• Date: 10/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tori Ellis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Of South Wales

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales Open Show - Special Awards 10 February 2019

I would firstly like to thank the officers and committee of the WSSC of South Wales for inviting me to judge their special award classes, and the exhibitors for their entries and sporting acceptance of my decisions. I was honoured to have had the opportunity to have judged both a high quality and numerically strong entry. I was thoroughly spoilt for choice in all four classes.

Class A – Special Kath Morgan Memorial Junior – 7 (0) Two super litter mates headed this lovely class of youngsters.

1st – Harrison’s Glenbrows Temptress A stunning feminine young bitch of 10 months, who was put down to perfection. Loved her for her overall balance and substance. Beautiful, well-proportioned head and melting expression. Her long, muscular neck flows neatly into well laid-back shoulders with corresponding return and length to upper arm. She has deep, well sprung ribs for her age and good width all through. Her quarters are correctly angulated and developing nicely with good muscle tone for one so young and correct angulation. Whilst she was a little hesitant to start, once settled she used her well let down hocks to propel her around with ring accurately, driving from the rear. Loved her and would happily have taken her home.

2nd Harrison’s Glenbrows This is Me This balanced and compact young man was so close up to his litter sister in so many ways and my comments are similar to above. Masculine head yet free from coarseness, and the most appealing expression. His neck is strong and of good length, his shoulders well placed, and he stands on well boned straight legs and neat feet. Good ribs, deep strong body for his young age and correct topline. His moderately angulated rear is nicely muscled, and he drives of well from his correctly set hocks once settled. For me just felt his sister was more positive in her rear movement on the day.

3rd Philipson – Menstonia Meteor – completed a trio of lovely youngsters.

Class B – Special Kath Morgan Memorial Post Graduate – 14 (1)

1st Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW Having judged this young lady 6 months previously, I am pleased to see that she has continued to mature into a lovely bitch, and at only 22 months her best still to come. She presents a typical outline with good bone and substance, and certainly looks like she could work all day. Pretty head of good proportions, with good chiselling. The best of neck and shoulders and excellent forechest. Her deep ribs are nicely sprung and reach well back, her body is strong with good width, and her quarters are moderately angled with excellent muscle tone. It all came together on the move where she drove off precisely from her correctly placed hocks showing her smooth ground covering action, holding her topline and well carried tail.

2nd Worth’s Sarabande Lord of the Dance (AI) JW I have long admired this young dog of 20 months from the ringside and was certainly not disappointed on handling. A different type to 1, I thought him to be an impressive young man who presented a symmetrical, compact picture, and his best is still to come. Nicely balanced masculine head with a kind yet alert expression. His strong muscular neck leads neatly into clean well angled shoulders. Straight front, good bone. His body is strong muscular and firm, ribs deep and well sprung, and he has good width throughout. His quarters are muscular and wide, with deep second thigh and correctly angulated. He is quick and active on the move, showing plenty of push and drive. Just preferred the outline of 1 on the move.

  3rd Woodhams’ Glynell Jiffy

Class C – Special Len Morgan Memorial Open – 12 (0) This was a super class to sort through, and all of my final shortlist could easily switch places on another day.

1st Pick’s Llon Blodynn Ymenyn To be honest, this bitch was a complete surprise for me, and she is one I feel needs to be handled to be fully appreciated. Whilst she is not the flashiest of girls, and if I was to be hyper critical, I would prefer her feet to be tighter, she pulled out all the stop in order to win this strong class. Well balanced and full of breed type, she presents a classic welsh outline with plenty of bone and substance yet retains femininity. She has a very pretty, nicely proportioned head with good chiselling. For me she excels in forehand construction with her long muscular neck, well laid-back shoulders with good return of upper arm, and straight front. Strong and muscular body. Excellent ribs, depth and width, she is well coupled and has a correct topline. Her correctly angulated quarters are muscular and well developed, with deep second thighs and well let down hocks. A true and accurate mover, she filled my eye as she drove herself around the ring covering the ground with ease.

2nd Thomas’ Bowdonia Anastasia JW This was another beautiful bitch who I liked a lot. Of a different type to 1, she also presented a very balanced picture, with her excellent angulation front and rear, and she was presented in good coat and hard condition. She has a nice head and kindly expression. Strong muscular neck leading into correctly placed shoulders. She stands fore square on well boned legs and the best of feet. Good body, big deep ribs, strong loin, and firm top line. Her broad, fully developed quarters enabled her to move out positively showing plenty of push and drive. However, for me, one the day she just could not match the animation of 1.

3rd Sutherland’s Jacranella Sonata completed a trio of lovely girls

Class D – Special Breeder Stakes – 8 dogs forming 2 teams

1st Sutherland. What a lovely quartet of litter mates. So even, I loved them for their overall type, shape and construction. All were presented in good coat and condition and moved soundly, showing powerful ground covering movement.

2nd Pick. Another nice quartet formed of two litter mates, and two half sister offspring. These too were of good overall type and construction, however not quite the evenness of team 1 and some movement was a little erratic at times.

Judge: Tori Ellis (Shannara)