• Date: 05/03/2020
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: philip THIRLWELL Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/03/2020


Breed: Tibetan Terrier


Thanks to Crufts committee for my invitation to judge at the world’s greatest dog show, a particular thanks to my stewards on the day for their efficiency during judging. After 35 years in the breed I arrived at ringside full of pride and anticipation to judge over 200 Tibetan Terriers.  Thanks to Gillian my partner and friends for their support in the run up to the show. 

The breed I found in a good state, most being very well presented and exhibited in good condition, I however felt we are losing the square outline which is so fundamental to the breed, feet were good, but some heads were disappointing, too many long and narrow forefaces.  I was looking for a free moving TT and in general had enough present in classes to find this. I thank exhibitors for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner, unfortunately some good exhibits had to leave card less today. A judging appointment of a lifetime, I was happy with my winners and mentally drained when I was finished.  Both my dog, BOB and bitch CC winners I felt were great examples of the breed and I was very pleased to get my hands on TTs of such quality.- 








VETERAN D    Entries:      15     Absentees            

 1st          MR N S & MS J SMITH & HADLINGTON  -  CH TETSIMI MOVES LIKE  JAGGER – Gold and White just into veteran who has been a great ambassador for the breed.  He has some good breed points being square, carrying a profuse double coat and big flat feet.  Scored in neck and front assembly, good for rib cage, short backed carrying a level topline, pleasing rear angles.  He comes to the fore with his ease of movement covering the ground in style – a real showman. Coat excellently presented.  Pushed hard for top honours today. A worthy champion. 

2nd         MISS T FURY  -  KASHI BOW BOW WOW – Black, 7 years, a male that I have previously awarded a CC to as a youngster.  A classic head and expression, strong bite good ear placement, correct for neck and shoulders, straight front, good spring of rib allowing plenty of lung room, flat feet, square in outline, good tail set, moving well – he is a very typical example of the breed, no flash and dash just a good honest dog that is fit for purpose, shown in strong hard condition and well textured coat. 

3rd         MRS C LE MOIGNAN  -  CH WATERLEY SKYFALL PDH – Gold sable shown in profuse coat and in good muscle tone.  Not as strong in head as I would like having a slightly longer muzzle.  Dark eyes good pigment well set ears, correct neck and shoulders, straight front, good feet.  Correct spring of rib level top line, high set tail, good bend of stifle moved soundly. 

MIN PUPPY D                              Entries:       0     Absentees           0 

PUPPY D                                       Entries:       8     Absentees           1 

1st         MRS A & MR A SINCLAIR & BARRON  -  TILASHU MIDNIGHT  SPECIAL AT ARAKI – Tricolour, a real showman, full of sparkle on the move.  Strong in head, dark eye, good pigmentation and strong bite.  Muscular neck of medium length, well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm, parallel front with good reach.  Square in outline, tail carried high, well angled and well-muscled rear.  Good flat feet, good bend of stifle. Excellently handled, covering the ground well, coat coming well presented.  BP 

2nd      MRS B & MR L PERKINS  -  BEAVERMEADOW PARHELION – Gold sable, liked his head and expression, straight front, good shoulder placement, good depth of chest nice spring of rib, not as square as my class winner, good tail set, moved soundly. 

3rd         MISS S MCKINLEY  -  ARAKI THE GAMECHANGER – black and white, good for head and expression well set ears, good neck, and front angles, good substance, good rear angles and high tail set, not the balance on the move as 1 and 2. 

JUNIOR D      Entries:      11     Absentees           2 

1st         MR A M, MISS C A & MS S A BRIDGES, ROSE-DAWSON & R  -  SANCHARA IGNITE THE LIGHT AT ARAKI JW – Black and white, have in my notes, standing presents the outline I was looking for today being square and balanced.  Pleasing head and expression, dark eye, good bite well placed ears, good stop.  Neck of medium length on good shoulders, sound front assembly with those typical flat feet.  Compact in body with good spring of rib, plenty of substance, in good muscle, coat beautifully presented with a shine, good tail set, moved as one with handler. Easy winner today. 

2nd          MISS C L & MRS L COOPER  -  ARAKI GLOWING EMBER – Tricolour that I have admired from the ringside throughout the year.  He is a little taller than I like, but he moves with his accomplished handler with style and drive.  Liked his typical head and expression, correct in all departments, straight front, square and good strong rear.  Coat of correct texture, a quality youngster. 

3rd         MRS J PRICE  -  ARAKI AINT NO OTHER KYBO – Black, litter brother to 2, again a quality youngster, square in outline, good head and expression, good front assembly, flat feet, good spring of rib, well angled rear carrying a high tail set.  Super presentation and handled to get the best out of him.  Felt that 2 covered the ground a little better today. 

