• Date: 17/03/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Retford Canine Society

Retford & CS

Sunday 17th March 2019

Tibetan Terrier

Junior 2,1

1. Cooper’s Han-Nu of Namco at Abeloth (Imp DE). Just out of puppy and maturing nicely, decidedly square in outline, good for head finish, bone and substance. Excellent mover. BOB

Post Graduate 4,1

1. Lees’s Lorkis Christmas Present. Beatifully presented, a touch longer cast. Excellent tail and topline. Moved well in profile if a touch narrow behind. RBOB

2. Cooper’s Best Foot Forward Erbosedition. Small but square in statue. Would prefer stronger finish of foreface. Reasonable bone and substance. Excellent spring of rib and depth of chest. Close call between two very different types. (Imp SVK)

3. Illes’s Verony Simply Magic at Caljenta

Tibetan Spaniel

Junior 2

1. Collett’s Souska Slow Down. 6 months old ultra-feminine baby attending her first show. I guess she has a mind of her own! Lovely for breed type, shape and size for age. Excellent mover. BOB & BPIB

2. Leak’s Mic Mac Black teddy Bear Among Madrie (Imp SWE). Naturally more mature. Ok for head. Lovely body and topline. Well held tail. Touch longer than ideal and movement to settle. Well presented.

Post Graduate 1

1. Leak’s Tutyet Ever Noble Bodhi Among Madire. Balanced head, super neck and topline. Neat front, excellent body. OK Coat. Just needs to strengthen in rear movement.

Norfolk Terrier

Junior 2,1

1. Gee’s Watercroft Indian Summer. Such a gorgeous 11 month old. Appealing feminine head, eyes and finish, great for neck and body proportions. In excellent coat and condition. Very promising. BPIB & PG4

Post Graduate 1

1. Gee’s Watercroft Brown Sugar. 17 month old dog. He has an excellent presence and cannot ‘stand wrong’. Excellent for overall proportions, neck, top line and tail set. Super jacket. Great mover. In this young dog there is still more to come. BOB.

Open 3

1. Gee’s Watercroft Treacle Pudding. I loved the head and expression of this enduring feminine lady. Super for rib, secure back and tail setting. Coat in great order. Liked the size and an impressive mover. RBOB.

2. Gee’s Watercroft Pop Picker. Liked her overall balanced profile. Jacket OK. Beautifully constructed throughout and a good, sound, honest mover.

3. MaCartney’s Nordalset Little Bit Of Sun For Ivrig

Tony Allcock MBE