• Date: 09/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Plymouth & District Canine Society

Tibetan Spaniels

PGD/B (4,2) 1. Conibere’s Chenrezi My Girl, well grown bitch just out of puppy, attractive in profile – with excellent angulation. Moved well with a lovely proud head carriage. Neat head with domed skull of good width, short muzzle Ear set high and well feathered. Dentition correct but lower incisors do show, RBOB. 2. Armstrong’s Dandydayo Young desire for Goldpeke, heavier built pup, strong in bone. Masculine head, square muzzle, large dark eye and in good coat. Not the angles of winner and tends to cross in front, which unbalances gait in profile too, BP. LD/B (4,3) 1. Smith’s Balgay Ma Beau at Saxina, strong male in good coat and correct proportions. Slight rise over loin. Very attractive broad skull, with strong muzzle broad underjaw. Stop defined, skull domed and with lovely dark oval eye. Ears set on high and used well. Carried tail high and moved soundly and with free action from all directions, BOB. OD/B (5,2) 1. Wayman’s Starlance Sargeant Pepper at Mynapaw JW ShCM, mature male of good bone and in good coat. Correct length to height, correct angulation, moved ok. Broad domed skull, to strong well padded muzzle, ears set on high and with lift, prefer eye a little more oval. 2. Penny’s Ferncott Rave On ShCM, correct proportions in outline, but not quite the angulation of winner, high set tail. Attractive head and uses ears well. On move found he tended to cross in front. 3. Hirstwood’s Quintelle Colour Me Happy ShCM.

Tibetan Terrier

PGD/B (6,1) 1. Charlesorth’s Tiamastae Dazzle Dragon, B&W square in outline with medium neck, high set tail, correct lay back of shoulder, balanced to hind angles, with good bend of stifle. Gently rounded skull, good stop to muzzle. Moved freely, RBOB. 2. Rutley & Keulers’ Sumanshu Pretty Woman, back, in excellent coat and beautifully presented. Has short firm back, short loin. Preferred neck and angulation on winner. Attractive head, well balanced and good muzzle and underjaw, large round dark eye/. Sound on the move but lacked enthusiasm and didn’t cover ground as well as winner. 3. Prevel’s Rigaze’s Earthbound Gypsy, BP. OD/B (5,2) 1. William’s Ch Hurricane Chester Mandala-Delama at Dolkar, not in full coat, but was well presented – and standing in profile showed correct outline, square and balanced, firm top line. Excellent angulation front and rear, stands on large round feet. Masculine skull with dark eye and strong muzzle, correct dentition. Moved very well, with plenty of drive and reach, BOB. 2. Harrison’s Araki Boshay Barney, another in excellent coat, shade longer in back, and steeper in shoulder placement than winner. Lovely character. Masculine head, slightly rounder skull, good stop and muzzle, correct dentition. Tail set could be higher. Moved soundly but doesn’t have length of stride of winner. 3. Charlesworth’s Tiamastae Boshay Nyima.


PD/B (2,1) 1. Drew & Swain’s Swainbull Gentleman Jack, 6 months and well matured, strong large head, rose ear, correct flews, and defined stop to strong muzzle. Good deep chest, moved ok – just needs to strengthen behind, BP. PG D/B (4,2) 1. Hanvey’s Captainbull Im Esme, 14 month bitch, of good proportions with strong head, broad skull, nose tipping upwards slightly, thick flews cover jaw. Neat ear. Broad deep chest, straight front legs, erratic on move but in profile covers ground well, RBOB. 2. Vosper’s Busterleig Sweet Lady, rather broad in chest which affect placement of legs, and affected pasterns. Head is large, with strong cheeks and good ear, Topine rises over shoulder, definite waist. Moves very wide in front. OD/B (4,2) 1. Vosper’s Busterleigh Seven Seas, quality dog, impressive for size and muscle tone, Large head, correct muzzle placement in respect of eye and well-padded cheeks and flews cover jaw. Broad over shoulder, defined waist and rise over loin. Broad chest and rib, strong straight front legs to good pasterns, hind legs powerful. Moved very soundly on toes, leading from shoulders, BOB. 2. Hanvey’s Captainbull Bonnie, smaller framed and square in outline. Broad chest, feminine but strong head, good ear and muzzle, correct furrow. Tendency to crab on move.


