• Date: 15/03/2020
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Alex Paisey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Woolwich Bexley & District Canine Association

Woolwich Bexley & District Canine Association

Thank you ever so much to the society for this lovely appointment and congratulations on a well run show. I would like to thank the exhibitors for your entry. I had great quality throughout in a variety of type, with my BOB line up really giving me close calls. I was also pleased to see so much support and sportsmanship from the exhibitors also. Finally a thank you to my very efficient and friendly stewards for keeping us going.  



1st BP and RBOB – Falconcrag One For The Team at Boughton – What a smart girl! Curves and femininity to match. A rich fawn colour, lovely gentle expression with an alert eye. Correctly shaped ears. Strong neck leading to super shoulders and front assembly. Suitable depth of chest and underline, accompanying the flow to her topline. Strong loin and well placed hips. Well put together rear, with plenty of drive and muscle. Moved effortlessly around the ring and true coming and going. Definitely one I will watch in the future.

2nd REEVES - Vereden Voyage Voyage at Chrispan – Another pretty bitch, in a blue brindle colour. She is still to develop in areas, but graceful and a good a prospect all the same. A real feminine head, correct eye, ear shape and a strong jaw too. A nice lay of shoulder providing appropriate reach. Loin was strong, suitably arched and of good length. Rear quarters were toned, unexaggerated and provided good drive. Was a pleasant mover in profile showing her strength, and covering the ground well.

3rd MACKAY - Stillastar Tiger Moth

Post Graduate

1st & BOB - SMITH & COULTER - Stonefox Mean Mr Mustard – Super gent. Just the type I was looking for, with the right blend of power with a graceful outline. Real clean lines and stood over the ground nicely. Brindle in colour with white underpinnings. Masculine head, good eyes and ear shape/placement. Good neck length leading to well placed shoulders, straight front and providing excellent reach and true movement. Deep chest and correct rib shape, with a good tuck up, complementing his gentle rise over the loin. Powerful hind legs, unexaggerated and with good width to the thigh. Profile movement was free and easy, maintaining his shape and with plenty of drive. Couldn’t ignore him for BOB despite the other class winners pushing him.

 2nd BLAY - Triken Living The Dream – Light brindle in colour and of good size and substance throughout. Handsome expression, with good eyes. Strong neck and super deep chest. Ribs of good length and good tuck up. Strong loin leading to well placed rear assembly. Strong thigh of good width, and an appropriate bend of stifle. Moved out well enough, with good rear movement in particular.

3rd BYRON - Jasaarat Gucci


1st SHEPHERD - Citycroft Sunday with Oxana JW ScCM ShCEx – A very handsome dog with immediate quality. Light fawn almost gold fawn colour, in proportion, of correct size and balance. Upon initial inspection a lean head, with expressive eyes and good ears. Strong neck complimenting a well laid shoulder, providing him with plenty of reach. Super chest depth and rib shape, providing plenty of heart room. Good underline, and flow to his topline. Powerful loin leading to a well made rear. Strength throughout providing good drive too. Moved out really well in profile, providing long and easy movement.

2nd SMITH & COULTER - Cloudside River Dream of Collooney – A smart dog with pleasing shape. White with dark brindle jacket and elements. Pleasant head and typical eye with good ears to compliment. Good neck strength. Well laid shoulders providing a suitable reach. A nice depth of chest, providing good length and shape. Muscular throughout, and a well made rear heling him cover the ground well. Just didn’t quite have the qualities of first.

3rd WOODCROFT - Cobyco Cover Queen.

Judge – Alex Paisey