than 1. Slightly higher behind at the moment but hopefully she will balance out. Well angulated front and rear and moved out ok. 

PG (4,2) 

1. Lil Bijou Krolewska Zgraja 

2. Bridgeman & Losue’s Mustafar Felicity At Hughdi – 10 month bitch, lovely feminine head, well laid shoulders but would prefer slightly more turn to stifle. Lifts her topline slightly on the move. 

Open (4,0) 

1. Woodcocks Roddwood Rhea – 3yo male who had the most type in this class. Plenty of bone and substance, Balanced angulation, well sprung ribs and muscular loin. Unfortunately not using his tail at all on the move and not really enjoying his day. 

2. Mustafar Felicity At Hughdi -  

3. Hartlands Franjean Check Me Out At Fairleedale 



PG (3,2) 

1. Bertleys Erylan Zeus Roi Des Deux – 2yo dog who is a smart young boy. Moderate length skull with well defined stop. Strong neck, set well into his shoulders. Well laid back shoulders, medium length back and deep chest. Level topline and muscular loin. Really comes into his own when he moves. He carries himself so well and commands your attention, using his tail well. BOB & GP1. Delighted to see he was awarded BIS. 

Open (4,3) 

1. Bartleys Erylan Loki Maitre Du Mal – 3yo boy who is another nice type but not quite the topline or ring presence of the BOB. Balanced angulation front and rear, plenty of bone and substance and was very sound on the move. 

Basset Hound 

Open (3,2) 

1. Melbourse, Hirst & Walkers Diheath Really Cosmic At Kejana –  2yo dog that I have judged before and all my previous comments still apply. Domed, masculine head, muscular, well arched neck, well laid back shoulders, plenty of length to his body, excellent spring of rib, moved faultlessly, using his tail well.   


Hound Group 

1. PBGV 

2. Basset Hound 

3. Beagle 

4. Whippet – Dennis-Smiths Rogansrock Love Me Tender At Brynnsimeon – 7 month old dog who is exactly at the stage you would expect. Pleasing head with kind expression. Long, elegant neck, would prefer slightly better return of upper arm, deep brisket and curves throughout. Moved soundly enough away and back but just lacking a bit of reach when viewed from the side.  

Hound Puppy Group 

1. Beagle 

2. Whippet 


AV Hound Special Veteran (5,2) 

1. Stoddards Tarnry Florance At Poppyville – Beagle – 7yo bitch who was a very pleasing picture. Not showing her age at all. Typical head, good stop and good length of muzzle. Level topline which she held well on the move.  

2. Hartlands Newlin Inkspot At Fairleedale – Beagle – 9yo bitch, a longer caste girl than the class winner. Feminine head and kind expression. Good bone, well sprung ribs, well angulated and sound on the move.  

3. Lovatts Closehills Turning Leaf Of Macall – Beagle 

AV Hound Good Citizens (6,5) 

1. Tarnry Florance At Poppyville 


PG (4,2) 

1. Phillipsons Menstonia Meteor – Another I have judged before. Correct and unexaggerated angulation front and rear, Deep brisket, and well muscled hindquarters. Giving his handler a bit of a hard time but once he settled he showed off his sound movement. BOB 

2. Yacoubs Laithmoors Red Grenandine – Again a dog I have assessed before. Unlucky to meet 1 today.  Heavier type than the class winner and slightly longer caste. Strong masculine head, plenty of bone throughout and well angulated behind. Just preferred reach of 1. 


AVNSC Gundog 

Puppy (6,2) 

1. Bell & Maddox Tolriver Enzo At Owlspoint – Bracco Italiano – 10 month old dog that I have admired from the ringside and who doesn’t disappoint. Long, angular head with good chiselling. Powerful neck, well laid back and muscular shoulders, well sprung ribcage, deep, broad chest leading to a slight tuck up. No exaggerations to his hind angulation. On the move he has perfect footfall and covers his ground so well. An exciting prospect. Best AVNSC Gundog Puppy, PG1 and thrilled to see he was awarded RBPIS.  

2. Harris’ Barleyarch Pakora – GSP – Another fabulous example showing perfect breed type, who was so unlucky to meet the class winner. This 8 month old bitch has a clean cut, well proportioned head, muscular, slightly arched neck, leading to sloping shoulders. Deep chest and well sprung ribs, firm short back and well bent stifles. Shown in excellent hard condition. She moved well once she settled, covering her ground soundly.   