YEARLING D    Entries:       9     Absentees           2 

 1st         MISS C L & MRS L COOPER  -  ARAKI JUSTA BOOT PERFECT – Very typical black, excelled in head and expression, dark eye strong bite, good length of neck, well placed shoulders, straight front with good bone.  Correct feet, good spring of rib, short coupled with level top line, correct tail set.  Good bend of stifle, moved soundly. 

2nd         MRS D RUDDERHAM  -  TAXIKI FLAME NFORTUNE – Gold sable and white, profusely coated, again typical for head, good pigmentation, dark eye, resolute expression, not the shape of my class winner but I did like him.  Tail carried well over back, enough angulation to rear, moved soundly.  Well presented. 

3rd         MRS V DAVIES  -  PINROW SHINING PEARL – Black, very classical in head, dark eyes, strong muzzle of correct length, good bite.  Good body proportions, correct front angles, good for ribs, strong in body, correct for shape, just not as steady on the move which cost him a higher place.  

POST GRAD D    Entries:      13     Absentees           1 

1st         MISS C E OHM  -  PALSHAR JUMPING JACK FLASH AT TIANMHO JW – Gold Sable and White, a little larger than I would normally go for but was very impressed by his construction and flowing movement.  He has a strong masculine head with good pigmentation for this colour.  Good depth of chest, strong for bone and correct feet, well angled front and rear, square in profile and carries his tail high.  Well presented, moving with reach and drive keeping his top line level. 

2nd       MRS L & MRS L COOPER & PURSLOW  -  ARAKI WHODARES WINS – Black and white, again the square outline I was looking for today.  Excelled in head qualities.  Good neck and shoulders, sound front, short coupled, pleasing rear angles which he used to advantage on the move.  Handler got the best out of him to gain this creditable place. 

3rd          MRS V J MEEGAN  -  AVANESS WHATEVER THE DRAMA – Black correct for size and outline, good head qualities, not as strong in front movement as 1 and 2.  Good body proportions, level top line, good bend of stifle, high set tail, coat of good texture, well presented. 

MID LIMIT D     Entries:      12     Absentees           1 

1st         MRS A & MR A SINCLAIR & BARRON  -  DATDAMMDAWG AT ARAKI   (IMP SWE) – Striking black and white, one of the best textured coats of the day.  Square in outline which he keeps on the move.  Head carried on an exceptional neck.  Good front assembly with big flat feet, level top line short coupled, carries his tail high, enough bone and substance, moved with style, just needs to mature in body, a very promising youngster. 

2nd         MR R ANDREWS  -  LASANG ROUGH JUSTICE – Black and white – head of good proportions strong muzzle, dark eyes, correct length of neck, sound front constriction with good feet, shown in perfuse coat, that was well presented, slightly longer in loin than my class winner, but a very typical TT that moves soundly with good easy flowing action. 

3rd         MISS E K O'CONNOR  -  TALISMAN TIBETA BUDDA (IMP RUS) – Dark sable, scored in head qualities being balanced with strength of muzzle, good pigment, dark eye, good front assembly, plenty of bone and substance.  Shown in good coat and condition, sound mover, well handled by young handler. 

LIMIT D         Entries:      12     Absentees           0 

1st       MR T & MRS L BATEMAN  -  BALTORO BLACK TO THE FUTURE – Black, a dog that I have admired from the ringside from a young age.  At first glance his is balanced and square in outline with the best of heads, lovely strong neck, good shoulders, correct bone and feet.  He has good spring of rib, short in loin well angled rear and high set tail carried well.  He has attitude on the move and commands attention.  Coat of correct texture and well presented. 

2nd       MRS J, MRS T & MR A PRICE, LEESE & BARRON  -  ARAKI BRASS  BARABASS – Gold Sable and white, full of himself, I felt he was in between coats but it was of good texture just needs finish to take a higher place.  Again square and balanced, with good head carriage neck and front angles, large black nose.  Enough bone and substance. He stood square and showed himself to advantage. 

3rd         MRS V DAVIES  -  PINROW DARK TREASURE – Very typical boy in all departments from this kennel.  Good for size, classic head proportions with great expression, strong muzzle and good chin.  Moved soundly, square in outline, just not the finish to take higher honours. 

