• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Andrea Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Whitehaven & District Canine Association

Whitehaven & District Canine Association

Sunday 15th March 2020

What a weird lead up to a judging appointment, Covid-19 had taken off so was the show to be on or not? This was the discussion leading up to the weekend. Well the show was on and very well supported considering the impending social distancing and self-isolation. Total respect for those that made the decision to stay at home. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and had some lovely representatives to judge.

Special Veteran 10+ years (5, 3abs)

1st Drumkilty Oisin Of Milltiber – A lovely well angulated Golden Retriever, still holding his body shape and with muscle tone, strong top line held maintained on the move. Strong in hock and tight feet. Good head type, showing masculinity with a lovely dark eye, correct bite. Moved steady, with positive movement in all directions using himself well.

2nd SH CH/IR CH Tonkory My Kinda Guy at Chikaramor Border Collie that was balanced throughout. Standing straight in front onto tight feet. Good head type with a strong muzzle. Top line strong and held on the move. Presented in good condition.

 AV Imported Register (0)


Junior (2)

1st Bell’s Calm Before The Storm At Surfstone 14mth brindle bitch, nice type and very well balanced who held her shape on the move. Head well-proportioned with strong muzzle and jaw, dark eye. Correct neck blending nicely onto a correct lay of shoulder, with good chest, strong top line. Standing straight in front onto tight feet. Strong hocks. BOB & Pleased to award her Group 1

2nd Poole’s Surfstone One Vision At Applewest 15mth dark brindle, tight feet, front not as well placed as 1st place, however she has lovely rear angles and sound movement. Nice head type showing strength yet feminine with dark eye.

Post Grad (0)

Open (1)

1st Bell’s Surtstone Calypso Dark brindle bitch of 3 years. Lovely head piece with nice ear carriage, dark eye and strong jaw. Well-developed ribcage, strong loin and lovely croup. Moved sound in all directions just a little close when going away. Feet ok but nails need to be shorter to help presentation. Overall a well-presented bitch. RBOB


Junior (1, 1abs)

Post Grad (1)

1st Woodhouse’s Queens Demantur At Moongates 16mth Black & Tan Bitch, very typical of age, quite well balanced in herself. Good croup and tail set and carriage, tight feet. Moved sound but loses top line on the move, this will strengthen with age. Good condition. BOB

Open (2,1abs)

1st Woodhouse’s Queens Demantur At Moongates

Siberian Husky

Junior (1)

1st Odell’s Siberiadrift Secret Weapon – only 7mth on her first outing and such a nice pup, a little daunted by everything but settled down and was handled well throughout. Well covered, balanced in angles, and stood straight in front onto tightest feet, strong hocks for age. Nice head piece with a dark almond, correct size and placement of ears, with good carriage. Strong top line. Moved well in all directions for age. BP & Puppy Working Group 2

Post Grad (1)

1st Odell’s Graffsiberians Excell Exact 15mth male, well off for bone, very attractive masculine head, with strong neck onto a well-developed body, good front and standing on correct tight feet, lovely rear angles which he used on the move. Sound in all directions. RBOB

Open (1)

1st Kent & Sutton’s Aspen Ranger Wilderness Spirit at Lyfearon ShCm (Imp LVA) LU JR CH – 6year male, with good bone, loved his head, proportions were spot on, ear size and carriage set off with a nice dark brown almond shape eye, black nose and correct bite. Good rear angles used well on the move, front angles not as good however he uses them well. Sound movement giving all he had. BOB & Working Group 3


Junior (2)

1st Gordon’s Newgraden’s My Way With Leggatfoot – Black 11mth bitch, a lovely bitch with smashing angles, lovely feet and standing straight in front. Head developing well, dark eye with slight haw but this will improve with maturity. Strong neck onto a good lay of shoulder. Strength in hocks. Positive movement displaying good ground coverage. BP & Pleased to award her Puppy Working Group 1

2nd Moir’s Newgraden’s Gold Bullion – 11mth Brown Male, lovely size and bone but slightly grown out of himself at present, he is well balanced with good angles but due to age and his growth he needs to settle back into them now. Head developing well and showing his masculinity already. Moved sound.

Post Grad (0)

Open (1)

1st Black’s Camnoire Crush Blackcoat JW ShCM 3yr Black bitch, top sized flashy girl giving a nice outline. Feminine but strong head, dark eye showing no haw, rounded skull with good ear carriage, strong muzzle. Neck flows lovely onto a good lay of shoulder, onto a strong top line and lovely croup. Nice rear angles with strong hocks. Not quite enough spring of rib but still has time to improve as she is young. Moved sound in all directions but didnt quite go as well in the group. BOB

Alaskan Malamute

Junior (2,1abs)

1st Pullin & Mountstephens’ Whitewalker Del Lago Degli Orsi 18mth top sized exuberant male. Eye catching expression with almond eye, muscular neck onto a balanced front, strong top line, good rear angles, well off for bone and standing on tight feet. Still a little slab sided but this should improve with age. Presented in good condition with a coarse coat dense on breaches and neck. Although he didn’t make life easy for his handler, I could assess his movement where he displayed soundness in all directions.

