• Date: 09/01/2020
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/01/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: English Setter

Boston & District CS 10.1.20 

English Setters 

Thank you to my stewards for their efficient work. I was surprised to find so many faulty mouths in the males  and overall the lack of positive hind movement.This came into my consideration in otherwise typy exhibits.The bitches were of much better quality and a pleasure to judge. 


1.Cole’s Ingella Midnight Storm,6 months baby,well balanced for his age,preferred his head type to 2.Good reach of neck,well ribbed with spring and length.Well set hindquarters,moved confidently. 

2.Parrish’s Tawnymeade Tranquil Waters,heavier type with good bone.Typically shaped overall,not the return of upper arm of 1 and needs to fill in ribbing behind front.Hind movement could be stronger. 


1.Taylor’s Bumblecorn Ash of Tattay,substantial male with bone substance.Would like better reach of neck but has strong topline and is well ribbed back.Moved positively with good tail carriage. 

2.Williamson & Evans Hawklawn Hyperion with Canterwey,Lighter frame and preferred this head type.Slightly more upright in shoulder and not the body of 1 especially through the loin.Moved with good width but higher carried  tail. 


1.Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz,my eventual BD,well balanced head with soft expression.Good length and reach of neck with well angulated front,well filled in forechest.Could be a little stronger in topline behind the withers, but has good outline and good width to loin and hindquarters.Tail could be carried lower.His handler needs to find his best speed as at times he paced, but was sound when he did find his stride. 

2.Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW,pushed winner hard,lighter built male with well proportioned head,slightly stronger in skull.Very similar in type but not the shoulder angulation of 1,higher on the leg,stood over the ground well.Not as positive in hind movement. 

3.Worthy’s Tattersett Big Orange. 


1.Whittington’s Juldeane Excalibur ShCM,Masculine,perhaps could do with more elegance.Would like more length to muzzle to balance head.Good set of neck into shoulders.Mature body as you would expect,good definition of hock,moved soundest here.RBD. 

2.Oliver’s Bramstorm Oberon,lighter build.Typical head and expression.Lean neck into front.Not as strong over the loin and could be stronger in hindquarters. 

3.Harris,Bridgwater & Hoeksema’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela JW. 


1.Worthy’s Tattersett Big Orange,would like a stronger type to head, well muscled, crested neck.Well bodied with firm topline.Would like a shade more length to set of hindquarters.Good bone substance. 


1.Dennis,Harris & Morgan’s Gemsett Ice Cold in Alex at Mariglen,headed the strongest class of the day.Feminine balanced head,for preference would like a shade more typyness,but soft expression. 

Well set neck into well angulated forehand.Strong pasterns and feet.Well ribbed with firm topline.Strong,well muscled hindquarters.The soundest mover today,to be picky would like a shade more reach but plenty of width both coming and going.BB & BOB. 

2.Schoneville & Derry’s Kenaiteen Feta Balvenie, typy head of good proportions.Not as well angulated in front and a little slack in topline.Good spring of rib and width of hindquarters standing but not as positive on moving. 

3.Oliver’s Bramstorm Speckled Wood. 


1.Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto,liked her head and expression and overall type.Well balanced all through with good reach of neck and well developed ribbing. Well defined bend of stifle,moved well. 

2.Bryant & Hollis’ Phenset Sparks Will Fly JW,shorter coupled all through.A little stronger in skull and preferred type of 1.Well matured body,not the bone quality carried down.Moved with good width. 

3.McLoughlin’s Arabin Midnight Frost. 


1.Grimsdell’s Sh.Ch.Gillancette Pebbles for Tatterset JW,feminine typy bitch with quality head and expression.Strong reach of neck and well angulated front.Strong through pasterns.Well shaped body,ribbed well  back.Well set hindquarters with plenty of length to hock.Lovely tail carriage.Just moving a shade narrow going away.RBB. 

2.Bryant & Hollins’Phenset Firefly,well developed ,shapely body.Preferred the quality of head type of 1.A shade upright in shoulder.Stood over the ground well,moved close behind. 


1.Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto. 

2.Kerr’s Tavensett Golden Charm,more compact in build.Heavier backskull and not length of neck Stood with loose elbows despite being well bodied. 

Pam Marston-Pollock.