OPEN D     Entries:      16     Absentees           0 

1st         MISS M BRUNELL  -  NORD CH DHOKI APSOS JACKPOT JAH-ZAR  [ATC AW02505NOR] – As soon as I looked around this fantastic open dog class I was spoilt for choice.  Some real quality TTs had to leave the ring without a place, I wish I could have handed out more prize cards here.  My class winner caught my eye as soon as I assessed the dogs in the ring.  On examination my eye did not lie to me he felt as good as he looked.  He fitted the standard perfectly.  He is square in outline, correct size, with just the right amount of bone and substance.  He excels in head qualities which was balanced with strength to muzzle, dark eyes, strong dentition and strength of jaw.  Head carried proudly on a strong correct neck.  Front assembly spot on, good feet, good depth of chest, good ribbing with plenty of lung room, short loin, correct tail set, well-muscled rear with good bend of stifle.  He did not disappoint on the move showing that reach and drive so typical of the breed.  He held his shape at all times, at one with handler responding to her every request.  Coat of correct texture superbly presented.  I could not deny him the CC and BOB today.  Just loved him. 

2nd         MR G DAVIES  -  CH BARNSTORM WATERLEY UNITED BY DZINE – Black and white glamour boy, a real showman and a great example of the breed.  Excelled in neck, outline and tail carriage.  I last awarded him a first prize when he was a minor puppy and he has matured into an excellent specimen of the breed.  He has so many qualities to admire.  Great neck and front assembly, good body proportions, level top line, highest tail and strong rear.  He moves soundly, (at pace) keeping his outline at all times. Excellent coat and presentation.  Pushed hard for top honours but felt that the winner for me fitted the standard more in my eye.  A worthy champion I liked him a lot. RCC. 

3rd         MR G & MRS H STICKLEY  -  CH WALKAMILE HERE COMES THE SUN JW SHCM – Black, he is not a glamour boy but won his place in this class being in possession of one of the best heads I have seen.  Strong masculine and the best of expressions.  Dark eyes perfect reverse scissor bite giving strength to chin.  Powerful neck on well laid shoulders, good feet, short coupled, enough body and substance.  Correct tail set, level top line and good rear angles which allowed him to have that driving action.  Kept his shape on the move.  Coat of correct texture, well presented.  A worthy champion. 

GOOD CIT D                  Entries:       3     Absentees           1 

1st          MR G V & MRS K PLUMMER  -  TETSIKARMA STARGAZER SHCM SHCEX VW – Black and white 4th in a very strong Veteran class.  He is square and has a pleasing head, moves with good reach and drive, keeps his top line level, nice proportioned body with high tail set.  Well presented, moved out in style. 

2nd         MISS E MACKENZIE  -  ROUTENBURN AGAMEMNON AT ORZAM – black and white – 5th in mid-limit.  He has some pleasing qualities, good head and expression, good front angles, good for bone and feet, not the square outline I was looking for today but he moves soundly, coat of good texture and quality.  Well handled. 

VETERAN B        Entries:      14     Absentees           1 

 1st         MRS A DRAPER-ANDREWS  -  CH LASANG ZIPPY LIZ – Tricolour, top size for a bitch, won this class on her free flowing stylish movement defying her years.  Has a great head carriage and poise on the move.  Pleasing head, she has plenty of substance throughout, good neck and shoulders, straight front, strongly built in body, level top line, good angled rear and good tail set.  Shown in full coat which was well presented. Good driving rear movement. 

2nd        MR G W CHERRY  -  CH LYNCES DIAMONDS AND PEARLS JW SHCM VW – Very feminine black and white who I have admired over the years.  Good to go over, she has a pretty head, dark eye, and blackest pigmentation, good neck and shoulder proportions good bone and good feet.  Nice spring of rib, high tail carriage and sound movement.  

3rd         MRS B J & MR S R S JONES  -  BOSHANTI LILIBELLE SHCM – another pretty black and white of good proportions, very typical throughout.  Balanced, good shape, moved well to gain this placing.  Well presented. 

MIN PUPPY B     Entries:       7     Absentees           0 

 1st         MR D & MISS A MCDOWELL & LUSTY  -  BLAMORDER YOUVE BEEN HAD – Such a cutie, not the tallest of bitches but square and balanced.  Pretty feminine head with nice expression, dark pigmentation for a gold sable and white.  Good neck and top line, enough body, good bend of stifle and high set tail which she carried well maintaining her shape on the move.  Well handled by young handler to get the best out of her in this class – promising future ahead. 

2nd         MR & MRS I K KEMP  -  YANLAN MYSTIQUE – Black and white, taller but square in profile but still feminine.  Good head and expression, good bite, dark pigmentation, good for front and rear, high tail set, coat coming, moved well. 

3rd       MRS J HINDLE  -  BOSHANTI NATALYA FOR ABELENUS – white and sable, pleasing head and expression, good neck, well angled straight front, good feet, level top line, slightly long in loin good angles to rear moved soundly. 