Open (4,2abs)

1st Pullin & Mountstephens’ Whitewalker Winterfell 21mth bitch of good size and excellent bone, medium length coat, good head proportions, strong yet feminine, strong neck onto a correct lay of shoulder, strong top line, moderate rear angles which were well muscled and used well on the move. Sound in all directions. BOB

2nd Ellis & Nevinson’s CH Chayo Golden Touch ShCM 6yr top sized male, gorgeous head piece broad between ears, excellent ear carriage, good eye. Correct bone for his size, presented well, stands on tight feet. Moved sound but didn’t flow quite so well on the day.


Puppy (0)

Post Graduate (2,1abs)

1st Gavaghan’s Black Recording Angel Mandala at Vaghna (Imp Hun) 21mth Russian Black Terrier Bitch, flashy bitch turned out well. Gorgeous head, strong skull, dark eye, good width to muzzle, good length of neck onto a balanced front, good depth of chest and spring on rib, plenty of rear angulation. Stands straight in front moved sound in all directions using what she has, but a little close behind, this can improve with age and development of inner thigh muscles. Although stood alone a worthy Best AVNSC and Working Group 4

Open (0)


1st BOXER – Bell’s Calm Before The Storm At Surfstone

2nd ROTTWEILER – Scott’s Jianerot Jeffrey 2 ½ yr male, with good bone and substance. Pleasing head giving a calm expression, dark eye, correct ear size and carriage, strong muzzle, muscled neck onto a balanced front, standing straight onto tight feet, correct depth of chest, rib cage developing well, rounded croup with good tail set and carriage, adequate rear angles but would benefit from a little more length to first thigh, however he has well defined muscle on thighs and uses all he has on the move displaying soundness in all directions, strong in hock. Presented in tip top hard condition throughout.

3rd SIBERIAN HUSKY – Kent & Sutton’s Aspen Ranger Wilderness Spirit At Lyfearon ShCM (IMP LVA) LU JR CH

4th RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIER - Gavaghan’s Black Recording Angel Mandala at Vaghna (Imp Hun)


1st NEWFOUNDLAND - Gordon’s Newgraden’s My Way With Leggatfoot

2nd SIBERIAN HUSKY - Odell’s Siberiadrift Secret Weapon


Puppy (3,1abs)

1st Moir’s Newgraden’s Gold Bullion (Newfoundland)

2nd Odell’s Siberiadrift Secret Weapon (Siberian Husky)

Open (3, 1abs, 2 wd)

Veteran (2, 1abs)

1st Kent & Sutton’s CH Jacalous Fire and Desire At Lyfearon JW ShCM (Siberian Husky) A fantastic angled bitch of 7 years who used these angles to allow her to move with ease and purpose. Lovely head and dark markings and flews enhanced her expression, strong neck, strength in back, and good ribbing. Stood straight in front onto tight feet, and to her rear strong hocks. Really liked her but sadly well out of coat on the day.


Shetland Sheepdog 

Junior (8, 3abs)

1st Fisher’s Shellamoyed Gold Fever Beautiful pup of 8mths, and as his name suggest golden. Stunning angles throughout, head developing well with a gentle stop, dark eye, displaying a strong skull, good ear carriage. Strong top line onto a correct croup, tight feet, used his excellent angles to move well in all directions. BP & Puppy Group 2

2nd Redpath’s Pathaaron Eye Of the Storm Tri-colour bitch of 8mths, balanced feminine head enhanced with dark eye. Very close to first place for conformation, strong topline and nice croup, moved with soundness and purpose.

3rd Drysdale’s Jondrea Future Dream

Post Graduate (4, 1abs)

1st Redpath’s Molson Miroquai 13mth top sized male, gorgeous headpiece with dark eye and good ear carriage, his angles fore and aft were well balanced and this is what won him the class, nice croup, strong hocks. Moved sound.

2nd Drysdale’s Kishdigra Leave Me Breathless For Jondrea (IKC) Quite a well-balanced bitch of 19mth, just a little unsure on the day of all around her, appealing head with darkest of eye and shorter in muzzle, lovely feet, moved sound. Not quite in full coat.

