• Date: 02/06/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tracey Ayling-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/06/2019

Crewe & District Canine Association

Many thanks to the committee for their invitation to judge at their very friendly Open Show. P. ( 5) 1. Hills’ Sandaula Kiss From A Rose. Ten month old pale gold bitch, with the most feminine head and expression with dark pigment. Lovely flow of neck into well placed shoulders. Straight front leading to good feet. Deep chested; short coupled; level topline. Correct bend of stifle and rear pasterns. Moved very well, once settled,around the ring. 2. Grindey’s Bowshella Gilded Diamond At Bramstead . Lots to like about this young boy who has just turned six months. Good head with dark pigment; correct shoulders and upperarm placement with good bone and feet; correct bend of stifle, not overdone in any way. Moved OK over a difficult ground. 3.Birkin-Green’s Sansue Lovestruck

J (6) 1. Hills’ Sandaula This Will Do. My star of the day! Very well balanced, ten month old, mid gold bitch who has the most appealing head and expression; beautiful flow of neck, into well placed shoulders and level topline and tailset. Standing true front and back, she really caught my eye; no exaggerations in any way. A lovely showgirl with her ever wagging tail. Moved out well. Pleased to award her BP & BOB; so happy to see her later go G4 & PG1 2. Birkin- Green’s Sansue Keep The Faith. A very well put together, very feminine cream bitch. Beautiful head with dark eye and pigment. Good reach of neck sitting on a well-constructed front. Level top line holding it well on the move, Nice turn to her stifle. She moved well front and back. I just preferred the overall balance of 1 today. 3. Shropshires’ Fiveshill Forget Me Not At Goldbloom

PG (7)1. Hills’ Sandaula This Will Do 2. Birkin- Green’s Sansue Keep The Faith

O (10) Close decision between one and two. 1 Millington’s Carneval Of Golden Duck. I’ve judged this boy before and my opinion has not changed. All male, cream boy with the most masculine of heads with gentlest of expressions. Excellent height to length ratio which is what appealed to me today. Well angulated front and rear with super bend of stifle; strong topline. Made his handler work hard. .2. Birkin-Green’s Sansue Keep The Faith 3. Stokes & Etheringtons’ Elkarima’s Golden Harlequin Knight

Tracey Ayling-Jones