• Date: 03/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/11/2019

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association

Open Show Sunday 3rd October 2019

I was delighted to be invited to judge Best In Show, Best Puppy In Show and Best Veteran in Show. Thank you for a lovely show and your kind hospitality.

Best In Show

Emmett and Simons’s Dalmatian, Ellemstra Against All Odds JW. Gave him top honours as a puppy and despite still being a youngster he is maturing beautifully. I was told later that he now been awarded his first CC! This black with bold spotting produces a stunning profile when standing. Balanced masculine head with pleasing dark eyes. Correct ear placement and carriage. Scores in length neck and forequarters having strong well laid shoulders and correct length of upper arm all producing such an easy forehand reach. Overall of excellent bone, deep ribs and chest with plenty of heart room. Secure level topline, muscular loins and well angulated rear angulation. Well knuckled feet of correct shape and size. Strong hocks aid powerful driving action when moving around the ring which he did in style. He could certainly ‘go all day’!

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Mault’s Limartine Mr Blue, Bichon Frise, Dog, 11 months. This beautifully balanced puppy is mature in both body and attitude. Well balanced head, excellent dentition, round dark eye of good size. Straight front legs and excellent feet. Well laid shoulders, super neck and chest, sufficient ribbing for age, secure level backline with some breadth over the loins. Tail set is spot on. Strong, well angulated hindquarters. Good quality coat presented to advantage. He is so impressive on the move. Together his forehand reach and rear prolusion produce effortless, accurate movement. I shall watch his progress with interest.

Best Puppy In Show

Mault’s Limartine Mr Blue, Bichon Frise

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Seffer’s Catrelma Sir Bronson, French Bulldog, Dog 10 months old dark brindle. Lovely outline when standing. Dark round eyes are well placed being level with the stop in a masculine head with a broad muzzle and correct finish. Large bat shaped ears. Strong forequarters with sturdy straight front legs, good for chest and brisket. Strong loins. Tail well set and visible. Gentle roach to topline. Strong rear angulation. Moved superbly and an optimum show man.

Best Veteran In Show

Bradshaw and Symonds’s Ch Cremefern Sweet Talkin Guy JW ShCM, Shih Tzu, 7 years. Presented in outstanding coat and condition. He has a glorious head enhanced with super pigmentation giving a most endearing expression. Arched neck, secure level backline, well set tail held correctly at all times. Impressive depth and breadth of chest, well ribbed and short coupled. Moved superbly.


Import Breed Register

Special Yearling 1

1. Vidler’s Indiana Jones Mon Ami At Pailana (Imp LVA), Russian Toy, Dog 20 months.

Open 3,1

1. Henshaws Dreamwaver of Sereno Spirit (IKC). Nicely sized White Swiss Shepherd Dog. Correct Body ratios. Attractive head with dark brown eyes and erect ears. Good for body and rear angulations. A touch untidy in front. Covered the ground easily with proud head carriage. 5 years Best Import Breed Register

2. Newton & Clymer’s Bavarian Mountain Hound, Dog 2 years. Of good size and well-muscled; powerful. Head with large heavy ears as required and dark brown eyes well set. Correct topline rising slightly from withers. Pasterns could be a touch stronger. Good mover. Typically reserved in character.

Minor Puppy

1. Whiteside’s Hamadryas Gorgo. GSD Bitch 6 months. Not the largest in size but beautifully balanced in respect of shape. Super for head and expression. Excellent topline. Clean front and angulated hindquarters. Moved well.

2. Matthews’s Wyeknot Come Fly With Me, Dachshund W/H Bitch. Another most promising baby. Lovely size and shape. Secure level back. Well ribbed. Attractive head, good dentition. Moved really well once settled.

3. Harris’s Catrigg Meta.


1. Moore’s Ashmakin Red Is The Rose at Jaxtu (IKC), Shih Tzu Bitch. Smart puppy, well put together. Excellent neck. Level top line. Good for tail set. Nicely balanced in respect of bone and proportions. Moved very well.

2. Matthews’s Wyeknot Come Fly With Me, Dachshund W/H Bitch

3. Harris’s Vonstry Silk Breeze.


1. Hogan’s Stavonga Wendy’s Song. CKCS Bitch. A quality youngster. Appealed greatly in head qualities. Lovely neck, body and topline. Elegant, true mover.

2. Deuchar’s Rikarlo Gable. Norwegian Buhund. Dog, compact and balanced. Level topline, with high set tail. Correct wedge shaped head, dark eyes enhanced by deep pigment. Steady sound mover.

3. Teckletown You’re The One JW


1. Matthews’s Wyeknot Come Fly With Me. W/H Dachshund Bitch

2. Kitchen’s Swingletrees Roses Are Red at Tarkdash. Min S/H Dachshund. Hard to separate these two as both impressed me. Super head with appealing eyes, sturdy topline. Well ribbed. Strong rear angulations. Moved very well.

Joan Winters Memorial Members Stakes

Open Dog

1. Mycroft & Brown’s Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star with Supreta JW (Imp NLD), Whippet Dog. 19 months. Smart light F/Brindle/White. Quality all through, impressive to handle. Clean front, good for neck, flat bone, correct topline, and tail well set. Presented in fantastic condition. Steady, precise mover.

2. Ram’s Dacan Sharp Spear. Pointer Dog. Well put together. OK for neck. Good for body proportions. Excellent rear movement and correct use of tail. Well-muscled.

3. Locheil Talk of the Town

Open Bitch

1. Gilkes’s Ch Zeeva Reflections JW. Shih Tzu. G/W. So feminine. Eye catching in profile. Gorgeous head with dark eyes, correct wide slightly undershot jaw set on a lovely neck, well laid shoulders. Held a secure level top line on the move with a high tail set.

2. West’s Sheigra Super Special JW. Spaniel, Cocker. 2 ½ year old, Black Bitch. Another lovely one. Well bodied and in good coat and condition. Impressive skull and correct width to foreface. Gorgeous eyes giving a lovely expression. Good for neck and shoulders. Strong rear angulations. Great mover.

3. Swingletrees Roses Are Red at Tarkdash.