3rd Drysdale’s Muireston Shooting Star For Jondrea

Open (7,1abs)

1st Stafford’s Rannerdale Showmaster 17mth male, what a lovely male, nice head with good ear carriage and dark eye. I liked his overall conformation, his outline pleasing with a nice croup, tight feet and strong hock. Moved with ease in all directions. Presented with conditioned profuse coat. Pleased to award him BOB and Group 2

2nd Redpath’s Sonymer Storm Doris Into Pathaaron JW 3yr bitch, with a tidy head showing strength. Lovely angles fore and aft with nice chest and rib development. Finished with a lovely croup. Moved so well.

3rd Clegram’s Smiddyshaw Relight My Fire ShCM

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

Limit (2, 1abs)

1st Smith’s Xanova Touch Of Grey 4yr male, strong head with good planes, correct medium ear set and carriage, correct bite, medium bone throughout, nice compact body with good top line, moulded croup and rear angles, standing on tight feet. Lovely condition. Moved sound in all directions. BOB

Open (1)

1st Smith’s Xanova Touch Of Grey

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

No entries

Border Collie

Junior (2,1abs)

1st Garside & Davies’ Harbecca Noah’s Gift 13mth bitch, what a lovely tidy girl, good bone, strong yet feminine head with dark eye, good skull and stop. Neck blends well onto a lovely lay of shoulder, upper arm good, nice and clean over withers, moulded croup and good tail set. Great rear angles, tight feet and strong hocks. In good coat. Moved well with nice ground coverage. BOB

Post Graduate (0)

Open (4,2 abs)

1st Morley & Rogerson’s Chikaramor Kynda Special Smashing 4 year male presented in top condition. Head displayed masculinity yet was not overdone, darkest of eyes gave a kind expression. Stood on tight feet and strong hocks. Lovely top line, and great rear angles which he used on the move, just a tad close behind. RBB

2nd Collier’s Tonkory Jumping For Joy Over Collherd 6yr bitch with some lovely qualities. Nice head with broad skull, lovely front but rear angles not matching, this distracts her top line slightly when on the move, however she does use all she has and is sound.

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Open (3, 1bs)

1st Sneddon’s Mor Dearg By Nesden 6yr bitch with lovely conformation, angles fore and aft well balanced. Excellent bone showing strength, tight feet. Head very expressive with dark eye and strong ear carriage, muscular neck onto a strong top line and good under carriage, nice spring of rib and moulded croup. Moved sound. BOB

2nd Sneddon’s Nesden Stob Dearg 2 year bitch, not quite the conformation as first place. Head expression assisted with a dark eye and good ear carriage. Nails need attending which spoils the feet. Moved sound.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) 

Open (3) 

1st Snedden’s Twinan the Tempest With Nesden 3 year bitch, with loved angles, strong yet feminine head, strong neck blending onto clean withers, lovely top line and under carriage, well moulded croup. Showed strength in hocks, Movement was sound in all directions. Presented in good condition. BOB

2nd Snedden’s Nesden Storm Cloud’s 8mth bitch, obviously still very young and carrying that extra puppy weight which spoilt her profile as this was heavy over her shoulders. Strong head and still developing, good top line finishing with a correct croup. Angles were good and she used these well on the move with a slightly better foot fall than first. Strong hocks. BP and Puppy Group 4

3rd Snedden’s Blondie’s Quest Santa To Bluchip

Rough Collie  

Junior (2, 1abs) 

1st Quince’s Thistlewing Celtic Soul For Karafaye young bitch of just 6mth on the day. Nice head with correct planes, darkest of eyes, correct length of neck onto a lovely front assembly, stood straight in front onto excellent feet, nice rear angles and strong hocks. Moved sound in all directions with expected puppy roll. Presented in lovely condition. BOB and BP

Open (4, 4abs)


Junior (2)

1st Curren’s Stormymoon Odin 14mth male with a super character, very eye catching with a pleasing outline. Strong balanced head with broad skull and muzzle. Strong neck of good length onto a good lay of shoulder. Strength of bone, standing straight in front onto good feet. Well angulated rear, with good muscle development for age. Moved with ease around the ring as would be expected. BOB and pleased to award him Group 3.

2nd Ferguson’s Gilcoru Xanden With Lexalby 8mth male with everything as it should be for his age. Had developing well, standing straight in front, good top line onto a good croup. Good rear angulation. Moved sound BP

Post Graduate (2)

1st Curren’s Stormymoon Odin

2nd Steel’s Fostebrie Schmitten Noir 2 yr male. Excellent bone and size without being overdone. Stood straight in front onto good feet. Well balanced front angulation, nice width to chest, level top line. Rear angles good but would like a little more to compliment when on the move. Sound movement.

Open (3, 3 abs)


Post Graduate (3,1abs)

1st Sanger’s Sogni D’Oro 13mth bitch, quite together for her age. Pleasing head with gentle stop complimented with dark eye, flews and nose. Stood on tight feet, and strong hocks. Well bodied for her age. Moved out soundly using all she had.

