• Date: 09/01/2020
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Russell Hodges Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/01/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

Boston and DCS CH Show 

Sunday 12 Jan 2020 




PD (4,0) 

1. Dixon’s  Witchstone Mine’s a Double at Lasagesse.  Precocious 9 month old who stood out in the  entry for his quality and type.  Lovely well proportioned wedge head with a dark eye giving a keen expression enhanced by his candle flame ears which were well set and used to his advantage.   Arched neck into well placed shouders with a straight front.  Nicely compact in body with pleasing topline and rounded rump.   Correctly marked, with well defined thumbprints and pencilling.    Balanced movement,  with a true extended trot in front,  maintaining the cleanest of outlines.   Very Pleased to award him Best Dog,  BPIB and BOB 

2. Allsop’s Pelugias Don’t Dare Win.  8 month old with a good head and expression, and pleasing earset.   Compact body with clean outline.  Moved soundly enough with a decent extended trot.   Could benefit from carrying a touch more weight. 

3. Love’s Witchstone follow the dream with tettoy.  

PGD (1,1) 

OD (3,2) 

1. Jolley’s Ch. Witchstone Don’t Crow at Dekobras.  4yo dog of quality.   Good head and expression with candle ears well set.   Slightly arched neck with good shoulder and front.   Well bodied with adequate rise in topline and rounded rump. Excellent condition.     Moved out soundly with extended trot .    In the challenge I preferred the size, the cleaner outline, and the stronger hindquarters of the winner.  RBD 

PB (1,1) 

PGB (1,0) 


1. Ebbrell’s Shedan Flashdance.  2yo with decent head and bright eye.  Ears well placed.  Good neck and front straight enough.  Put down in good condition and well bodied.   Moved out  soudly with a satisfactory extended trot.   Thumbprints and pencilling could be more sharply defined.  

OB (4,1) 

1.  Dixon’s Lasagesse Definitely Maybe .   quality 19 month old with a lovely head and expression.  Straight front.  Compact body and good for size and type.  Well marked throughout.  Moved well with accuracy and a decent extended trot.  BB and BOS 

2. Love’s Witchstone Halo with Tettoy.  Petite bitch with decent head and attractive expression.   Well set shoulders with a pleasing body and topline and a strong hind.  Moved well.   Markings were ok although pencilling slightly faint. RBB 

3. Ebbrell’s Shedan Flashdance.  

SpBegB (2,0) 

1. Ebbrell’s Shedan Flashdance – Best Sp Beginner. 

2. Atchinson’s Witchstone Dreams come true.   6/12 petite bitch of nice type with a lovely head and ears.  In good condition and with nice clear markings.  Needs to gain in confidence as was very difficult to assess on the table.  Movement appeared to be promising.  

Dr Russell Hodges (Judge)