3. Buckleys Steelriver Hit The Beach With Buckleyhill – Flat Coat Ret.  

PG (4,0) 

1. Tolriver Enzo At Owlspoint 

2. Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie Gwendariff Smart Red Jacket – Irish Setter – This young boy is a real eye catcher. Initially he was a bit unsettled by a dog outside the ring but once he recovered he showed himself well. Racy outline, balanced angulation front and rear, beautiful, typical refined head set on a long, clean, muscular neck. He covers his ground well on the move but I would just like him to strengthen up behind.  

3. Richardson’s Gwendariff I’m Fool Proof – Irish Setter 

Open (4,0) 

1. Bradley’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany By Highforce – Hung Viz – Another I have judged before. This girl has so  much breed type and is full of quality. Feminine head, clean, muscular neck, well laid shoulders, very sound on the move showing reach and drive.  Handled beautifully to get the best out of her. Best AVNSC & GP2 

2. Yewdall’s Sh Ch Gunalt Adorable From Ladwey – Weimaraner – I really liked this bitch and she was unlucky to meet 1. Medium sized and so feminine. Moderate head, clean cut neck, straight forelegs, deep chest and well sprung ribs. She has moderate angulation front and rear and shows no exaggertions. Moved very soundly away and back and covers the ground well when viewed from the side.  

3. Hardcastle & Bradley’s Vizslanya Sziena -Hung Viz 


Gundog Group 

1. Sussex Spaniel – Hastings Bardings Bypolar Bear – A strongly built dog, masculine head, slightly arched, strong neck. Sloping shoulders and well boned throughout. He won the group with his overall, super typical movement and correct head carriage and his ideal footfall. This for me is what made him eyecatching.  

2. Hung Viz 

3. Cocker Spaniel – Burleys Cassom Caneletto At Barnsbur – Blue Roan dog, with a strong, compact body. Cleanly chiselled head, clean neck, sloping shoulders and well balanced front and rear. Another really sound moving dog.  

4. Pointer – Bell & Maddox’ Luneville Dazzling Diamond At Owlspoint – o/w male with plenty of bone and substance. Masculine head with good chiselling, long muscular neck, well laid shoulders and a well sprung ribcage. Would prefer slightly better turn of stifle. Moved out well.  

Gundog Puppy Group 

1. Bracco Italiano 

2. Golden Ret. – Bates Akenscales Waterloo – A little unsettled but once he did he couldn’t be denied this group place. Symmetrical and balanced outline, plenty of bone, well laid shoulders and a good turn to his stifle. Straight front and rear. Very sound on the move showing good ground covering action.  

3. Italian Spinone – Thompsons Testaverde Pyramid Song At Paradeco – A very raw 6 month old baby who was giving his handler a bit of a tough time. However, when he settled he gave glimpses of the promise he has. A pleasing outline and a masculine head. He just needs time. 

4. Cocker Spaniel – Aykroyd’s Clydesian Elderado – Black dog shown in good coat and condition. Would prefer better angulation throughout and needs to slow down and settle on the move.  

AV Gundog Special Veteran (11,0) 

1. Yewdall’s Gunalt Adoptable To Ladwey – Weimaraner – This beautiful girl caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She has super breed type, a feminine head, muscular clean neck, well laid shoulders, excellent spring of rib and good turn of stifle. Absolutely perfect footfall on the move and really covers her ground. No hesitation to give her Best Gundog Veteran and thrilled to see she was awarded Best Veteran In Show. 

2. Philipsons – Sh Ch Menstonia Marksman – WSS – Another lovely dog showing super breed type. Although starting to show his age, he is still very sound on the move. Masculine, typical head, strong neck, well laid shoulder, good ribcage and muscular loin. Balanced angulation front and rear and shown in super condition.  

3. Burley’s Suedons Pippin For Barnsbur – Cocker Sp 

AV Gundog Good Citizens (6,0) 

1. Sewell’s Wintonia Hidden Gem At Quattrozampe – Cocker Sp – Smart blue roan male who was rather eye catching and moved very soundly away and back. Compact, muscular body, well chiselled head and clean muscular neck. Well laid shoulders and a good turn of stifle.  

2. Shaw & Robertshaws Akenscales Spring Star – Golden Ret –  Handsome male with a good masculine head. Strong neck, well laid shoulders, excellent ribbing, plenty of bone throughout and shown in good, hard condition. Moved out well.  

3. Salts Levelmoor Blackadder – Flatcoat Ret