PUPPY B        Entries:       9     Absentees           1 

 1st         MRS J ANDREW-TEMPEST  -  MIKUDI CLEOPATRA – Gold sable, up to size for a girl, however, she won this class on her true front and rear movement with good reach and drive.  I loved her head qualities with that resolute expression that was lacking in a lot of exhibits today.  Good eye, pigmentation and strength of muzzle.  Good neck and shoulders, deep chest, good bone, and huge flat feet.  Short coupled and square, well-muscled rear and high tail set.  Could not be denied the class. BPB 

2nd        MISS S J BIRD  -  ARAKI AZRAR PANDORA – Another girl that I really liked, she has that certain sparkle that I was looking for.  Carries herself well on the move.  Pleasing head neck and front assembly, good for bone large flat feet.  Strong in ribs and loin, good behind, moved well, just preferred the tail carriage of my class winner. 

3rd         MRS D GREEN  -  WATERLEY ANGEL EVANGELISTA WITH  MALOCOMI – Striking black and white, who was feminine throughout, pretty in head, good front and rear assembly in good condition, not the finish in coat of 1 and 2 but a nice puppy, seems to be a handful! 

JUNIOR B             Entries:      15     Absentees           2 

One and two in this class could easily have changed places. 

1st         MISS F & MR M WHITEHEAD & SELBY  -  ZILCAN RHAPSODY IN  BLACK – black and white girl who never stopped showing.  She is square and balanced.  Pretty in head, dark eye, good bite, good length of neck well laid shoulders, straight front, enough spring of rib, short coupled, good bend of stifle, tail set high.  She moved well and stood four square.  Excellent presentation and handling. 

2nd         MR P C & MRS E WILSON  -  WATERLEY RHYME AND REASON AT DJANKAY – On the table I thought I had found my class winner.  She is very feminine and well-constructed, has a classic head and expression, good front well proportioned body and well angled rear, tail set completes the picture and standing she was the profile and shape I was looking for.  However, on the first move to the corner of the ring she was distracted by a camera man lying on the floor this seemed to unnerve her and it was not until the final move that she re-gained her confidence to stride soundly both ways and gained a very credible 2nd in this strong class. 

3rd         MS E J HADLOW  -  KHYIBRANGÆS REGAL ROCK AT QUIDDITCH -black with white markings, again excelled in head and front assembly, good rear angles and good tail set. Coat well presented, showed her socks off, but just not the squareness in body of 1 and 2. 

YEARLING B           Entries:      10     Absentees           0 

 1st         MISS S DYKES  -  PINROW MIDNIGHT DIVA AT KASHI – Young black bitch that is so typical of this kennel.  I have in my notes naughty but nice, she is a real handful for the handler but that is a typical TT.  She has classic head proportions, good bite, strong muzzle, dark eyes, enough stop, correct skull and good ear set.  Correct neck flowing into good shoulder placement, good bone and feet, enough ribs, good top line, enough substance throughout and good tail set.  Strong angled rear which she used to drive around the ring.  Quality coat of correct texture just right for age, moved well once settled.  She had that glint in her eye and I could not deny her the RCC today – well done. 

2nd         MRS D RAIMONDA MACENSKIENE  -  ANG KI CHI TAI TIK JUMS  [ATC AW02335LTU] – Gold sable and white, square in outline,  balanced both in profile and on the move.  Pleasing feminine head of quality.  Well set ears on nicely shaped skull, good head carriage, good angles to forequarters, body compact, well-muscled rear, tail carried correctly, easy on the move and on the eye. Coat well presented. 

3rd         MRS V S & MISS A J VERNALL  -  RENVALL'S PAIN IN THE GRASS – bitch on the larger side both in height and substance.   Quality head with typical expression strong bite.  Strong in neck well placed shoulders good bone and big feet.  Solid in body, good height to length proportion, well-muscled, good tail, profuse in coat, moved soundly. 

POST GRAD B              Entries:      19     Absentees           3 

 1st         MS E & MRS A HADLOW & HEARNE  -  SNOANDA HELLO DOLLY – Black and white, square and well balanced girl, with a pretty head, dark eyes and good pigmentation.  Long neck on well angled shoulders, straight front and good feet.  Good spring of rib, high tail set and good bend of stifle.  She moved with an easy action which helped her gain this class win. 

2nd         MRS R THURSTON  -  TETSIMI SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM FOR JALREN – Gold and white, classic shape and size, presented in excellent coat and condition.  She is balanced throughout has good head proportions, adequate neck, sound in front and rear, level top line good tail set, moved with ease around the ring.  Preferred the rear angles of my class winner.  A good exhibit. 

