• Date: 07/04/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Valerie O Foss Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/04/2019

Association Of Bloodhound Breeders

A rather dull morning turned into a bright, sunny afternoon. A hard working and friendly committee and officers. Pleasing entry of 16 dogs making 18 entries with only 1 absentee. An outside ring but not really big enough to allow the hounds to really get into their stride. Some general observations - most had the correct balance in outline. Bloodhounds should not be short coupled. They should never appear square but should have more length than height. Most were well ribbed up and strong in the loin but a few did lack strength in the loin. All had the correct length of next. This is a breed which must be able to carry its nose comfortably on the ground. Eye shape was good. Skin good and coats were short and waterproof. A few were casting their coats. There were also a few with the incorrect tail carriage. Dentition was good. Most had the correct bone but some had flat feet. Most noticeable was the lack of depth in chest between the forelegs which should form a deep keel. The standard gives a dog designed to do a job of work. My thanks to my two excellent stewards.

BD & BIS - Shaw-Brownes’ Kingshart Middleman. A 4 1/2 year old dog. Correct overall balance. Well shaped head with square outline. Good eyes and correct bite. Good reach of neck leading to well laid back shoulder. Good fore chest. Well ribbed back with strong loin and muscular hindquarters. Correct bone with strong feet. In lovely coat and condition. Moved sound and free.

RBD - Higginbottom’s Railside Pink Floyd. 5 years old. Good outline. Correct head and eye. Deep front. Well ribbed with good loin. Strong hindquarters. Moved well. Not quite the coat of the winner today.

BB & RBIS - Sutcliffe’s Sanft Dawn. Won Veteran and Working Trial bitch. Powerfully built with correct bone. Typical breed outline. Good head and eye with correct dentition. Good depth of fore chest. Well ribbed with strong loin. Strong, muscular hindquarters which showed in her rear movement. In excellent coat and condition.

RBB - Shaw-Brownes’ Aspencade Fennel of Kingshart. Well balanced. Good eye and dentition. A shade plainer in head than the Best Bitch. Correct front, ribs and hindquarters. Free sound mover.

PGD (2)

1st Griffiths & Mortimer’s Houndseeker Alaric (AI). Well balanced with good head and eye shape. Correct bone and feet. Moved sound and free

2nd Cooks’ Sanft Edge. A typical balanced dog who could have pushed for top honours had I been able to assess him properly. He was so full of himself and wanting to play that going over him properly was impossible. On the move he just lunged from side to side. Unfortunately his handler had only 10 minutes with him prior to the class. I understand he has a working trial COM under his belt.

LD (1)

1st Burnside & Manley’s Houndseeker Abbot (AI). Correct outline with good head and eye shape. Strong hindquarters. Correct bone and feet. Moved well but would have liked him to be more positive when going away.

OD (5)

1st Kingshart Middleman. BD & BIS

2nd Railside Pink Floyd. RBD

3rd Burnside & Manley’s Defender Od Hadiho Potoka At Houndseeker (imp)

Completed a trio of good dogs.

PGB (1)

1st Burnside & Manley’s Houndseeker Amber (AI). Powerful all through with good head and eye shape. Correct shoulders, ribs and hindquarters. Steady movement.

LB (3, 1)

1st Rowlands’ Castledee Secret Love. Correct type. Good head and eye shape. Good front, well ribbed back and strong loin. Well muscled hindquarters. Correct amount of bone and good feet. In very good coat and condition. Sound, free mover.

2nd Burnside & Manley’s El’s Don’t Be Cruel Od Hadido Potoka at Houndseeker (imp)

Well balanced. Pleasing head. Good front and bone. Feet could be better. Not as positive in rear movement as the winner.

OB (2)

1st Aspencade Fennel of Kingshart RBB

2nd Sutcliffe’s Sanft Jade. Good outline. Correct head and eye. Feet just a shade flat. Steady mover.

VB (1)

1st Sanft Dawn. BB & RBIS

WTB (3)

1st Sanft Dawn

2nd Burnside & Manley’s Houndseeker Amethyst (AI). Typical well balanced bitch. Good shape to head and eye. Correct topline and ribcage. Strong hindquarters. Moved sound and free

3rd Sanft Jade