PGD/B (3,1) 1. Baker & Bardsley’s Skathki King of the Forest. Compact dog, in huge stand off coat, with dense undercoat. Attractive head broad flat skull to balanced muzzle giving correct wedge. Neat ivy leaf ear, would prefer more almond eye to complete expression. Stands on good legs to tight cat feet. Ok for angulation but would prefer more length to neck. Moved OK, BOB. 2. Marshall’s Arabesque at Devonia, pup of compact square outline, good puppy coat. Moderate hind angulation, but not balanced to front which showed step shoulder, and would prefer more neck. Head still to break as expect in pup, though expression rather harsh from round eye and large ears. Moves like a baby puppy. BP. OD/B (5,4) 1. Marshall’s Torrikees Made in Heaven at Devonnia, smaller sized bitch, very compact in outline. Good harsh our coat with correct soft undercoat. Correct wedge head, with broad skull and ivy ear well placed, eyes a little round. Would prefer more front angulation and neck, moved ok.


PD/B (3,0) 1. Wallington’s Dallydor Secret Passion for Rovinjdal, just off square in outline, deep chest, well boned and shows off good angulation front and rear. Firm level back, to rounded rump, stands easy four square on compact tight feet. Clean head, flat skull, good balance of skull length to muzzle. Ears set high. Smooth sound mover covering ground easily. 2. Eden’s Dalens Dancing Queen, attractive proportions in profile, not as developed in chest and tends to turn front feet out slightly. Clean lines to head, with good stop, dark oval eye, strong balanced muzzle. Sound on the move 3. Hipkiss’ Dalkiss Fancy That. PGD/B (5, 0) 1. Dalens Dancing Queen. 2. Eden’s Dalens Bethany Char, liver attractive in outline, correct angles and good reach of neck, firm back. Head well balanced to muzzle, flat skull, eyes could be more oval. Moved soundly. OD/B (6,0) 1. Eden’s Dalens a Spot of Trouble JW ShCM, super bitch, clean lines throughout showing a certain elegance. Excellent angulation and good reach of neck, firm back and strong rump, flowing lines from head to tail. Stands four square, showing good balance. Attractive clean skull, flat head, good stop and balanced muzzle, oval eye. Well set ears add to expression. Moves easy and with good length of stride – powerful behind, BOB. 2. Cole’s Keiradal Mels Destiny, another very nice bitch, firm topline, to well set long tail. Very good angulation and neck, which show on the move, as sound in all directions with good drive. Attractive head, smooth lines, flat skull, balance to strong muzzle, good stop and lovely oval eye. RBOB. 3. Davies’ Maddidalli Embers Glow.

Shih Tzu

PD/B (2,0) 1. Smith’s Dylan Blekitny Kanion, heading two delightful puppies, B&W dog, good length of back, and deep chest, head carried proudly, good angulation. Head is typically rounded, with excellent furnishings, large eye place wide on face, strong square muzzle, excellent presentation, in full coat. High set tail carried over back. Excellent on the move, proud and lively with excellent drive from behind, BOB/BP 2. Watts’ Matsha That’s Amore at Snugglebrook, super character, alert and friendly, feminine in expression, rounded head, with strong muzzle and good dentition, large round eye well placed, long ears. Tail set could be higher. Not as mature in coat as winner, but shows correct texture. Moved soundly, RBOB. OD/B (2,2) absent.

French Bulldog

PD/B (9,7) 1. Vearncombe & Hale’s Tytorro Paint it Black with Ruption Knightcott, compact strongly built bitch, broad in shoulder, tapering to loin, with typical rise over loin. Strong head, flat skull and bat ears. Strong muzzle to good nose with open nostrils, lips cover teeth, broad cheeks. Strong neck, deep chest and well sprung ribs. Free and easy mover, BP. 2. Cairns & Brooks’ Corursus Under the Ivy, good size and well matured, with broad chest, topine tapers to loin, muscular throughout. Broad head and muzzle, strong jaw, dark eye and typical bat ears. Moved freely –just little lose on front. 3. Stidwell’s Washoe I Got the Girl at Beaufrogz. SYD/B (2,1) 1. Stidwell’s Beaufrogz Bronzite Warrior, good length of back, muscular broad shoulders, correct top line with rise over loin. Strong head, round dark eye, typical ear, and broad strong muzzle, with open nostril. Moved well. PGD/B (4,4) Absent. OD/B (9, 3) 1. Scott’s Amuelle Little Tom Thumb ShCM, compact strong built dog. Square head, fat skull and short muzzle, good cheeks and underjaw with correct lips. Round dark eye, and correct bat ears set high on skull. Well-developed chest, legs set wide. Broad across shoulder to waist, and good loin. Stands balanced on neat feet and moved with purpose, BOB. 2. Stidwell’s Lairdstom Oban Bay Boy at Beaufrogz, not quite as mature in development as winner but has all the right breed attributes and is promising. Compact shape, good neck to broad shoulders. Attractive head with excellent expression from well balanced features. Another good mover, RBOB.

