• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Hunt, Point, Retrieve Club Of Scotland


15TH MARCH 2020

Thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge at this well run and friendly show. My steward, Rebecca Deighton, was first class.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy (5)

1. Hayes’ Jhebron’s Jeno via Elfindrew. A dog of substance with a handsome, masculine head, kind expression under raised brows, strong muzzle and slightly protruding nose. Strong neck with good crest fits cleanly into well laid shoulders. Deep chest, strong, short back, harsh coat and stands over plenty of ground. Covers plenty of ground on the move. BPIB and RBPIS.

2. Garvey’s Richtig Reishi. Presents a balanced outline on the stack, pretty head, well ribbed back, wide quarters. Harsh coat. Moves steadily.

3. Jackman’s Balvenie Dressed to Thrill via Navigareamor

Junior (3, 1)

1. J. Jeno via E

2. B. Dressed to Thrill via N. Finer in muzzle than I prefer but has nicely raised brows and broad, high set ears. Decent spring of rib and carries a good topline on the move.

Special Yearling (3, 1)

1. J. Jeno via E

2. Elwood’s Rievers Baron von Aurumnglory. A tall dog with a handsome head, good chiselling and strong muzzle. Plenty of width of chest and although well muscled his rear movement was not good today

Post Grad (3)

1. Blair’s Richtig Raxano. She has deep, well sprung ribs and a short back but for my preference I would like her to stand over more ground. Well proportioned clean cut head, strong neck, well laid shoulders and moves on an easy stride.

2. Whitby’s Wilholme Sisko. Close up to the winner and slightly longer cast, she didn’t match her rear movement today. She has the most beautiful eye and soft expression.

3. Reed’s Puddledub Pinwinnie

Limit (2)

1. Glen & Knowles’ Wilholme Agnes Brown at Bessalone. She is so animated on the move and has terrific tail carriage. Excellent finish to her foreface, good eye and ear set, reachy neck, level topline and well bent stifles.

2. Garvey’s Richtig Roma. Her head has lovely chiselling and a soft and intelligent expression. Good depth of chest but she tended to roach her back on the stack.

Open (6, 3)

1. Glen & Knowles’ Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Wilholme Sharp ‘N’ Smart at Bessalone. Noble, grace of outline, short in back and stands over plenty of ground; this just about sums her up. Stands on beautifully boned legs and fabulous feet. She has effortless movement and her tail carriage is simply perfect. BOB & RBIS.

2. Knowles’ Wilholme Had a Lovely Time with Bessalone. A powerfully built dog with good angulation. It was close between him and the third placed bitch but it was his ‘gun barrel’ nose that swung it for hm.

3. Tierney’s Puddledub Pour Moi

German Wirehaired Pointer

Open (3, 2)

1. Chrystie’s Bareve Best Done Now. This is a very good example of the breed and once his owner gets to grips with him, he will be something to reckon with. He has great bone and substance, is well ribbed up with good spring of rib, strong loin and wide quarters. Excellent facial furnishings. BOB & BPIB.

German Longhaired Pointer

Open (2)

1. Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch, Lux Ch Sarscottah Arris Ir Jnt Ch CJW16 CW17. A powerfully built dog with a balanced head, strong muzzle and excellent bone and substance. He has big ribs, a big bum and, once settled, moves well. BOB.

2. Thomson’s Ir Sh Ch Lux Jnr Sarscottah Charizma Ir Jnr Ch W/Jnr 17 W/W 18. A very pretty girl, feminine appearance, good angles, neat feet, moves well.

Bracco Italiano

Post Grad (2, 1)

1. Hayes’ Ivan Venator D’Ursus of Elfindrew (hun Imp) NAF. Almost square in outline, very well muscled and noble in appearance. Moderately short neck with dewlap, clear break in topline and good bend of stifle. Powerful driving action. BOB.

Christine Morgan