• Date: 05/03/2020
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judge: Doreen Smillie-Gray Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/03/2020


Breed: Large Munsterlander


I would like to thank the Crufts Committee for the invitation to judge at this prestigious event. I had some quality dogs to judge and thoroughly enjoyed my day. Well done to all my winners.

VETERAN D (4,0) – 1st and Best Veteran and RCC – Logie & Grays Sh Ch Albadhu Paws for Perfection – I have done this handsome lad well in the past and today he did not disappoint. Quality dog with good head and kind expression. Good depth and topline. Moves well with power and style. He is sire of my BCC winner and BP. So he is certainly passing on his quality to his offspring. 2nd Macgregor’s Sh Ch Jaudas Fame and Glory – A smart boy, rangier type than my winner. Well muscled and moves with drive and reach. Good angulation and depth of rib. 3rd Hewitt’s Sh Ch Brockchime Be a Betta Boy – good honest type, nice head and expression, moderate angulation and moves out well. Puppy (2,1) – 1st and BP Jenks’s Albadhu Hidden Potential – sired by my RCC winner. He is big enough would not want him to grow any more. Good masculine head, clean front, good depth and holds his topline well on the move. Well muscled and shall be interested in his progress.

Junior (6,1) – 1st Davis-Green’s Abdecker Dancer – A classy youngster with a good masculine head, kind expression. Good clean front, good shoulders and moderate angulation. Well muscled and moves with power and drive. Another I shall watch his future in the show ring with great interest. Foreman’s Toberworry Harvest Moon – Another smart youngster, not quite the depth of my winner but has time on his side. Good head and expression. Good movement and held his topline. A nice boy. 3rd Overton’s Quilesta Simply Harrys Boy – This youngster was very well muscled, moves OK. Lovely expression, good depth and length and angulation. Post Graduate (9,2) I found this class to have a mixture of types 1st Powell & Murrell’s Crumpsbrook Woodrush – Same sire as my DCC. Best mover in this class with a lovely head and kind expression. Well muscled and good angulation. Looks like he is fit to do a days work. Nice youngster. 2nd Wood & Tapp’s Eno Von Ellenstedt Zum Teufelsmoor (Imp Deu) – Only a youngster at 22 months. Really fell for his lovely head and gorgeous expression, lovely angulation and depth. Just needing time to settle on his movement. Good muscle and a very smart boy. 3rd Makins’s Tarkanya Bonnies Brand Mit Munset – This boy had a good masculine head, good depth of rib and angulation. Mature boy and honest type. Moves OK. Limit (5,0) 1st James’s Darkensky Prometheus JW – sired by my 3rd place dog in the very strong Veteran class. When you handled him, he handled fit, with good depth. Very well muscled and moves effortlessly around the ring with power and drive. Well put together. 2nd Goodley’s Quilesta Just Talented – Another smart dog with excellent depth of rib and good topline. Good angulation and moves well with style. Masculine head with good expression. 3rd Weare’s Kamaze Revolution – An older dog who is as sound as a pound. Good masculine head, excellent muscle and moves out well.  Open (6,0) – 1st Macgregor’s Ekkolander Snowstorm – Sired by my 2nd place winner in the strong Veteran class and has many of his attributes. Free and easy mover. Good head and expression, very good muscle and angulation. Good depth and holds topline well on the move. Quality dog. 2nd Huggins-Davis’s Tralale Chunky Monkey – Young dog with lots of potential. Very good condition. Good masculine head, lovely angulation and muscle. Not quite the front reach of my winner on the move, but a good dog. 3rd Fraatz’s Cib CH Chester Aus Der Voreifel – An extremely laid back character. Loved his movement which was effortless. Well muscled and typical breed head with lovely expression. Very nice dog. Field Trial (2,0) – 1st, DCC and BOB Lloyd & Smith’s Ch Crumpsbrook Bayleaf Von Rulander – The star of the day, this was certainly his day and didn’t put a foot wrong. He looked great in the Gundog group. A quality boy who for me ticks all the boxes as how I interpret the breed standard for a Large Munsterlander. Good size with masculine head and excellent expression. Lovely depth and angulation and moves well with power and style. Good reach fore and aft. I couldn’t deny him his win today. Thank you for exhibiting him. 2nd Wood & Taff’s Raycris Lure of the Quest at Teufelsmoor – 12 year old boy who looked well for his age. Would of loved to have seem him in his younger days. He had excellent angulation and moved out well for his age. Special Working (2,0) – 1st Davis-Green’s Jaudas Ink Spot – This boy was 4th in the Post Graduate class. 6 year old dog, honest type. Well muscled and moves OK. 2nd Lane’s Rokko Von Florbach (Imp Deu) – Not the most settled today, good head and nice size. Moves OK. Good Citizen Dog Scheme (6,0) – 1st Disney & Whiting’s Sh Ch Wonglepong Wills Faramir – I last judged this dog at his very first show as a raw puppy and awarded him BP in breed. He is a quality dog with good bone, good depth and angulation. Moves well, quality boy and delighted to see that he got his title, well deserved. 2nd Siddons’s Sh Ch Fulaluv Beyond Belief – Good honest type, mature boy. Good muscle and depth, moves out OK. 3rd Dunsmore’s Jaudas Kind of Magic – Younger dog that my first two places and needing time to mature. Another honest boy, with good neck and shoulders and angulation. Moves OK. 

