• Date: 03/07/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Valerie Atkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/07/2019

East Of England Agricultural Society

Results and Critique Border Terriers East of England Open Show 03/03/2019 I so much enjoyed my day judging the inaugural Open Show. Thank you to Mrs Pat Dufty and the Committee for inviting me to judge, it was an honour. I was assisted expertly by the wonderful Avis and Preston Haffenden to whom I am very grateful. Thank you most of all to my Exhibitors who allowed me the privilege of going over their dogs and for the sporting manner in which my decisions were taken.

Puppy (1,0) 1ST TOJAMATT ANN BRANDRETH (MR & MRS D MATTHEWS) Stood alone but very worthy of her placement. Seven month old grizzle & tan bitch. Strong, feminine head with correct bite, dark eye and well placed ears. Lovely reach of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, narrow rib and racy hind quarters, level top line, which she carried on the move and finished off with nice set on tail. Straight front, stood on tight cat like feet and in decent coat and pelt. She was a pleasure to watch, moving confidently and effortlessly but with plenty of drive. I was pleased to see her take TPG2 in a very strong class.

Junior (7,1) 1st EBBFFINIAU BLEBELL BEFORE SUMMER AT TOJAMATT (MR & MRS D MATTHEWS) 17 month old grizzle bitch, good head with correct bite and very sweet expression. Spannable with good rib, length of body and lovely tail set. Nice front and strong rear she was presented in a harsh jacket. Moved really soundly with a lovely stride. RBOB 2ND OTTERWOOD DIODEM JW (MR & MRS M HOLLINGSBEE) Another 17 month old grizzle and tan bitch. Really lovely otter head with big teeth and correct bite. This bitch looked big until I got my hands on her. Presented with plenty of coat and a loose thick pelt, she was easily spanned with narrow rib, strong loin and good rear. Moved with efficiency she carried her top line but I preferred the size of my winner in this class. 3RD PICER MARTHA LOGEN (MR G & MRS S PICKERING) 4TH BAILLIESWELLS NCN’EAN (PROFESSOR A S MILTON) 5TH HARTSWELIN VERITAS WITH OATBERRY (MRS K TUFFIN)

POST GRADUATE (7,4) 1ST THISTLEMEAD HARMONY JW (MRS P M HEELY) Red grizzle bitch, caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Very feminine bitch with a good head, dark eye, nice ear placement and lovely expression. Excellent reach of neck and well placed shoulder with narrow rib, good top line and excellent tail set. Nice straight front and a strong rear with correct angulation, not over done in any way. This bitch strode out with confidence and moved well keeping her top line and carrying her tail well. I liked her size and attitude. BOB TG3. 2nd BAILLIESWELLS NCN’EAN (PROFESSOR A S MILTON) 13 month old red grizzle dog. So much to like about this dog. Gorgeous male with a thick coat and pelt, he looked big but this was all coat! Strong head, nice short stop, big teeth and good bite. Spannable with good rib, powerful shoulders and nice top line with lovely carroty tail. Excellent hind quarters and masses of drive. It was really hard to assess this dog on the move as he was very unsettled but when he did settle his movement was excellent. 3RD SWEET PEARL (MRS D J TURNER)

OPEN (7,3) 1ST TARKASWELL SMART MOVE TO OTTERWOOD (MR & MRS m HOLLINGSBEE) Grizzle dog, excellent for type. Definitely a dog that could do a days work. Strong head and muzzle with good bite, short stop and good ear placement. Excellent reach of neck leading to well laid back shoulder. Nice rib easily spannable, very strong loin and excellent tail set. Lovely straight front and a well muscled rear which he used to drive with power around the ring. Thick pelt with a little too much jacket today but he still presented an excellent picture. Unfortunately when it came to the challenge he was rather down on his pasterns and I suspect it was due to the heat. 2nd IR CH BARNABY CARAMEL WAFER AT BIMANDI JW ShCM (MRS M J HOLMES) A lovely lighter grizzle dog similar to one and another that could easily do a days work. Good head with correct bite. Level top line and good length of body. Spannable and in good coat. This dog has slightly more bone than my winner but has plenty of merits with good rear angulation affording him nice movement and drive. I just preferred the overall size of my winner. 3rd THISTLEMEAD STARLIGHT (MRS P M HEELEY) 4TH BAILLIESWELL NCN’EAN (PROFESSOR A S MILTON)