• Date: 07/03/2020
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Julia Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/03/2020

East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

EALRC – 7 MARCH 2020


Thank you so much to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge this lovely show. A special thank you to the exhibitors having spent the previous day at Crufts. My only wish was that there were more CCs.

VD (7 – 4 abs) – 1 & BV. Brown, Todd & Farquharson’s Sh Ch Ramsayville Ruby Walsh. What a super black who defied his years. Clean outline, well balanced and in excellent condition. Appealing head into clean neck, well boned and tight feet. Reached out on the move.

2. Bartosova’s Aldamity Z Black Diamond. Another nice black, little smaller than 1. Happy showman, good shoulder angulation and deep through brisket. Slightly longer coupled than 1. Moved well.

3. Collyer’s Oliver Of Elm Gardens.

FTD (1 – 0 abs) – 1. Rose’s Briwed Magic At Leospring. Dark yellow in good condition. Well pigmented, good reach of neck in to well placed shoulders. Good bone and tight feet.

STUDD (1 – 0 abs) – 1. Lesley’s Steeleigh Blue Print JW. Black dog who unfortunately hadn’t settled as he came in to the ring. Kind expression, strong in neck, good shoulder and well ribbed. Strong quarters with well let down hocks. In good coat.

MPD (4 - 0 abs) – 1. Wiles’ Mambrinos Angus At Richbourne (Imp Nor). 8 month old yellow. Lovely type with lots of coat. Good pigmentation, clean neck into excellent shoulders, well boned and deep through brisket. Well let down hocks. Lots to like about him.

2. Metcalfe’s Baileykin Smartiepants For Baileydale. Pale yellow of just 8 months. Nice head and pigmentation, clean neck buy still very loose in topline. Tail straight off his back. Happy showman.

3. Collins’ Ramsayville Right On Time For Kaspair.

PD (10 - 1 abs) – 1 & BPIS. Coode’s Warringah’s The Bluff JW. 10 month black dog. Not a big puppy but commands attention. Appealing head and expression, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, deep through brisket and strong quarters. Lovely tight feet and moved freely.

2. Bailiss’s Tissalian Hi Chaperal. 10 month pale yellow. Lovely type and good coat, tail just needs a little more clothing. Clean lines, short coupled, strong quarters and excellent feet. Moved well.

3. Carpanini’s Carpenny Poldark.

JD (14 - 3 abs) - 1. Hopkinson’s Rocheby Old Timer. Yellow with beautiful head so typical of this kennel. Losing his coat but still plenty left. Clean lines and well balanced. Good tight feet, well let down hocks, moved and showed well.

2. Douglas’s Talard Glasdrumond Wood. Yellow and a different type to 1. Longer caste, tail well clothed. Deep through brisket, well boned and level topline held on the move. Handled well.

3. Perkins’ Carromer Tegulia By Keeninspires.

YD (9 - 3 abs) – 1. Hodge’s Naiken Elite Envoy (AI) JW Ir Jnr Ch. Haven’t seen this dog since he was a puppy and my, how he’s come on. Not overdone in any way. Clean outline, lovely head, short coupled and excellent movement.

2. Marshall, Carson & Farquharson’s Kinchyle Heatherington. Black, nice type and an active looking dog in good condition. Correct head ratios, good coat, short coupled, strong over loin and well muscled thighs.

3. Druggan’s A Sense Of Pleasure Get Lucky JW (Imp Deu)

MD (2 – 0 abs) – 1. As 2nd MPD.

2. Withdrawn

ND (4 – 1 abs) – 1. As 2nd MPD.

2. Boulden’s Abbeystead Pageant At Rumhill. Black dog who looked tired out but once moving went well. Nice head and expression, deep through brisket, short coupled. Lacked coat today.

3. Withdrawn

UGD (5 – 3 abs) 1. Hopkinson’s Rocheby Stockman. Up to size yellow. Lovely head and kind expression, Super reach of neck, level topline and well clothed tail. Well boned into tight feet. Good coat.

2. Perkins’ Carromer Tegulia By Keeninspires. Yellow, a little longer caste than 1. Good reach of neck in to level topline and correct tail set. Good shoulder angulation, hocks well let down and free movement covering the ground with ease.

GD (8 – 1 abs) – 1. As JD.

2. Richmond’s Brigglebank Birdman. Black who was a little excitable. Nice head, clean neck, short coupled and well ribbed. Lacking a little undercoat and lost his trousers on the day.

3. Hutchinson’s Glosmere The Grenadier JW.

PGD (8 - 3 abs) – 1. Brown’s Ramsayville Revolver. Black in great condition. Correct front angulation with forechest often lacking these days. Deep through brisket, strong quarters and moved well. Happy show man.

2. Walton’s Gallybob Marmalade. Yellow, smaller than 1. Beautiful head with kind expression and good pigmentation. Correct front angulation, good bone in to tight feet. Correct coat, would prefer tail to be a little better clothed.

3. Godden’s Woodmist Coldplay.

MdLD (8 – 0 abs) – 1. Metcalfe’s Carromer Jack Flash To Baileydale JW, Bel Jnr Ch. Lovely yellow who won this class on shoulder. Very attractive head, well boned, short coupled and in good coat.

2. Hodge’s Naiken East Meets West (AI) JW. Black, bigger and different type to 1 and so attentive. Good bone into tight feet, good width of 2nd thigh, hocks well let down and in good condition. Excellent mover.

3. Lesley’s Aramis Britannica Archipelago At Steeleigh (IMP LTU) JW

LD (4 - 0 abs) –1. As 1st StudD

2. Allen’s Timouron Legacy. Short coated yellow, nice type. Good reach of neck and correct front assembly. Good head and kind eye. Not too deep through brisket and lacking trousers today. Steady mover.

3. Godden’s Woodmist Wesley.

OD (22 - 12 abs) – 1 & CC. Bailiss’s Sh Ch Tissalian Hi Jack JW. What can I say about this boy that hasn’t already been said. Pale yellow, not a big dog but so well balanced. Beautiful head with correct pigmentation. Correct ear set, clean neck and correct shoulder angulation. Well boned and strong quarters Excellent mover.

2. Wiles’ Sh Ch Richbourne Londoner JW. Another lovely yellow. Good forechest and deep through brisket. Well boned into tight feet. Level topline and tail straight off the back. Good coat. Just preferred the movement of 1.

3. Douglas’s IR SH CH Talard Cee Three Pee Ohh

SWD (6 - 3 abs) 1 & RCC. Mondini’s Ch Bravo Messi. Wow, what a find and pushed hard for CC. Yellow boy with a head to die for, his expression was as near perfect for me as I would ask. Clean neck and the best shoulder placement of the day. Deep brisket, short coupled, strong quarters and good width of 2nd thigh. In great condition.

2. Bartosova’s Dolbia Inky (ATC AW02030POL). Black, nice type with pleasing head. Level topline and tail straight off the back. Good tight feet, barrel rib and deep brisket. Good width of 2nd thigh and strong quarters. In good condition.

3. Hermanutz’s Int Ch/Cie Ch Dolbia Tangerine

Julia Lewis (Judge)