Veteran Bitch (6,1) 1st Darby’s Sh Ch Brockchime Besta Both to Incadar – Quality girl with the most gorgeous of heads. Really well muscled and in excellent condition. Good angulation, nice depth and good topline which she held well on the move. Moves around the ring with style. 2nd Robins’s Sh Ch Albadhu Talk to the Paw Dha Destanli – litter sister to my dog RCC. Another quality girl, similar in type to my winner. Really fit with excellent muscle and moves out soundly. 3rd Lee’s Ghyllbeck Pomarina of Wiggonholt – this 11 year old was in excellent condition for her age, moves so soundly with lovely angulation. Kindness of expressions, would of loved to have seen her in her younger days. Puppy (4,0) – 1st McKenna’s Albadhu Hidden Agenda – lovely bitch with the most melting expression, good depth and front, moves effortlessly. Another I shall watch her future in the show ring with interest. 2nd Evans & Gray’s Tarkanya Bonnies Beauty – not as mature as my winner, but is one to watch. Sweet head and expression, lovely angulation and moves out OK, the best is still to come. 3rd Young’s Seahaven’s Vornholt Bequest - A baby in this class. Good head and eye colour, moves OK, but needing to drop in depth. Junior (4,0) Quality class – 1st Logie &Braidwood’s Albadhu Pawsitive Vibes – the find of the day. My notes say Wow what a lady. Lovely head clean neck into good shoulders, good depth, good muscle and moves around the ring so effortlessly with power and style. Absolutely delighted to award the BCC, her first. Sired by my Reserve Dog CC winner. 2nd Butler’s Toberworry Breaking Dawn at Jendella’s – Another smart girl who catches your eye. Good angulation and muscle and moves soundly, Good honest type with a bright future. 3rd Wilkin’s Quilesta Simply Exquisite – Unlucky to come against my winners, but a tidy girl. Good bone and when she settles moves OK. Post Graduate (8,2) – 1st and RCC Ward’s Braccpoint Song of the Wind for Gemloren – Easy winner of this class. Loved her size, good head and coat, excellent muscle and one of the best moving dogs of the day. A lovely bitch with good breed characteristics. 2nd Miller’s Ekkolander Dark Russian Von Rockfest – Bigger girl than my winner, very sound and moves well. Good head, clean neck into good shoulders and good angulation. Held her topline well on the move. 3rd Saynor’s Ekkolander Dark Rivva – litter sister to my 2nd place. Honest type, with good topline. Smart lady with good head and expression, excellent muscle and moves well. Limit (11,0) – Strong class. 1st Miller’s Asterpoint Da Vinci of Rockfest – This sound bitch has no exaggerations. Good depth and a good size. Angulation good and moves out soundly with power and drive. Well muscled. 2nd Black’s Seahaven Limited Edition – Sound workmanlike girl. Very good muscle and handled well. Good depth of rib, lovely head and expression, moves well. 3rd Foreman’s Celtaur Aquarius Lake at Toberworry – Another smart girl. Needing to mature on to see the best of her. Good sound honest type, moves well. Open (6,2) – 1st Robins’s Sh Ch Destanli Jedda’s Diamond – Mature girl who is very smart. A good head and beck into clean shoulders, good angulation, good depth of rib and moves well with power and drive. 2nd Shemming’s Quilesta Just Captivating – Younger than my winner. Moves effortlessly around the ring. Maturing on well. Good angulation and well handled. 3rd Hewitt’s Brockchime Frolicsome – Mature girl with good angulation, good head and expression. Honest type. Field Trial (1,) 1st Evans & Gray’s Tarkanya Hippis Hibiscis – Workmanlike girl, really well muscled. Sweet head and expression, good depth and lovely angulation. Sound as a pound. Moves really well with power and drive. Special Working Gundog (2,1) 1st Fleming & Arnold’s Tarkanya Daisys Dandelion of Asterpoint (AI) – Was placed in the strong Veteran class. Sound girl, typy. Good angulation, moves out well. Good head with one of the softest expressions. Good Citizen (7,1) – 1st Ward’s Braccpoint Song of the Wind for Gemloren, 2nd Shemming’s Quilesta Just Captivating, 3rd Black’s Seahaven Limited Edition.