3rd         MRS J ANDREW-TEMPEST  -  QANDA LHI'S U-BZANBA AT MIKUDI (IMP ITA) – Gold sable, square in outline, liked her head and expression, good front and rear angles, coat coming. Good body proportions and good ribbing and short loin, level top line.  Just tended to drop her head on the move which cost her a higher place. 

MID LIMIT B           Entries:      17     Absentees           2 

1st         MRS C LE MOIGNAN  -  WATERLEY MONEYPENNY – This black and white girl was ultra-feminine.  Carrying a sweet head, dark eye with good pigmentation.  She is very stylish and eye-catching with a very long, straight, gleaming coat which had the best of presentation.  Pleasing front and rear, and high tail carriage, enough body and substance, moved soundly both ways to win this class. 

2nd         MR A SKABOULLOS  -  ROGELL'S ZESTY LADY CLOUDBUSTER (IMP NOR) – Gold and white, up to size but everything in the right place.  Typical head and expression strong neck, good front assembly, good ribbing, strong rear with high set tail.  Sound on the move.  Particularly liked her coat texture and condition. 

3rd         MR N S SMITH  -  TETSIMI ROCK YOUR SOX OFF – Black bitch of correct size and shape, typical in head, dark eyes, would of preferred a little more neck, straight front, good feet, short coupled, good bend of stifle and tail set, just need a little more umph on the move. 

LIMIT B                Entries:      14     Absentees           2 

1st         MRS V DAVIES  -  PINROW PRECIOUS GEM – Another black bitch from this kennel on classic lines.  This bitch could have been shown years ago as their type has never changed.  A credit to the breeder.  She has a typical head and expression, strong in muzzle, balanced with good set to ears.  Enough neck on well laid shoulders.  Pleasing front angles and good feet.  Short coupled, keeping a level top line on the move and standing, good tail set and good bend of stifle.  Just needed more finish to gain higher honours strongly considered for RCC. 

2nd         MR N S SMITH  -  TETSIMI PANDA PRINT -  black and white who’s body ratio was not as good as my class winner.  Pleasing head and expression, good neck and shoulders, straight front, correct spring of rib, well angled rear and good tail, moved sound. 

3rd         MR R ANDREWS  -  LASANG IZZY WIZZY – black and white, square and compact, not quite the strength of head of my winners.  Long neck and good front angles, good feet, short coupled, good driving rear action, well presented and handled. 

OPEN B                  Entries:      16     Absentees           1 

 1st         MR G DAVIES  -  CH WATERLEY PARTYPIECE – black and white who oozes quality.  Good for size, shape and outline.  She comes to life on the move and commands attention.  Striking coat well presented.  Pleasing head qualities, ultra-feminine, good nose pigmentation, head balanced throughout, well set ears, good for neck and shoulder, good front angles that allows that front reach I was looking for.  Compact body with enough spring of rib to allow good lung capacity, level top line, short loin, well bent stifle and low set hocks.  High tail set.  Covered the ground and showed herself to advantage.  Could not be denied the BCC from a quality line-up. 

2nd         MRS J & MR A HONEY  -  CH KHYIBRANG QUEEN OF THE STRAITS JW – This black bitch is the correct size and shape that I was looking for.  She has a well-proportioned head, with typical expression.  She has correct body proportions throughout, is well bodied and muscled with good angles to allow her to move freely with ease.  She is maturing in coat but is correct for age.  She is a typical, quality exhibit just out moved by 1 today. 

3rd         MRS C M ALLEN  -  DHOKI APSOS JOY TO BE FOXY AT  BALDERSTONE (IMP NOR) – Another quality black bitch which is the size and shape for me. Everything is in the right place, pleasing head and typical expression, body proportions correct, enough bone and substance.  Moved true both ways, would just prefer a higher head carriage on the move to improve her profile.  Correct coat, immaculately presented. 

GOOD CIT B                  Entries:       6     Absentees           1 

 1st         MISS L RHODES  -  KHATIBI FLUFFANELLA AT CALONLAN – 5th in yearling class – feminine gold and white, moved the best in this class.  Parallel in front, sweet head good front angles, would prefer more bend of stifle good tail set, coat well presented. 

2nd         MISS S WREN  -  REMMUS MY BEST GIRL – A big gold girl moved soundly, strong in bone, shown in profuse coat which was well presented. 

3rd        MR & MRS D SUMMERS  -  ANJIMALSEA HELLO DOLLY – tricolour ok for head and expression, lacking In neck and not the shape I was looking for today, moved o.k. 


Philip Thirlwell