2nd Blair’s Penellcy Bennington Bear Just under 12 months but so much still a puppy, still very loose in front, lovely rear angles, nice body proportions, with a lovely croup. Head still developing well with dark eye, flews and nose. BP

Open (3)

1st Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi JW ShCM Mature Male, lovely masculine head but without coarseness, nice curve to skull, strong muzzle. Short strong neck. Lovely front angles, developed rib cage and body, strong hind quarters. Moved with ease. BOB

2nd Holmes’ CH Lisjovia Estevez JW ShCM Another lovely male, strong head, and equally strong neck. Well bodied with lovely angles both fore and aft. Moved out well.

3rd Sanger’s Sogni D’Oro

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy (2,1abs)

1st Queen’s Samilapp Red Keitele 11 mth Finnish Lapphund, rich colour with profuse coat, nice head with lovely skull, stop and strong muzzle, complimented with good eat set and almond eye. Short strong neck, broad back and ribcage developing well. Nice angles throughout, so sound on the move. BP and pleased to award Puppy group 3

Post Graduate (1)

1st Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee Patsy’s Spirit In Dominoesdale 3yr Old English Sheepdog, balanced bitch, stood square in profile, good head with correct eye, short strong neck, balanced angles. Moved sound.

Open (6, 4abs)

1st Knipe & Johnson’s Taronakits Kall Me Kaylee At Xenora ShCM 5yr Samoyed bitch, very compact, lovely head enhanced with the darkest of eyes and flews, lovely strong ears. Strong neck onto a good lay of shoulder, nice spring of rib, well angulated powerful hind quarters. Powerful mover, displaying a strong gait and soundness in all directions. Presented in super condition. Best AVNSC and pleased to award her Group 1.

2nd Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee The Magician In Dominoesdale ShCM VW Old English Sheepdog Male coming up to 11 years and still enjoying his day out. A little out of condition as would be expected, but still a very nice boy. Darkest of eye with a head still showing strength. Well balanced angles throughout, moved sound.

Pastoral Group 

1st SAMOYED Knipe & Johnson’s Taronakits Kall Me Kaylee At Xenora ShCM

2nd SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Stafford’s Rannerdale Showmaster

3RD BRIARD Curren’s Stormymoon Odin

4th GSD Bell’s Windgunn’s Aegean Star Over Surfstone 9mth Black and Gold Bitch of exceptional quality. She definitely made it hard for her handler, but her qualities could not be ignored by immature behaviour. Most appealing strong yet feminine head, correct length of neck onto a good lay of shoulder, complimented by matching upper arm, rear angles mirrored the front, which enabled her to display an excellent gait. Good depth and spring of rib, strong level top line onto a nicely moulded croup and tail set. Tight Feet and strong hocks for one so young, presented in excellent coat and condition.

Pastoral Puppy Group

1st GSD Bell’s Windgunn’s Aegean Star Over Surfstone

2nd SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Fisher’s Shellamoyed Gold Fever

3rd FINNISH LAPPHUND Queen’s Samilapp Red Keitele

4th WELSH CORGI (CARDIGAN) Snedden’s Nesden Storm Cloud’s

AV Pastoral

Puppy (7, 2abs)

1st SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Redpath’s Pathaaron Eye Of the Storm

2nd PYRENEAN MOUNTAIN DOG Blair’s Penellcy Bennington Bear

3rd BRIARD Ferguson’s Gilcoru Xanden With Lexalby

Open (4, 3abs)

1st OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee Paws In Thyme In Dominoesdale JW 2 year Male. Nice and square in profile, good head type with dark eye, strong muzzle with depth. Well Balanced angles both fore and aft this enabled him to move true in all directions, displaying excellent drive. Strong top line held firm at all times. Stood straight in front, and strong in hock.

Veteran (10, 3abs)

Some wonderful veterans were present, I would like to applaud the owners, for keeping them in a healthy condition and also for not forgetting them and still bringing them out to enjoy their day and continue to do what they have done throughout their younger years with no doubt many successes.

1st SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Clegram’s Smiddyshaw Relight My Fire ShCM 9 year bitch Tri colour, and in fine fettle. Head gives a lovely expression, nicely angled, well bodied. Moved fluent in all directions. In her breed class she was placed 3rd in good company and beaten by two much younger exhibits. I was so pleased to see her go BVIS

2nd OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG Laybourne & Johnson’s Mellowdee The Magician In Dominoesdale ShCM VW 10 years

3rd BORDER COLLIE Morley & Rogerson’s SH/CH/IR CH Tonkory My Kynda Guy At Chikaramor 13 years

JUDGE: Andrea Maltas (Virlees)