Boston Terrier

PD/B (1,1) absent. PGD/B (3,1) 1. Gill’s Shawmut I Am Lady Liberty at Simberfour, compact in outline, with good layback of shoulder and short back to well-muscled hind, showing good bend of stifle. Good length of neck to square skull, dark round eye set wide apart, and well placed with cheek. Short square muzzle. Light on feet on the move, just a shade close behind, RBOB. 2. Hamlin’s Mactawbay All Eyes on Me for Devotoblaze, bigger size, and not as well muscled. Preferred hind angles of winner. Attractive square head, good proportions and in balance to body size, eyes round and dark, ear set at edge of flat skull. Moved ok in profile, but close behind. OD/B (2,1) 1. Hamlin’s Rosparquier Small Talk for Devotoblaze, well-schooled to get the best out of this boy, compact shape, well-muscled quarters, firm back good neck and angles. Stands on tight round feet, four square. Attractive head, good expression from well placed eye and ear, short strong muzzle. Moved well with light stride. BOB.

Miniature Schnauzer

PD/B (3,0) 1. Edward’s Robinsbrook Rosie Future, compact square outline, very good angulation front and rear and good reach of neck to attractive head, flat skull, blunt muzzle, near tipped ears give alert expression. Standing on cat feet and moves with purpose and drive, BP. 2. Edward’s Robinswood Golden Moment, litter brother, compact outline, good angle, and firm topline with classic slight slope to rump, high set tail. Not quite as positive eon the move and sister. 3. De Boo’s Elmar-Beike VD Vanenblikhoeve. PGD/B (2,1) 1. Edward’s Robinsbrook Double Agent, very attractive on the stand and did not disappoint on the move, well balanced throughout, good length of head, flat skull dark oval eye. Good length of neck, flows to strong back, well angulated – easy sound mover. OD/B (1,0) 1. Wood’s Penbro Put a Spell on You JW ShCM, stood alone, but my notes say exquisite, very balanced, standing four square at all times, smooth compact shape, stands on cat feet. Feminine in head which is of good length and well furnished, dark eye, neat ears used well. Good reach of neck flows to slightly sloping topline, good chest, well angulated. Harsh coat, well presented, with good feathering. Easy on the move with plenty of drive. BOB.

Japanese Spitz

PGD/B (3,1) 1. Luckman’ Fleurlilly Moonbeam, good size with long stand-off coat of good length. Wedge shaped head, black pigment throughout. Well defined stop, high set ear. Good angles, moved ok. BOB 2. Smith’s Kessaku Va Va Voom at Snowshoes, very promising, excellent puppy coat, attractive head, but still to mature and broaden etc. Very promising and is sound, BP, RBOB. OD/B 1,1) Absent.


PD/B (2,0) 1. Folkes’ Spellcast Love Talk, GS Mittel, black of excellent type and condition, super spitz wedge head, with lovely eye, excellent coat. Moderate angulation, firm short back. Moved very well, BPAVNSC/ RBOB. 2. Moore’s Fillipers As Good As New, Schnauzer, strong built, square outline, harsh coat. Good length to head, flat skull. Prefer more hind angulation and drive on move. PGD/B (1,0) 1. O’Connor & Pearce’s Albionspitz Diphda, Eurasier, sadly out of coat, attractive wedge head with good dark oval eye, medium prick ears. Angles ok, but moves little loose in front. OD/B (2,1) 1. Moore’s Odivane Mummy’s Boy at Fillipers, Schnauzer, compact square outline, good length of skull, skull and muzzle parallel, dark oval eye , ear ears, well-furnished head. Broad deep chest, strong back, good angles and neck, moved well and had ring presence. BAVNSC.

Utility Group

G1 – Dalmatian, Dalens a Spot of Trouble JW ShCM,

G2 – Bulldog, Busterleigh Seven Seas,

G3 – Min Schnauzer - Penbro Put a Spell on You JW ShCM,

G4 – Schnauzer - Odivane Mummy’s Boy at Fillipers

Puppy Group

PG1 – Shih Tzu, Dylan Blekitny Kanion,

PG2 – Dalmatian, Dallydor Secret Passion for Rovinjdal,

PG3 – German spitz Mittel, Spellcast Love Talk

PG4 – French bulldog, Tytorro Paint it Black with Ruption Knightcott

AV Utility

PD/B (3,1) 1. Rigaze’s Earthbound Gypsy, TT, square in outline, coat promising, lovely character, bouncy on the move. 2. Timm’s Eastonite Pepper Potts, French bulldog, smaller framed and would prefer more substance, one who needs to mature. VD/B (4,2) 1. Rutley’s Javey’s Here Comes Summer, JW ShCM, TT, good size, compact in profile, excellent presentation, feminine in head with dark eye, moves freely, covers ground easily. 2. Eden’s Dalens Hot Gossip JW ShCM, Dalmatian, another excellent veteran, well muscled and in good condition, attractive chiselled head of clean lines, good bone, prefer shade more hind angulation, moved with enthusiasm.

Judge Toni Jackson